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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #265

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xan quotes Bill Yeats:

William Butler Yeats said:

"We can make our minds so like still
water that beings gather about us to
see their own images, and so live for a
moment with a clearer, perhaps even
with a fiercer life because of our

Jan Barendrecht identifies bullshit:

There are those, stating that every like and dislike is
attachment and from there, it is a little step either to
advocate total renunciation from the world or its opposite,
"detached enjoyment" (very popular in the West). Both are BS:
humans are designed to function in a community and the "glue"
for it is made of love and compassion. How could it be else?
By proper functioning in a community (satsanga), the pain of
the unidentification process is felt much less: this is the
sole reason for it, apart from the fact that the "live"
presence of one to serve as an "example" would be beneficial
too. So instead of "blaming" it on attachment, look inside for
the real reason...


Part of a dialogue:

Skye Chambers wrote:

It's great when we notice progress in our lives as a result
of our spiritual disciplines. :)

However, the one who notices improvement must evaporate
before we can know ourselves as the One.

Skye Chambers:
Hi jody,

That there must be One or the other is your vision jody.

No, we are always the One. That's what I see.

But to me it is One AND the Other.

Yes, that's how it is to me too. However, in order for
us to know ourselves as the One, we must see the one that
attempts improvement for what it is, a mere idea that
disappears in a whiff when the light of Knowledges shines.

I do not have an inner image of One perfection or One
blueprint that i must know as myself.

Well, if one has an image of perfection then one has
not yet known themselves as such. The inner perfection
is who we are. It isn't experienced as an image, it is
the very essence of our sense of self, which is the Self.

I marvel at this magnificent diversity within unity and do
not seek its evaporation, to fulfill an abstacted idea of

Again, if it is just an idea then it is not the goal of
Advaita. The diversity always exists, whether we identify
with ourselves as individuals or know ourselves as the Self.
It's not about de-diversifying ourselves, it is about seeing
ourselves as we really are, and that appears to involve one
seeing that who they *think* they are is not who they really
are. Advaita seeks to destroy *all* ideas of who we are.
When there are no ideas left for us to be, all that is left
is the Self.

This portion of *all that is* finds it
completely unnecessary and way too creatively limiting.

By portioning out "all that is", it becomes "something that
is". Your idea of "all that is" is not the Self, it is
an idea of oneness you hold.

I cannot see the point in a planet full of so called *improved*
human beings sitting in dark rooms staring off into a sterile
singularity, taking one 20 minute walk, once a day like Ramana, for 75

Well, that isn't required of anyone who knows themselves as
the Self as far as I know.

Your bleak idea of what realization is can be just as hindering
as the grand ideas others like to believe it to be.

I have the deepest repect for his and your vision jody,
just do not *expect* me to comply.

No expectations here Skye.


much love
.....flying with the wings of All That Is....:-)

Mira mirrors:

Skye, dearest Skye,
It is your willingness to be that great fool and be totally
wrong about all your visions,
that gives away your unconditional freedom.
Only the fool dares to put his 'salvation' on the line,
and be wrong,
and lose,
and win,
and play,
with all the other fools.

a fellow fool, Mira

OH chimes in sweetly and simply:

Yesterday upon the stair
I saw a me that wasn't there.
I saw that me again today,
Gee, I wish me'd go away.

Sorry....all the erudite expressions have already been offered. ,^))


Jan B: " the process of unidentifying is natural and will just go on."

This is the best news I've heard all day!


Hans Deunhouwer wrote:

I can not accept that i do not accept the unacceptable. what can i do ? Some
might say
: Nothing. But i can not accept that i can do nothing. so what can i do ?



It is quite possible to satisfy the sense of doership, yet to do nothing. Start
singing devotional songs and each session, learn a new one :) That'll keep you
till the body gives up...


Dave (Manchine) speaks of a fine balance:

Sunday I went with my wife to a Mexican food restaurant strangley nestled in
a country hillside in the middle of nowhere.

My wife is very in tune to where I am, although it scares her to take the
leap, a closer look at "what she is". We talked as we often do about "all
this", she is a warm glowing sentient ball of energy whose fibers help to
groom and untangle mine.

We went for a walk afterwards, hand in hand, speechless, somewhere else.

A man approached, speaking in broken English, I am obviously not from Chile.
With a large sucking sound, I traveled a million miles to receive his
business card, a Mexican Food restaurant owner in Santiago. It took me a
minute to even see the letters on the card. It was like I was in church and
this man was presenting me his business card. My wife spoke to him asked him
about his restaurant, how long he had been in business and thanked him.
Smiling I said bye.

When we got in the car she (Ale) asked me why I hadn't talked to the man. I
couldn't answer, it was terrible. I had been caught off guard. It's such a
delicate balance, to see the whole while not loosing the individual.

It's like a matter of agility, and precision, complete awareness.


Christiana responds:


As you continue to share the movement in your life (and you do so, so
very eloquenty), I often find a fluid resonant echo in my Heart. This
movement, as I experience it, is more than a mere interest or affinity
with your journey. I feel a particularly strong linkage with the ebb and
flow of your point of awareness... it seems to call me. This is hard to
put into words, but I am moved to do so, as tears right now are silently
washing my face. My Heart's Eye sees the way we are each aligned and how
the movement in any one of our lives affects and graces the whole of us.
Dave, I think it is your exquisite vulnerability which echoes

I also want to say... that your graceful words describing Ale (how is
her name pronounced?) are pure poetry of Love.. we also now love her!

"My wife is very in tune to where I am, although it scares her to take
leap, a closer look at "what she is". We talked as we often do about
this", she is a warm glowing sentient ball of energy whose fibers help
groom and untangle mine."

thank your for the gift of your sharing..

< I'm waiting for experience to happen. I
don't know how to release myself from the constraints of my thoughts.
Mary >

~ Mary, here's a hint:
Look between your thoughts
and beneath them to
where you are already
unconstrained silent awareness.


Jody makes a bold try at explaining:

To see oneself in a "place" along a "path" that is leading
to realization is missing the point of what non-duality is all
about. The "one" that sees themselves in a "place" is the very
thing that is getting in the way of them being "there".

Because we are equipped with minds, we find ourselves in
possession of an individual nature. As most of us have only
known ourselves as such, we've come to identify exclusively
with these minds.

As these minds are conditioned in the context of Western
culture, expectations of achievement have been absorbed by
them. In order for our expectations of achievement to be
met, we must imagine that "we" are "getting somewhere".
We then interpret our life experiences as being indicative
of this.

The fact is that we are already there, and the only reason
we can't see it is because we're too busy seeing ourselves
as a being that is going somewhere, rather than Being as It
really is.

Rather than being a being going, we are all Being that is
being ourselves as individuals, *and* as perfect Pure Being.
It doesn't matter a cent how long we've been practicing or
what sorts of meditation experiences we've had. Those that
know themselves as the Self and those that don't are a hair's
width apart. It's just a matter of looking at it with eyes
that can see. We all have these eyes that can see, but most
of us are standing in the way of what we can see with them.


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