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#2746 - Friday,  March 2, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

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    Looking out the window, and this is what is seen.    


There is a land beyond thought. It is called Presence. The first time I
found myself there I was amazed. All of my sorrow had fallen away. I
could ascertain no boredom, anger or depression. Apparently they can not
make it beyond the borders. How this is I do not know because there are
no one checking your emotional baggage. And I had plenty.

I wanted to smuggle in stories about myself. A particular one I had
carried all of my life. It was about my life. Once in Presence I found
that I didn’t need it after all. The life I had told stories about
belonged to Someone Else. And He didn’t need it anymore than I did.

We called him The Man Without A Story and he was rumored to run
Presence, Population One. He was not a gunslinger or an astronaut or a
traffic cop. He was present. You might compare him to the buddha or the
Christ, but he would have none of that. Comparison lay beyond the
mountains that you had to cross before entering his land. It was contraband.

There is always a first time and I was no exception. I found myself in
this country on the worst day of my life, or so the story went. But just
as I was about to write a sentence having to do with my story, I forgot
the words. I found myself transfixed with what I saw. Everything. With
no labels. I had to just see. It was unforgettable even while I knew
there were no words.

The silence roared like the inside of a conch. The peace poured down
like water and my clothes were melting in the sun. I was a jaybird on a
branch and then the branch gave way and I flew.

Vicki Woodyard
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    Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment, by Jed McKenna  

Reviewed by Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews

This is a difficult book to review because most people won't get it. Jed
McKenna is a heterodox individual. His approach to enlightenment and
awakening are unorthodox. In his first book, Spiritual Enlightenment: The
Damnedest Thing he guides the reader through the maze of theories and
practices towards a desirable conclusion. His approach is simple, his words
direct and uncut and his methods are shameless. Oh, but how effective!

In Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment, he takes a classic piece of
literature, Herman Melville's Moby-Dick, and dissects it with the skill of a
surgeon. His carefully placed quotes by Mark Twain, U.G. Krishnamurti, Henry
David Thoreau and Walt Whitman move the reader strategically from one
chapter to the next. The conclusion he draws from the classic is astute,
logical and unsullied.

This is an unusual book by an unusual man and it requires an unusual review.
After reading both of Jed McKenna's books, this reviewer has come to the
conclusion that spiritual enlightenment or awakening is as easy as ABC. Let
me explain using the theater as my vehicle.

A Audience - Most of the world's population fits into category "A" or the
Audience. These people are happy to buy their ticket, sit in their seats and
watch the illusion play out on the stage. They have no desire to become the
actors or to direct the play.

B Balcony - Some people move from the audience into the Balcony; usually
clutching their Bibles, while expounding the virtues of religious
spirituality. People in category "B" consider themselves above those in "A"
spiritually, but are content to sit and enjoy the illusion as long as they
have their ingrained Beliefs.

C Characters - After trying the balcony seats, people often move on in their
search for the ever elusive enlightenment, to the stage where they become
Characters. Copying their new spiritual Mentors, they wear the Costumes,
hold the props and act out their own new illusion. These people feel that
they have achieved greater understanding through their Chakras, Chants and
Crystals. They think they are now Content.

D Disillusioned with the costumes and the play-acting, some seekers actually
go backstage looking to Discover a different set design, learn some new
Dialogue and Dissimulate themselves. However, these people often miss the
Curtain Calls and return to the stage "C" driven not by truth but Ego.

E Encore for the Ego or exit stage left, enter stage right, repeat as
necessary. This is where many get stuck changing costumes, learning new
dialogue all in an effort to achieve Enlightenment-Evolving turns into
revolving, a never-ending search for Euphoria. A merry-go-round as the
author describes it.

Jed McKenna's books are not for people in category "A", "B", "C", or "D".
Don't waste your money; you won't like it and you won't get it. However,
people like Julie, the student in the book who shares her Spiritual
Autolysis while in category "E", may want to see the Finale.

F Finale - In the Finale, those that jump or fall off of the revolving stage
end up in the dressing room. Facing Fears, Free of Falsehoods, Facing Facts-
layer after layer of makeup is removed only to find another layer beneath,
until only the naked truth remains. The costume lies discarded on the Floor,
the script has Failed, the props didn't work and now you must Finally Face
the Truth.

G Go, going, gone. - Running through the stage door, away from the illusion-
gone is the mystery. The seeker has awakened!

H Home - Author, Jed McKenna rose from his seat, tried the balcony, took his
turn on stage, closed the curtain, stripped off his makeup, threw away his
costumes, ran for the stage door and is safely spiritually at Home, where he
enjoys the most Important letter-

I "I" - Simple really and what a coincidence that Jed's book takes us
through Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. The story of Ahab and Ishmael, (A-I)
Coincidence? I think not!

Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment guides the reader to the realization
that being enlightened is reaching a point were you realize that there is no
"self" to be enlightened!

If you are really ready to Awaken, pick up a copy of this book today. Way to
go Jed, you did it again! Bravo!    

    Paul writes on the TheologyOnline forum (and invites responses):  

Greetings all,

This space will be for those who desire to explore the Mighty 'I AM'.....which is the eternal Name of the Living 'God'. ( Ex. 3:14, 15) This 'I AM' Presence is the One Supreme Source and IDentity of the True Self....denoting the divine Beinghood of the One Mind, One Spirit, One Self-existing Intelligence, the Center of divine Consciousness which is Self-evident as BEING.

This Mighty I AM Presence, "Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh" is the Name the Almighty revealed to Moses on the mount, 'I Am that I AM'.....the Self-existing One. Another variation of the divine Name...which 'God' said would be His Name forever, is "I Will Be" in its verbal sense denoting continuous action/will/ futuristic creation/manifestation/evolvement in the momentum of time and space thru-out the circle of infinity. Therefore....the divine Name "Ehyeh" which is 'to be'....carries the notion of this generation being born from the Mighty 'I AM' the 'I Will be'....which denotes the cycle of Be-ing and Be-coming. The revolutions of all potentials turning into actuals...and actuals continuing to become potentials in the eternal unfolding of divine Will directives, creation.

In our essential beinghood.....we derive our very existence from Original Existence which is the essence of the I AM(God-Presence or IDentity). Our connection with the I AM as our being is centered and awakened to the Mighty Presence of the One God is fundamental, foundational, all-supreme. This is our origination and God-IDentity.

There have been a host of schools amid the I AM movements where the central truth of the Mighty I AM has been emphasized thru various dispensations - I have studied some with these schools...although my insights come from a variety of schools with perspectives from my own sense of God-IDentity. Those who have followed me on TOL may remember this theosophical flavor and style...centered in the One God-Reality and Glory.....which is our true Self-being. The One I AM.

Below are some of my own insight-reflections of divine theontology (the science/study of divine Being/existence) which is centered in a non-dual intuitive vision of the One divine Reality (The Original Monad, indivisible, undifferentiated as One Singularity, One Entirety of Existence, the All). Only One Being being! This truth of ones Self is utter, inviolate and Self-evident as Absolute. It is Pure Existence,...sourced in Being and realized in Consciousness...which is intrinsic to Being.

~ ~ ~  

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