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Nondual Highlights Issue #2747, Saturday, March 3, 2007, Editor: Mark

When you first become aware of something, there is a fleeting instant of pure awareness just before you conceptualize the thing, before you identify it. That is a stage of Mindfulness.

- Bhanteji

Commentary by Dharma Grandmama :

So, it is that moment of pure awareness that is our True Nature. Let's practice just Seeing. This means we do not comment on what we see, we do not describe, decide if it is a good or bad thing to see, if it is ugly or beautiful, if it is something we want to be near or want to be away from, we just See. Tonight, look at the person you are with and just See them. Let go any judgments, let all thoughts about them float by just as if in meditation, and See. That Seeing, that Clarity, is Rigpa, is Pure Presence, is Enlightenment.

And just before we fall asleep, there IT is again! We are falling into Pure Awareness, into the Clear Light. Rest with the Great Ease.

And when first we wake tomorrow morning, there IT is again! How long can we be just there! "That" is meditation. "That" is mindfulness.

Let's all be who we really are. Why the heck are we so afraid? All this silliness we are taking so seriously is what we should be afraid of. It is alien to us. Why do you think we feel so uncomfortable when we are not aware? The suit does not fit.

Dress tomorrow in your Original Birthday Suit - unconditioned, pure awareness.

- dharma grandmother, posted to DailyDharma

You are the reality, you cannot talk of reality. The moment you talk or think of something, it is in phenomenality and therefore conceptual.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar, A Net of Jewels

The Absolute

No mind - no form - I only - exist
Now ceased all will - and thought

The final end of Nature's dance
I am it - whom I have sought.
A realm of Bliss bare - ultimate
Beyond both knower - and known

A rest immense I enjoy at last
I face the One - alone.

I have crossed the secret ways of life
I have become - the Goal.

The Truth immutable is revealed
I am 'the way' - the God Soul.

My spirit - aware of all the heights
I am mute in the core of the Sun.

I barter nothing with time - and deeds
My cosmic play - is done.

- Sri Chinmoy, posted to Mystic_Spirit

What do you want, to keep it together with your efforts, your theories and your strategies, or have the Truth sweep your life clean?

- Jeannie Zandi

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