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#2676 - Wednesday, December 21, 2006 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nondual Highlights    

Inscription tombstone of Hui-neng

According to his doctrine,
Non-doing is reality,
Emptiness is the truth,
And the ultimate meaning
Of things is vast and
He taught that human nature
In its beginning
As well as in the end
Is thoroughly good
For it has its root
In that which is serene.

--Liu Tsung-yuan


The universal body of reality
Is so subtle that
You do not hear it
When you deliberately
Listen for it,
And you do not see it
When you look at it.
As for the pure knowledge
That has no teacher,
How can it be attained by
Thought or study?




Errant thoughts are fundamentally empty; the essence of mind is
fundamentally pure. You suddenly realize this essence is originally
free from afflictions; the essence of knowledge is inherently
complete, no different from Buddha. To cultivate practice based on
this is called the Zen of the highest vehicle, and it is also called the
pure Zen of those who realize suchness.

--Master Chinul (1158-1210)



The non-action of the wise person
Is not inaction.
It is not studied.
It is not shaken by anything.
The sage is quiet
Because she is not moved,
Not because she wills to be quiet.
Her quietness is the mirror
Of heaven and earth
The glass of everything.
Emptiness, stillness, tranquility,
Silence, non-action:
This is the level of
Heaven and earth.
This is the perfect Tao.

--Chuang Tzu

The Buddha said, "Learning and thinking are like being outside the door;
sitting in meditation is returning home to sit in peace." How true this is!
While learning and thinking, views have not stopped and the mind is still
stuck - that is why it is like being outside the door. But in this sitting
meditation, Zazen, everything is at rest, and you penetrate everywhere -
thus it is like returning home to sit in peace.

An ancient said, "When confusion ceases, tranquility comes; when
tranquility comes, wisdom appears, and when wisdom appears, reality is

--Keizan Jokan (1264-1325)

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