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#2629 - Monday, October 30, 2006 - Editor: Gloria Lee

"Love itself is the actual form of God."

Sri Ramana

In "Letters from Sri Ramanasramam" by Suri Nagamma

  from Avadhuata Gita:

The Self certainly does not become pure through the practice of
six-limbed yoga.
It certainly is not purified by the destruction of the mind.
It certainly is not made pure by the instructions of the teacher.
It is Itself the Truth.
It is Itself the illumined One

Love to all
Harsha, posted to HarshaSatsangh



Enlightenment is not about words and thoughts and concepts which can
be doubted. Enlightenment is always Here.

By "Here" I don't mean this present space. Here is somewhere within
where mind cannot reach. Presence is always Here and you are always
That. This Here is not the opposite of "there." This Here is nowhere,
it is your Heart. When mind is still all comes back to the Heart. All the
cosmos is but a speck in your Heart.

Turn mind over into This Here and it is lost. Then only Light, Wisdom
and Love remain and This you are not different or apart from.

--Papaji (Sri Poonjaji)   posted to Along the Way    


Alan Larus photos see link for more    

    Monk: "Where can I enter Zen?"
Gensha: "Can you hear the babbling brook?"
Monk: "Yes, I can hear it."
Gensha: "Then enter there."

posted to Allspirit

    You might think that if you let go of your ego world, you become
passive and defenseless like some kind of crash dummy and people will
take advantage of you. Or that you might wander around aimlessly in
the street without an agenda. If this were the case, as one
contemporary Buddhist master pointed out, it would be necessary to
have enlightenment wards in hospitals to take care of bruised or
socially inoperative buddhas. But this is not the case. Rather than
being inmate types, people who have become enlightened to any
degree are builders of hospitals for other people. Their intelligence
and compassion are relatively unobstructed, and they tend to become
quite active and effective citizens.

--Samuel Bercholz, in Entering the Stream 

Alan Larus photos see link for more    

This is from: 'A Handful of Zen' by Camden Benares

The Path

A Taoist teacher asked her student to accompany her on a hike. The
teacher, with her student at her side, walked to the foot of a small
mountain and started up the path that led to the top. About halfway
up, she stopped and asked her student, "Which way is up?" He pointed
up. She asked, "which way is down?" He pointed down. She said, "The
same path takes you up and down. That is the unity of opposites. If you
again tell me that you don't understand the unity of opposites, I will
tell you to take a hike."

posted to Allspirit  


Here's your Daily Poem from the Poetry Chaikhana --

  The Heat of Midnight Tears

By Mirabai
(1498 - 1565?)

English version by Robert Bly

Listen, my friend, this road is the heart opening,
Kissing his feet, resistance broken, tears all night.

If we could reach the Lord through immersion in water,
I would have asked to be born a fish in this life.
If we could reach Him through nothing but berries and wild nuts,
Then surely the saints would have been monkeys when they came from the womb!
If we could reach him by munching lettuce and dry leaves,
Then the goats would surely go to the Holy One before us!

If the worship of stone statues could bring us all the way,
I would have adored a granite mountain years ago.

Mirabai says: The heat of midnight tears will bring you to God.

-- from The Winged Energy of Delight, Translated by Robert Bly

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