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#2694 - Tuesday, January 9, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

Nondual Highlights  

Today's issue is printed with permission of the author and is exclusive to the Nondual Highlights.  

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Dear Jerry,

Just two weeks ago I didn't know what non-duality means. I am a complete novice to it.

Something truly bizarre came to be and I'm attaching a brief description.

At some point I thought I might be going insane. Thankfully I found 'my language' for my new state of consciousness on the internet, and it was quite a relief. So far I don't know anyone I can talk to about it. My relatives / colleagues don't understand a word I'm saying. My language is like code to them. On the internet I find some information but rarely does it come from It. Often it treats It as a subject.

If you can provide any pointers for me where I can share, with other enlightened ones, it would be immensely helpful for me. Right now I'm in limbo. I feel I lost touch with the ground, i.e. the previous state of consciousness, yet I do not have resonance yet in my new state of consciousness. I want to meet people who 'speak my language'.

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can give.

Warmest regards,


E-Mail: [email protected]


~ ~ ~

1st January 2007

I, the Universe

I have come to unveil something incredibly mind blowing and completely life changing.

I have come to sense that everything starts with the consciousness. Does this sound trivial and like something everyone knows anyway? It is not. This discovery changes absolutely everything. You cannot learn it. You cannot know it. You can only sense it. True is only what you sense. Only You can unveil the Truth.

I am not merely talking about a different perspective on life. I.e. about listening to one’s intuition to find out what one likes or dislikes, one’s ‘wants in life’.

The revelation comes with a changed state of consciousness. Realising that the consciousness, i.e. the You in you, is the origin. I don’t know if my words convey correctly what it is. As I have no idea whether I would have been able to make sense of these words just over a week ago.

The breakthrough to entering this new state of consciousness came exactly one week ago.

This is when I came to find my inner self. I since use many words for it. Truth. Inner Self. The Me in me. The You in you. The Universe. Energy. Unity. It is all One.

I have to repeat that you cannot learn this.

With this discovery comes something absolutely incredible. It is the realisation that YOU are the origin. Of everything. You are the energy. You shift the energy. No one else does it for you. If you think someone is ‘taking your energy’ or ‘doing something to you’, it is because you let them.

I have since described the same thing in different ways, but it is always the One thing. Once you have made this discovery, everything starts falling into place. Human behaviour. Religion. Art. Sounds absolutely arrogant? Well actually it is incredibly simple.

With the discovery everything has changed for me. Where I am now, there is no time or judgement. There is only energy and being in complete harmony with the energy. It simply means not resisting the energy.

There is no beginning and no end. There is no good and evil. There is no sadness. There is only compassion and forgiveness.

How did this come about?

I had been on a search. I was unaware that I was on a search. But I was aware of the symptoms. I constantly felt hassled and stressed. I had no idea why, so I explained it with my outer circumstances. Little did I know that I was the cause of everything.

I now know that I had let my past hold me hostage. I had buried feelings and built up inner barriers that shaped my perception of the world.

I believe we all have feelings tucked away deeply. We are too afraid to look closely, face up to them and let them go. But only then we can be truly free. We think of our hurt from the past as a can of worms that is best left closed very tightly. When in fact…it is a treasure chest! It lies so heavy inside us. Yet we keep holding on to it for the life of us. Only when faced with a near death situation we seem to have a go at unlocking it. And….once unlocked, the gold keeps pouring out, forever! Because you are now free.

Can you imagine what this feels like? Not being bound by expectations that others have of you. Which are in fact the expectations you have of you. The same with everything else that motivates you. Suddenly you realise you are in control of absolutely everything. I don’t mean control as in manipulating the energy. I mean simply going with the energy. Making the energy work with you instead of working against the energy.

With this insight come so many things. I could write bookshelves full of books and perhaps I will. It is like rediscovering absolutely everything. There is one Truth. And there seem to be endless ways to apply it. It feels like I am an observer, seeing everything from a different state of consciousness.

Everything seems to make sense. It’s a truly bizarre feeling. Within this week, again and again I have been completely baffled when

applying this revelation to more and more areas of life. There is also an acceptance of what is happening. This is the way it is. It ‘is’.

With my newly found inner freedom also comes an abundance of creativity. Words will not stop coming to me! The second I wake up until the minute I drift off to sleep. I keep a note book to hand everywhere. I write page after page. So far mainly letters to relatives and writings for myself. I don’t know yet their purpose. But I know I have to keep writing. The words are literally pouring into the top of my head, pushing themselves to my forehead and pouring out of the pen.

Pictures speak to me. Music speaks to me. Nature speaks to me. As if my senses have been heightened for absolutely everything. I can see and bring out the beauty in everything. I feel at complete and utter peace with myself.

I will never be alone again. No one is alone. We are One with the universe. Aloneness is a state of mind. When we think we need someone or something, it is in fact our search for the Inner Self. No one else and nothing else can completely fulfil us.

With the discovery also comes unimaginable joy. I could jump through hoops. (Is that actually an expression?) I could sing hymns.

Again, it is difficult to convey. It is only the beginning. I will refine my tools and I will find ways to communicate the message more and more clearly. The message itself is pure.

I speak of the Truth. I have not learned it. I sense it.

"Can you see what I see?"

These pictures present what I feel. They are ‘borrowed’ from the Google Image gallery (filter ‘nature’). Together they describe the awakening of my senses.

This is how I saw the world and how I believe many people see the world. The light is there but not yet within reach. The light is our intuition. The closest thing to the Inner Self.

Realising that the body mirrors the soul and that everything comes from within.

Spiritual growth

[This is a painting by Albrecht Dürer.]

Awakening. The light is bright and the sky is golden.

The light within me.

Inside me is paradise.

Abundance of creativity and wisdom.

I am drawn to the colour purple. Perhaps because it is the colour of the Crown Chakra.

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