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Nondual Highlights Issue #2705, Saturday, January 20, 2007, Editor: Mark

Thinking is a pernicious, acquired habit.

It is not man's real nature. All that comes
out of it is sheer nonsense for the strengthening
of the false sense of ego.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar, A Net of Jewels, posted to AlongTheWay

A widow came to the Mulla's court and said: "I am very poor. My young son eats a great deal of sugar: in fact he is addicted to it. This means that I cannot make ends meet. Would the Court forbid him to eat sugar, because I cannot myself enforce this request?"

"Madam," said the Mulla, "this problem is not as easy as it seems. Return in a week and the decision will be given, after I have examined the case more thoroughly."

After a week the woman's name was again on the list of supplicants. "I am sorry," Nasrudin said to her when her turn came, "there will be another ajournment of this very tricky case until next week."

The same thing happened for the following fortnight.

At length Nasrudin announced: "The Court will now give its injunction. Call the lad."

The young man was brought the Mulla.

"Boy!" thundered the magistrate, "You are forbidden to eat sugar, except for half an ounce a day."

The woman now expressed her thanks to the Mulla, and begged leave to ask one question.

"Say on," said Nasrudin.

"Your Worship, I am mystified as to why you did not forbid the boy to ear sugar at any of the earlier hearings."

"Well," said Nasrudin, "I had to get myself out of the habit first, didn't I? How could I know that it would take so long."

posted to SufiMystic, as collected by Idries Shah

"to let go and let god" really
means realizing that one is not the doer and
allowing a response from the heart to whatever
arises, without any attachment, fear or expectations.

some pious soul said in nasrudin's hearing: "god's
will shall be done" "god's will is always done
anyway" responded nasrudin. "oh, really? can you
prove it?" said the guy, feeling slightly affronted.
"sure. were it not so, somehow, at least sometimes
MY will would have been done, wouldn't it?" replied

- Yosy, posted to SufiMystic

So I tell you, thus shall you think of all this fleeting world:

A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream;

A flash of lightening in a summer cloud,

A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.

- Buddha

posted to DailyDharma

A self is like an old house- maintenance intense.
it requires lots of effort to keep it in shape. My
self leans unpainted, unkempt, full of holes,
the roof licks, the floor sags. My self is
crisscrossed by light's rays. That's where
the dust gathers to dance.

Pete, posted to Nondualitysalon

The Teapot

The pot in which I brew my tea
Is dented and more than a bit tarnished,
But I still enjoy the tea.
The house I live in
Needs a coat of paint and several shingles,
But I sleep well at night.
The body I use to live my life
Is wrinkled and slowing down,
But I am alive and I rejoice.

I am not the body in which I live,
I am the life itself.

- Mark

The Universe

What if someone said to an embryo in the womb,
"Outside of your world of black nothing
is a miraculously ordered universe;
a vast Earth covered with tasty food;
mountains, oceans and plains,
fragrant orchards and fields full of crops;
a luminous sky beyond your reach,
with a sun, moonbeams, and uncountable stars;
and there are winds from south, north and west,
and gardens replete with sweet flowers
like a banquet at a wedding feast.

The wonders of this world are beyond description.
What are you doing living in a dark prison,
Drinking blood through that narrow tube?"
But the womb-world is all an embryo knows
And it would not be particularly impressed
By such amazing tales, saying dismissively:
"You're crazy. That is all a deluded fantasy."

One day you will look back and laugh at yourself.
You'll say, " I can't believe I was so asleep!
How did I ever forget the truth?
How ridiculous to believe that sadness and sickness
Are anything other than bad dreams."

- Rumi, posted to truevision

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