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Nondual Highlights Issue #2600, Saturday, September 30, 2006

Your wanting to be in a state of effortlessness through the use of effort is not going to succeed. So forget about the effortless state -- it doesn't exist at all. You want to achieve an effortless state through effort - how the hell are you going to achieve that goal? You forget that everything that you are doing, any movement that is there, any want that is there, for whatever reason, is effort.

Effortlessness is something which cannot be achieved through effort. Anything that you do to stop the effort, is itself an effort. It's really a maddening thing. You have not really pushed yourself into that corner. If you do, then you will really go crazy; but you are frightened of that. You have to see that everything that you are doing to be in that effortless state, for whatever reason you want to be there, is effort. Even wanting not to use effort also is effort.

The total absence of will and the total absence of effort, all and every kind, may be called an effortless state; but that effortless state is not something that you can achieve through effort.

- UG Krishnamurti, posted to DailyDharma

You move mindfully
Towards tenderness.
You jump mindlessly
Away from the whip.

Ram Tzu loves you
So he whips you.

Ram Tzu knows this:

That last step off the cliff
is always a surprise.

- Ram Tzu, posted to AlongTheWay, No Way for the Spiritually "Advanced"

Life can be really and truly simple if we don't fight it.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar, A Net of Jewels, posted to AlongTheWay

The Master said to me:

All beings are but the 'One Mind'
beside, which nothing exists

This Mind (consciousness-spirit)
which is without 'beginning'
is unborn and indestructible

It...has neither form
nor appearance

It does not belong to
the categories of things
which exist, nor do not exist ...

For it transcends all limits...
It is all that
which you see before you...

It is like the boundless void
which cannot be fathomed
or measured

The One Mind
alone is Spirit

And there is no distinction
between Spirit
and sentient things

But that sentient beings
are attached to 'forms'

And so seek externally
for a 'godhood'

By their very seeking
they 'lose' it

For that is using the Spirit
to seek for the Spirit

And using mind
to grasp Mind

Even though they do their utmost
for a full aeon

They will not be able
to 'attain' it

They do not know that
if they put a stop
to conceptual thought
and forget their anxiety

The Spirit will 'appear before' them

For this Mind 'is' the Spirit

and the Spirit 'is'
All living Beings .

- Huang Po, posted to Mystic_Spirit

Man thinks that he is the 'doer', but that is a mistake.
It is the 'Higher Power' that does everything.

Ramana Maharshi, posted to NonDualNetwork

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