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#2681 - Tuesday, December 26, 2006 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nondual Highlights  

    Some very interesting letters recently received. First this thing from Mark:    

Mark, editor of Issue #2678 [], wishes to add important information left out of that issue:   Hi Folks,

I want to apologize for falling down on the job here. I meant to attribute the wonderful poem "Streaming Beggars", but managed to forget completely. The poem is by Jeannie Zandi, who lives in Taos and is a very lovely being.

I apologize for not attributing it in the first place, and hope you're all having a relaxing day sharing presence.


ps Here's Jeannie's web page with more poetry and other offerings.

Streaming Beggars

Now that you have moved
into my heart, taken
the doors off their hinges and
removed the windows,
glass, sash and
beggars are coming from
everywhere for
your sweet embrace.

The beggars stream in from
every direction--walking, running, crawling,
rolling and being carried. The neighbors
have stopped
screaming about it. At first they had
plenty to say but after
weeks and weeks of this they
know there is no
helping it. This is beyond
city ordinances.

Soon they will be coming
themselves, dropping
rakes, dog leashes, clothespins,
leaving cars running
in the street, for a glimpse
of your holy face.

What am I to do but

watch in awe at the blessed
variety of your creation, the myriad wounds,
the incredible stories, the way they gather
around the door quivering
with the certain knowledge that finally
no one
will be turned away.

And stay in the house
making meals, and carrying
sheets up and down the stairs.

- Jeannie Zandi

    Dear friends,  

i enjoyed the translations of Shankar from Sadhu Om. There is a mistake concerning Muruganar:  

Sri Muruganaar was a pre-eminent householder devotee of Sri Bhagawan. He was a Tamil Teacher in a school in Thiruvannaamalai, the Divine Abode of Sri Bhagawan  

that is wrong. Muruganar was never a tamil-teacher in Tiruvannamalai and separeted from his wife Meenakshi when he came to Bhagavan permanantly after the death of his mother.   Greetings from Austria,   Reinhard    

    A friend writes:  

Hi Jerry,

I recently found a really really good book I've not seen anywhere else. I
was wondering if you might be willing to take a look at it (and possibly put
it on the Salon) if I were to send you a copy?

The name of the book is "Being a Buddha On Broadway" by Bertram Salzman.
Here is a link to it at Amazon......

And Bertram's site.......

Sorry these probably won't come through as hyper-links.

I think the book is tremendous. Not only is it a great story of his life
(he's an academy award winning TV and Broadway producer)..... and (in my
opinion) he's the Real Deal when it comes to teachers. I've been in touch
with him for about the last month and I've never met or talked to anyone as
"legit" and truly "immersed" in the Peace and Silence he writes about. The
book is 1/3 autobiography, 1/3 dialogues with students and 1/3 "Attention
Exercises".... and the Attention Exercises are like nothing I've ever seen.
You probably have an idea of how many books I've read in this area (smile)
and to come across something "new" (or at least phrased in a very innovative
way) was quite surprising.

    Regarding issue 2671, Mike Adamson writes:   Virgin means "Life Generator" not necessarily someone who's never had sexual intercourse.  "Vir" = "Life" and "Gin" (Gen) = "Genesis", "Generate".  So Mary "generated the essence of life" = "Christ" the *awakeness* epitomized by such likes as the "Buddha", et al.   Mike

    Deep Nonduality

Something made me think of you...


[a friend]

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