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#2703 - Thursday, January 18, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

Nondual Highlights  

  For few of you maybe the name of Douglas Harding is unknown. For the
one that came across his sharing he was a pioneer in the West of the
realization of the Self. On Friday morning the body that we called
Douglas at the age of 97 stopped breathing. He has been sharing for
over 60 years the realization of the Self, mainly in Uk, showing to
thousands of people from all over the world what they really are, Pure

He did not really died, as it is here now, as what is watching through
every pairs of eyes these words on the screen. His bodily form
gracefully grew old and simply stopped functioning.

I have had the great honour to meet Douglas at his house two years ago
with my partner Avasa that has been his friend for over 20 years.
Douglas was already on a wheel chair, like a king on his throne, fully
aware, beautifully present, awake. Pure Radiance was spreading from
his form just apparently handicapped. His wit and depth were still
totally present. He delighted us with some jokes and stories, telling
about a workshop that he would have organized in March in France with
his wife, Catherine, that he met at the age of 83...Such a wave of
eternity was touching every people that came across him. I went away
with tears in my eyes, grateful for see how a beautiful creation he
was. He looked at me almost severe saying "there is nothing special
here"...He has been the most strict anti-guru of all, simple, direct,
ordinary and yet sublime. I smiled and hugged him saying "I know you
are me, but gratfulnness is here anyway".

I never saw him again, and these few words here on this forum are a
simple testimonial that a such a shining reflection of this divine
Diamond is dissolved back beyond the purest Light.


~ ~ ~  

I too knew Douglas and think of him only with gratitude.  Thank you for this beautiful memorial.

~ ~ ~  

Thank you, Shakti. I enjoyed reading your offering.  


~ ~ ~  

Beautiful personal story Shakti,

I would like to point out one thing that truly ties us to one
another in the most profound of ways:  Love.  We all know that in
our heart of hearts yet we become lost in the day-to-day activities
and proclivities of life.  We see one another on all the levels of
existence.  From the perfectly mundane to the ridiculously sublime.
Or visa versa. 

Yes, there are those who radiate the grand universe in their
absolute presence of Being...we are so drawn and recognize this
because it is in the deepest, most profound, best part of our own
true "selves".

This is why when we lose the presence of those whom we may not have
seen in this perfectly faceted-jewel of awareness, we can still
mourn their loss and recognize this absence in our lives. 

We choose to remember the 'good' we have shared... and the pain,
anger, frustration, hurt, disappointment and whatever we wish to
fill in with our own blanks, is mercifully smoothed out in the ever-
present movement of grace in our lives.


a poem I wrote when I first started in

who is not
this perfect
jewel of awareness?

who is not
this shining?

~ ~ ~  

douglas harding? wasn't he the inspiration
behind the "headless wonder" troupe which
i met in amsterdam "festival of fools", in
1976? i think so... anyway, he sounds like
wonderful presence. thank you, shakti dear.
your tribute is direct and touching.


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