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Nondual Highlights Issue #2610, Wednesday, October 11, 2006

There is a thread from the heart to the lips
Where the secret of life is woven.
Words tear the thread But in silence
The secrets speak.

- Rumi, from Rumi, Hidden Music, posted to DailyDharma

What a fool I was,
Pursuing fireflies and
Ignoring darkness.
Now, in moonless
Nights, I sit all alone
At one with blackness.

Pete, posted to NondualitySalon

As it rises so it falls. Make effort and it rises.
Stop effort and it falls. Make the choice!
Stay as simple natural Being without thought
or doership. Out of nothing you can do anything
and not leave footprints. No intention is no
limitation, just stay quiet, simply do not stir a
thought. Not activating the mind is to not
externalize. There is no way or method, just
keep out of the way. The revelation of the Self
will occur only when you do not interfere.
Keeping quiet is giving time to this love and
beauty. Stay as Such.

- Papaji, The Truth Is, posted to AlongTheWay

Let the sadhana (spiritual practice) always be regular, continuous,unbroken and earnest. Not only regularity but also continuity in sadhana and meditation are necessary if you want to attain self­ realisation quickly.

A spiritual stream, once set going, does not dry up unless the channel­bed gets blocked, unless there is stagnation. Be vigilant eternally. Meditate regularly. Annihilate the under­current of vasana (habit­patterns).

Patience, perseverance, courage, determination, discrimination and dispassion are needed to tread the spiritual path. Put away thoughts, stimuli, perceptions, intentions, emotions, feelings, preoccupations and deliberations arising out of the senses and the sense objects.

You will attain supreme blessedness or the peace of the eternal. Keep the flame of thy aspiration ever kindled bright. Let purity, serenity, compassion, truth and oneness, manifest in thy thoughts and actions. Through penance, prayer and meditation the soul ascends on the divine chariot, to the realms of infinite bliss, to God's halls of wisdom.

Regularity is of paramount importance in spiritual practice. Spiritual aspirants must be arduous and efficient in performing their tasks without a break. Pray without a break. Have unshakable faith.

Remember vairagya (dispassion) and abhyasa (constant practice). Prayer is the wing by which you fly to God. Meditation or intuition is the eye by which you see God. Pray fervently unto the Lord. Pray for the Lord's light and guidance.

Meditate on the great truth within. Strive ever to keep thyself close to the divine centre. Day by day draw nearer unto the Lord. Strive inwardly to grow into the likeness of the divine ideal. - posted to meditationsocietyofameric

With all this talking
'what' has been said?

The subtle divine truth
can he pointed at with words
but it can't be 'contained' by them

Take time to 'listen' to what is said
'without words' ...
embrace the 'unformed' ...

Love the 'invisible'
subtle origin of the universe ...

You can be a gentle contemplative Sage
right here in the middle of everything
utterly unaffected ...

Encouraging others and giving freely to all.
Awakening and purifying the world
with each movement and action.

You will 'ascend'
into the 'divine realm' in broad daylight.

The 'Breath' of the 'divine Way' speaks
and those who are in harmony 'hear' ... quite clearly ...

- Lao Tse - Hua Hu Ching 81, posted to Mystic_Spirit

For lovers, the only lecturer is the beauty of the Beloved:
their only book and lecture is the Face.
Outwardly they are silent,
but their penetrating remembrance rises
to the high throne of their Friend.
Their only lesson is enthusiasm, whirling, and trembling,
not the precise points of law.

- Rumi, Mathnawi III: 3847-3849, version by Camille and Kabir Helminski, posted to Sunlight

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