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Nondual Highlights Issue #2645, Saturday, November 18, 2006 - Editor: Mark

Two posts from OH today.

Love, Mark

Happy in the morning
I open my cottage door;
A clear breeze blowing
Comes straight in.
The first sun
Lights the leafy trees;
The shadows it casts
Are crystal clear.
In accord with my heart,
Everything merges
In one harmony.
Gain and loss
Are not my concern;
This way is enough
To the end of my days.

- Wen-siang

Gain and loss are not my concern. ahhh. the last sun,
the naked trees, the chilling wind, whatever is here,
now, is not my concern either but it brings me joy! to
the end of my days. ~dg

Poem from book, "Sleepless Nights: Verses For The
Wakeful," translated by Thomas Cleary,

Hello dear ones:
Hope everyone is feeling well and happy.
Below is an old post from Old Hag (OH) that begins
with a startling, gorgeous poem by Nancy Ore that
never fails to bring a tear to ole eye here. And oh
sends along a reminder to stop all the trying and just
lay back and bask in the cool breeze (well, it is
almost winter here.) Hope you enjoy and benefit. Be
sure to take good care of your precious selves today.
love, dharma grandmother

From OH:

Hello, dears:

This is for anyone who may feel that they are not
enough just as they are right now.

"You are Enough!"
A Woman Seminarian's Story

It is not enough
said her father
that you
get all A's each quarter
play Mozart for your kinfolk
win starred-first in contest
you must
come home on your wedding night.

It is not enough
said her mother
that you
smile at Auntie Lockwood
take cookies to the neighbors
keep quiet while I'm napping
you must
cure my asthma.

It is not enough
said her husband
that you
write letters to my parents
fix pumpkin pie and pastry
forget your name was Bauer
you must
you must

It is not enough
said her children
that you
make us female brownies
tend our friends and puppies
buy us Nike tennies
you must
let us kill you.

It is not enough
said her pastor
that you
teach the second graders
change the cloths and candles
kneel prostrate at the altar
as long as there are starving children in the world
you must
not eat
without guilt.

It is not enough
said her counselor
that you
struggle with the demons
integrate your childhood
leave when time is over
you must
stop crying
clarify your poetic symbols
not feel
that you are
not enough.

I give up
she said
I am not enough
and laid down
into the deep blue pocket
of night
to wait
for death.

She waited...

her heart exploded
her breathing stopped

They came with stretcher
took her clothes off
covered her with linen
then went away'
and left her locked
in deep blue pocket tomb

The voice said


And the third day
she sat up
asked for milk and crackers
took ritual bath with angels
dressed herself with wings
and flew away.

- Nancy Ore

~You are Enough. Just as you are. Perhaps if we just threw all the ego's-antics analyzin', all the how-to-wake-up discussin', all the self-improvement manuals in the commode, down the drain, flushed 'em all, and just accepted all as it is - even the unacceptable, oh yes, "Accept the Unacceptable," we would learn to fly! No, can't even use the word "learn" - cause there is no learnin' - everything we have put into that wondrous brain of ours drains out through the "You are Enough" hole.

"God shatters all that is not Him!" the Sufis say.

Buddha had the idea: what do you think he was "doing" under that tree? Jes sittin' - that's all. And ole Mara came along and threw all that stuff at him about what he could "do"....jes like Jesus heard, "have power," "seek sex" "brag" "invest in tech stocks" "lose weight" "fight for that promotion" "use strips for your blackheads"...well, somethin' like that, and Sidd ignored him, and just sat. And his big awakening was to simply see things as they really are, right there, in front of his nose. And IT was enough. HE was Enough. And so are WE. Enough.

That's what it seems to this ole woman, all those dudes who Made IT learned: they were enough. And when they stopped seekin' to be more - or less - when they stopped. Period. They began to live for the first time, And every dern one of them had their wings pop out and were flyin' all over the place.

"Not for this were my wings fitted." Plato.

It jes feels so damned good sometimes to remember how simple it all is.

love to all,
lalala...i love you jes the way you are...lalala oh

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