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#2750 - Tuesday,  March 6, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

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Irish poet Gabriel Rosenstock is featured in two selections.  

The first selection is a link to an mp3 of Gabriel reading three poems in English and Irish to an appreciative audience. I think you'll enjoy hearing the poems in the spoken Irish. Two of the poems are printed below. Gabriel's transitions between poems reveal humor, commitment or surrender/bhakti, and a little bit of direct teaching of nonduality.  

About the second selection, Gabriel speaks of "Some new work in progress: Advaita-Nirguna Bhaktistyle, perhaps."  

You may learn more about Gabriel and order his books at

BLIAIN AN BHANDÉ,  Year of the Goddess  


Taoi ionam


A bhé luisneach

A ghrian gan choinne i mí Feabhra

A bhláth roimh am

Soilsíonn Tú an oíche

Titeann Tú id réalta reatha

Sprais i ndiaidh spraise

Is tá mo spéirse anois lom


Taoi ionam


You are in me

Brightest being

In sun-surprised February

Flower out of season

You illuminate the night

A falling star

Shower after shower

My sky is empty now


You are in me



~ ~ ~ ~ ~



As gach póir Díot


As gach póir Díot scallann an ghrian

Ar Do dhamhsa gan chríoch

Taobh dorcha na gealaí is geal

Má osclaíonn Tú do bhéal

Éalóidh réaltaí, canfaidh iomainn Duit

Is Tusa iadsan

Ealaí ag eitilt go gasta ar gcúl

Conas a shamhlóinn barróg Uait

Mura bpléascfainn Id réaltbhuíon?


From each and every pore 


From each and every pore look how the sun beams

On your eternal dance

The dark side of the moon is bright

If you open Your mouth

Stars will escape and chant their hymns for You

You are they

Swiftly swans fly backwards

How can I imagine Your embrace

Without exploding in Your galaxy?

The Nameless One  

Gabriel Rosenstock  

melt my desire for You
in Your desire for me

grey afternoon
a nameless bird sings
Your messages to us
who does not hear?
a single ripple of thought
now silent:
carry the birdsong
back to its source
its tracelessness

there is no name for You
nor is there form
in the now You are
which hasn't yet been named
never again will I name You
am I not, too, the nameless one?

a blackbird has found a worm
yellow beak
black plumage
pink wriggling flesh
brown earth
I am the worm
I am that
the eater
the eaten

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    

You may learn more about Gabriel and order his books at

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