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Highlights #262

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From: [email protected] (Jerry M. Katz)

Here's more from Arjuna Nick Ardagh's, "How About Now?
Satsang with Arjuna." May I, for a moment, offer that we are
Internet nondualists, those of us awakening on the email
lists, not in formal Satsang.

Jerry wrote:
We would recognize, enjoy, partake in, and grow as a result
of attending Satsang, yes, but many of us are mainly
Nondualists, doing it all on the Internet,
in lonely rooms set aglow by a
monitor, in tiny groups with our friends and no recognized
teacher, on the phone with Gene Poole, in chat rooms, in
motel rooms, in mental institutions, alone with good
husbands in the living room, alone with wives who don't
understand, alone with good books, alone in bed and in
chronic physical pain, paired in bed and in joy, in our
offices, at our work stations, in prisons or in streets
among the homeless, in the cemetaries of our love ones, many
taken while too young, on the top of London busses, in
revolving doors, driving cabs, in E.R.'s: yes, many of us
are Guerrilla nondualists, doing the nondual attention thing
by loving the one they're with and the place they are now
and knowing it's as good or much better or no different than
formal Satsang.

Guerrilla Jerry Katz offers more from Arjuna Nick Ardagh:

"...for many of us it's time to move beyond preoccupation
with the minute fluctuations of 'my freedom.' 'Am I getting
identified with thought? Am I getting caught up? Or am I
resting? Maybe I should do another retreat, or maybe I
should have a session.' There comes a time when all that
becomes like a hamster on one of those wheels. The very
preoccupation with one's own state of consciousness is what
keeps identification in place. What arises spontaneously
from here is a life of service. That is the greatest

"As soon as the body is used in service, the attention goes
off this illusion of separate identity and starts to be
concerned with the larger mind/body. For many of us, it's
time to move beyond 'my freedom'. There's a pull of the
heart, a call of the heart, to something bigger than 'my
spiritual state'."

And Jerry adds more:
I like this quote because Guerrilla Nondualism is all about
service; it is not about sitting in an audience and watching
a great and enlightened speaker. That's easy. Guerrilla
Nondualism is about spending twenty or forty hours a week on
the internet or in groups with people and taking by giving
and giving by taking, but not even thinking of those words
and not even thinking of service and not even thinking that
you're serving, but only having a great time! But to outside
eyes it would look like service, what we do. Nobody here
looks at it that way. That's why it works.


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