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#2651 - Friday, November 24, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nondual Highlights

Elysha, who we've known for a number of years in the online nonduality community, has an awesome website: Here's something from it:  

The Only Think You Know  

There is nothing you can do

Absolutely nothing

There is not a single thing more for you to do to try and get yourself to be enlightened

You cannot lift another finger that will make any difference whatsoever to be any closer to what it is that you are looking for

You do not have to hold your mouth in a particular way to allow the energies to move 'just so' to suddenly give you the keys to your enlightenment

You do not even have to open up any more chakras to get it right

If your kundalini was not already moving up your spine you would find yourself arising in this very moment without a physical body

Just as you are, right now, is good enough for you to be the enlightened one that you already are

Absolutely nothing more for you to do to get it "right"

And yet

And yet...

Here you are fully aware that no matter what you tell yourself you are still not in touch with, nor living the obviousness of what you intuit to be "out there/in there" awaiting your realization

Enlightenment is, afterall, this utterly simple matter of suddenly remembering or realising who IT is that you truly are already

Yes, already

Yes, that does mean now

All that is going wrong in anyone's life is this forgetting of who it is that one already is

In this very arising moment right now

But.. but.. but.. but...

If it is already the case right now why am I not at rest in the clarity of that with everything that I am expecting to receive while in this state of enlightenment?

Or, for those of you who think you are already standing in this clarity, why am I not living the obvious freedom of who it is that I truly am - so steeped in it that it does not have me being caught up in the energy patterns of agenda, of looking for things to be different to the way that they are simply arising, moment by moment, fully loved and loving?

Still attempting to get what you already are

Simply at rest as the one that I truly am

What could you possibly think that you might be doing wrong in terms of simply being who you already are

What could be so elusive, right now, that would have you believing to be something that you are not

That would be preventing you from simply being what and who you truly are right now in this very moment

What would you think that it might be

Have you ever investigated who it is that you are?

Or have you taken it to be fact what your parents, neighbours, teachers, society have taught you?

That you are the personage that was born on such and such a date, etc.. etc...

That you are the summation of all of the memories that you have of who you think you are? Which of course includes all these other apparent separated individuals, family, friends, events, places etc..

When you go to sleep each night you totally let go of everything that you hold in place (in your imagination) of your perceived world. Even your partner who is lying next to you in the same bed, you forget. When you awaken from a night of deep sleep you 'know' you have had a deep sleep. Who is this one that knows? And who is the one that upon awakening each morning brings back into the equation all of its memories of its belief patterns and sets up its own imagined world once again? Including your partner, family and friends, enemies, etc..

Here you are - the Immensity of life itself - pretending to forget itself within its own manifestation (which arises, of course, within itself or within the unmanifest) which is totally free - freedom itself

So here you are - freedom itself - pretending that you are only a minute aspect of your self having forgotten who you truly are

This is what you suffer

A bad dose of amnesia

You have forgotten who you are

And "enlightenment" is just a fancy title for... "...Holy Moses, I have just remembered who it is I truly am..."

The one behind the many

So, what is it that you know of yourself

Without going into your head, what is the one thing that you actually know of yourself

You know that you are

Your "amness"

No matter what you get up to, how much you have forgotten, you cannot escape your amness

The fact that you are

And you are - now (this of course is obvious that your areness is arising now)

You cannot hide from this fact

In fact - *chuckling* - it is the only fact that you have of yourself

You do not know anything else

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