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#2664 - Thursday, December 7, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nondual Highlights    

Rajneesh on nonduality, architecture, sex, and marriage.  


I call God the ultimate indulgence -- God is the experience of ultimate intercourse. Within oneself duality disappears, the duet comes to an end, nonduality has arisen. The embrace is of nonduality, where the two disappear and only the One remains. Such nonduality, such a union, can never be attained through the outer man or outer woman; the two will always remain. It is possible that you may for a moment forget the other, but only for a moment, and then the other will reappear. Even in the moments of intercourse you are you and your wife is your wife; somewhere you meet, somewhere you touch, but the union does not happen. So after every act of lovemaking you are left with a bitter taste, as if something has failed -- as if you were about to reach, but what you were reaching for disappeared. This is why the desire for intercourse is re-aroused again and again.

But no intercourse will fulfill you, because no intercourse can become samadhi; it only creates a hankering. The matter only comes to an end when the meeting of inner man and inner woman happens. Then all search outside is finished. Now there is no other, the duality has disappeared, and you are unified. Nonduality is an ultimate embrace, and such a person becomes like the Shivalinga -- a full circle within. A man who has entered self-communion, self-orgasm... such a person loses no energy.

Do you know that to lose energy sharp points are needed? The electricity of your body can be dissipated through your fingers, for example, but not through your head, because anything circular provides no exit for your energy, no place through which it can be dissipated. Energy can be discharged through the genitals; in fact, the genitals are the special arrangement for losing energy.

You have to understand that the body has two parts: one is from where the body takes energy in, the other is from where the body lets energy out. All the receiving parts are situated in the head; that is one end. This is why the head is round in shape; it is designed to take energy in, and not to lose it. You take in food through the mouth, air through the nose, light through the eyes, and sound through the ears. These are the receiving parts, receiving doors that allow things in but not out. At the other end, at the lower end of the body, are the organs for excreting and urinating, and here too are the genitals, which are also an exit point. So those who know have never regarded semen to be any more valuable than urine or excrements, and indeed it is so. Through it you let your energy out. At this end the body expels what it had collected. It wants to get rid of it, -- it is excretion.

The head is round, it accumulates; the genital organ is pointed, it dissipates. This is why nature has so arranged the genitals that when a man is sexually aroused it becomes erect and pointed -- because the more pointed, the faster will be the discharge of energy. In the case of the Shivalinga, which is round, there is no possibility of any energy dissipation. The energy can revolve at its periphery, it can go on racing round and round, but it cannot escape.
We have built round domes on the tops of temples so that the mantras chanted and prayers sung inside the temples do not escape but get echoed back onto the worshippers, showering on them and creating a circuit, a circle. This is the speciality of the temple and is not to be found in the mosque or the church. We created the temple exactly like the head, to gather and shower energy, so that anybody going under it gets suffused with energy, gathers strength. When the meeting of your inner man and woman happens, your head becomes like a temple.

If you understand rightly the architecture of the temple, you will see that it is created in the shape of the human body. Your body is rectangular; so is the temple. At the top of the temple is the headlike dome. When the yogi sits in padmasana, the lotus posture, he is exactly like a temple. It is this padmasana of the yogi that is the secret of temple architecture; exactly like it we have designed the temple, as a symbol, and just like this, in the moment of the inner meeting you will become a temple.

So don't be afraid of being alone. In the first stage it is possible you may ejaculate, but this is also nothing to be afraid of. After all, your semen is also given by God; you offered it back to him. Why be a miser? And don't hinder the process by putting your fear in the way; no need to be uneasy about it. What is yours anyway? If not today then tomorrow, this body will be gone, and with it the semen. Now where are you going to take it? It is interesting to note how the priests and monks tell us not to store up wealth because we will only have to leave it behind when we die, and yet they suggest that we accumulate our semen. For what? This too you will have to leave here; it is part of the body and you cannot take it with you -- you cannot take it anywhere!

So even if ejaculation happens, don't be afraid, and don't feel guilty about it, because the moment you feel guilty your meditation will be blocked. The semen was given by God and he took it! Thank him and move into your meditation. The ejaculations will soon come to an end -- they only happen because you have suppressed them forcibly. Once you have stopped suppressing the ejaculation will vanish, and before long the moment will come when you will meet your beloved within.

So whether it is sex or anger or whatever impulse, the meditator has not to link it up with the other. This is the meaning of the world: the other is necessary for my impulses to be expressed. And the meaning of sannyas is: I alone am responsible for my impulses. This becoming alone is the very meaning of sannyas. And if you need the other for impulses, how are you ever going to enter into sannyas? Nor is there any need to leave home and go to the forest or to run away from your wife; all you need to do is to cast off your dependency on the other for your impulses. You alone become your own master. You can be just by yourself, the other is not necessary for you to be. This does not mean that you will not be able to love your wife any longer. You will certainly be able to love her, but now your love will be the gift of a free individual. It will have its own beauty, its own glory.

The love that you give now is given under obligation -- it is a feature of your dependency. This is why lovers are always in anger about each other. I know hundreds of couples, but I have not seen a single couple where each lover is not in anger with the other. There is a reason for this and it is only natural that it is so. It is because on whomsoever we are dependent, that person seems to be the master and we feel like a mere slave, -- and this is how they both feel, because both are dependent. There is no master, both are slaves! Enslaved to a slave -- because both depend on the other, and because of this dependency they exploit each other.

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