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#2752 - March, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

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God Is Good

God is good, because no matter how rich or beautiful I may be, he is still my best friend. Short, quick thoughts, such as this one, have had a long, and sometimes, an everlasting influence on my life. I, therefore, decided to share some of them with you, so I sat down and started scribbling them on paper, one by one, as they popped into my mind. Before I knew it, I had approximately five hundred of these potent thoughts, or seeds, as I call them.

            I am presently introducing nineteen of my SEEDS to you, and since I found them to be with me daily, causing a profound effect on my life, I named them, FOOD FOR THOUGHT – MY SEEDS of WISDOM. With God’s help, and perhaps yours as well, they will be compiled into a book and published. That would truly be an answer to my long awaited prayer.

For me, there is no better or healthier form of entertainment than the power of THINKING


Father almighty, what cannot be the truth?


2006’s life, health and its future days will ask us, NOT where were we, but WHERE ARE WE GOING


Health must daily enter through the kitchen doorstep.


Education that lacks nature’s interference is the same as the child who has no parents.


No matter what it is that we are learning, we DO  learn, and WE WILL  make use of it.


If we were to conduct a study and have expectations of its positive, beneficial results, then we must rely on NATURE’S BALANCE as our stepping stone.


If GOD doesn’t exist, IF doesn’t exist.


What could happen to this world, if LIE did not exist? It will not happen!


I love to be criticized. That’s the time when I see you clearly, without my glasses.


“Money talks.” That’s very true. If you cannot talk, money has to talk for you.


Please help the lazy people. DON’T help them!


If you buy LOVE and WORDS, you shouldn’t claim them for yourself. Rightfully, they can’t be yours.


We can love one another, but we will not succeed to protect ourselves from each other.


If you can have it, WHO told you that I CANNOT!


No one will be able to fight off what the bare eyes are unable to see, but from the inevitable worst that will occur, nature will reap its benefits.


I believe that the odor of some herbs contains the natural power to destroy the enjoyment of some insects (without destroying any life) and, therefore, promotes the health of all living things on this earth.


World, how can one tell you, so that you may understand?




    Hey Everybody...    

Going to a Borders Store this weekend? Or Chapters or Coles in Canada?
Pick up a copy of

ONE: Essential Writings on Nonduality
by Jerry Katz

Shelf Location: Religion  > Eastern Religion  > General Misc. Eastern Religions -- Shelf L1

One: Essential Writings on Nonduality weaves

--the desire for nonduality

--the teachings of Ramana Maharshi (Edited by David Godman and approved within the context of this book by Sri Ramanasram.)

--self-realization confessions from major traditions: Sufism, Judaism, Christianity,  Native American Tradition, Buddhism, Taoism, Advaita


--the nondual perspectives of psychotherapy, education, art, and the movie The Matrix 

--and a conclusion grounded in the Heart Sutra

to present a sweeping introduction to the teaching of nonduality.


This book is a collection of diverse, sparkling, classic writings.


Nowhere else in a single volume can you find an explanation of nonduality along with writings from Bernadette Roberts, Ibn ‘Arabi, the Avadhuta Gita, Native American Tradition, the Tao Te Ching, John Prendergast, The Matrix, The Diamond Sutra, The Heart Sutra, the Kabbalah, and even architectural theorist Christopher Alexander. No single chapter in the book is available online.


This book points out what I call the worthwhile and the impossible teachings of nonduality. The worthwhile includes practices and knowings which make life better, even if it is known as life in the dream world.


The impossible teaching of nonduality is the one that says you do not exist. While there is a separate self to know the worthwhile view, no one knows the impossible. The impossible teaching is the uncompromised nonduality.


Thank you. Please send this notice to anyone or any blog or forum you think might be interested.


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