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#2625 - Thursday, October 26, 2006 The Nondual Highlights


When we feel
as if we are
on a constant roller-coaster,
we need to remember,
that it has been our choice,
all along,
as to which tickets
to purchase,
for which rides,
in the amusement park
of our lives...

In Light and Compassion...
from mystic-spirit

A negative, pessimistic attitude of utter
condemnation of the world is wrong. But
excessive love, being captivated by the beauty
of the world, is equally wrong. The truth is
somewhere in the middle.

- Swami Krishnananda

--from Along the Way    

    There is only one song
and that song is your Name,

There is only one song
and that song is the Silence,

There is only one song
and that song is "abiding in the Self",

There is only one song
and that song is Love recognizing Itself.

No more you, no more me,
only I.

~ Marifa ~

~ Mystic Spirit ~

from Desolation Angels, by Jack Kerouac:

I take my little paper cup of grape jelly and spread it on my toast, squeezing it out, and drink another cup of hot coffee-- Everything'll be all right, desolation is desolation everywhere and desolation is all we got and desolation aint so bad--  

In the paper I see where Mickey Mantle aint gonna beat Babe Ruth's homerun record, O well, Willie Mays'll do it next year.  

And I read about Eisenhower waving from trains on campaign speeches, and Adlai Stevenson so elegant so snide so proud--I read about riots in Egypt, riots in North Africa, riots in Hong Kong, riots in prisons, riots in hell everywhere, riots in desolation--Angels rioting against nothing.  

Eat your eggs

Shut up

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