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#2729 - Tuesday, February 13, 2007 - Editor: Gloria Lee  

Nondual Highlights      

My Master, Ramana Maharishi, said to me,
"God is not an object to be seen, He is the subject.
He cannot be seen, He is the Seer, find this Seer."
My Heart was opened. "Find the Seer."
This is the Teaching.


"The Truth Is"
Sri H.W.L. Poonja



A single word can brighten the face

By Yunus Emre
(1238 - 1320)

English version by Kabir Helminski & Refik Algan

A single word can brighten the face
of one who knows the value of words.
Ripened in silence, a single word
acquires a great energy for work.

War is cut short by a word,
and a word heals the wounds,
and there's a word that changes
poison into butter and honey.

Let a word mature inside yourself.
Withhold the unripened thought.
Come and understand the kind of word
that reduces money and riches to dust.

Know when to speak a word
and when not to speak at all.
A single word turns the universe of hell
into eight paradises.

Follow the Way. Don't be fooled
by what you already know. Be watchful.
Reflect before you speak.
A foolish mouth can brand your soul.

Yunus, say one last thing
about the power of words --
Only the word "I"
divides me from God.

-- from The Drop That Became the Sea: Lyric Poems of Yunus Emre, Translated by Kabir Helminski / Translated by Refik Algan

Poetry Chaikhana Home

  An accomplished person does not by a philosophical view, or
by thinking become arrogant, for he is not of that sort; not
by holy works, nor by tradition is he to be led, he is not led
into any of the resting places of the mind.  

-adapted from the Sutta-nipata, translated by V. Fausboll 

  There's an online book called After the Absolute at
written by one of Richard Rose's students, David Gold.  

(It reads like a novel, quite a story so far as I've read. -G.)  

All minds are created by ego--the separative sense of "I." All
these expressions of individuality, however highly developed,
are the impulses of the force of evolution. And of these,
only the mind born of meditation is free from the latent
impressions that generated desire.

--The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 4:4-6 translated by Alistair Shearer  

  Bob O' Hearn has made a new photo gallery.  

"At the home page, there are 12 core albums, each with a
number of sub- albums within, in keeping with the core album

"Words that go beyond" puts poetic phrases within an image.

15 Verses from Gendun

(1 of the 15)  Bob posts on Garden Mystics

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