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#2624 - Wednesday, October 25, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz
The Nondual Highlights

Sharon Janis is an excellent writer, singer, musician, speaker, filmmaker, and a really cool nondual chick. Among other books, Sharon wrote Spirituality for Dummies, which is based in nonduality. It's a good book. If you go to Amazon you can "look inside" the book and see for yourself.   I think you'll enjoy this video introduction to Sharon's many facets:    

Here is more from Guy Smith's new book: Mystery Not Mastery: Groundbreaking Non-Duality. This issue features a few emails from the Appendix, which is entitled 55,000 Word Coral Reef of Correspondence.  

You may read more about this book and order it at

Mystery Not Mastery: Groundbreaking Non-Duality  

by Guy Smith  

Excerpt from 55,000 Word Coral Reef of Correspondence:

Q. STOP! is the word, if there is any word at all, isn't it?

A. Do you mean 'stop' is a good word to do with non-dual perceiving? I don't like it so much because it implies that something needs to change - 'you need to stop' - when oneness is all there is so it's absolutely the sense of 'going' (as well as 'stopping'). Also, I've observed the word 'used' in contexts whereby it implicitly promotes the illusion of 'master/disciple' - it's a very commanding, dictatorial statement.. which I'm also not keen on! I prefer 'is' or 'indivisibility' or 'insubstantiality' or 'presence' or 'weightlessness' or 'placeless' or 'timeless' or 'openness' or... Pink Moon!

Q. The end of the search, abiding in what you are, does that also mean being so goddamn wise like your books, Tony's and Leo's and Unmani's book or can I just stay the same old idiot?

A. If these non-dual voices sound very intelligent, it's actually only because the simplest obviousness there can be has been noticed. It's not like understanding a difficult academic theory - it's just seen, so it becomes dead easy to talk about. But it can sound very abstruce - especially if the voice enjoys using lots of long words!

Q. There's so many people with a feel for This but there's still something personal lingering there - even though I find a lot of what they have to say very insightful I still feel the clearest expressions come from Tony and 'you'. 'U' are so clear Guy!

A. You talk of some words sounding a bit false and me and Tony sounding the most clear. But the thing is, me and Tony are so unclear. What you often get is the sound of a very authoritative voice saying things very strongly (the way Tony's talks are and my book for example) and that's such a total lie...the illusion of truth and authority and's all such lying bollocks really!

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