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#2718 - Friday, February 2, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz


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Life Without A Centre:

Awakening from the Dream of Separateness

by Jeff Foster


published by Non-Duality Press


Disintegration -- 3 a.m.


No world outside; only this.


Now the words don't come, and now they do.


No control over this. Spontaneous.


It breathes, it breathes. No reason to breathe, no reason to stop.


No words for this; all words arise into this, and dissolve into this.


Nothing remains. No trace, no track, no memory.


All answers dissolve, all questions dissolve; all just energy arising, energy falling away.




Now thought does not come.


Mind is clear, like the sky. An open space.


No clouds. Only silence, only space, only this.


Cars outside. Water through pipes. Banging upstairs. The forms arise and pass, leaving no trace. Any trace is memory, any trace is dead.


Words that do not do this justice: peace, God, emptiness, nirvana, freedom. Who would want to describe this anyhow?


All philosophies fail here. This cannot be captured. This cannot be reduced. Then what is being written? Nothing. This means nothing. But it is being written! There is nothing, there is something. Identical!


Nothing, something. Something, nothing. Duality, nonduality. Nonduality, duality.


All is clear. There never was any confusion. Confusion is illusion.


Did I ever think otherwise?




So what to do? When there is nothing to do, what to do?


Do what you do! That is all.


What am I doing now? Writing. Why? Because I am. No other reason. Nothing else is possible. Only this. What freedom in that; what liberation! Nothing else is possible but this. This moment. And this. To fight that -- to demand that this be something other than what is -- is madness. Total madness. Total futility. This is perfect, simply because it can't be any other way.


No illusions. No illusion of control. There is no control, nor lack of it. Thoughts of control and lack of control both arisel; they both fall away. Only this remains. And this, and this, endlessly.....




Is this the "great liberation"? There is only that question. And the question signifies nothing. No answer is assumed, and the questions dissolves back into nothingness -- the nothingness that IS total fullness. Nothing and something are one.




Duality? Nonduality? Nonsense. God? A fancy story. Nirvana? A dream, no more, no less. All these concepts arise and fall back into the perfection that is this moment, and this moment, and this.




Is this a "state"? Who asks the question? Is an answer assumed? Is the answer in the question? Is the answer the question itself?


So let the question dissolve back into the emptiness....


This. This. Only this. Forever, endlessly, timelessly, without beginning, without end. Older than God. Prior to eternity.




Past is memory. Future is projection. Neither exist ... or don't exist.


~ ~ ~


from dialogues:


Q: Help! This is all so confusing. There are so many teachers, so many people saying apparently different things....


A: Yes, the so-called nonduality marketplace can be rather confusing to an individual trying to get somewhere! So many things to worry about: Is there any such thing as a "purely nondual" teaching? Are some teachings "better" than others? Should we "stay away" from so-called "dualistic teachings"? Even people like Tony Parsons -- he still has "meetings" and apparently "answers questions" -- isn't this very subtly promoting the idea of duality, the idea that there is "something to get"?


Yikes indeed!


The answer? This! Who is it, right now, that is confused? Who is it that may be trying to "get" something from these so-called teachings (or non-teachings!)? Is that sense of "me" arising now? Good. Nothing more is needed. That's IT. I mean it. That's IT. Liberation is JUST this: sun shining through the window, thoughts bubbling up from nowhere, sense of "me" arising and dissolving, cat screaming for food, hunger for lunch arising....just this...


...and then the thought "this can't be it!!!" -- that's the killer!


Ah, dear old "me", dear old mind. Always wanting something more. Always looking for something other than this.


Life Without A Centre:

Awakening from the Dream of Separateness

by Jeff Foster


published by Non-Duality Press


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