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#2776 - Monday/Tuesday, April 2-3, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz -

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The Nondual Highlights is the only publication of which I am aware that collects and publishes various expressions of Nondual Christianity. The book considered today is easy to read, and boldly instructs and reminds that you are not separate from God and that oneness is truth. Although it is inspired by Christian Gospel, this book leaves religion and traditional teachings behind so that what is left over is God and instruction and confessions on nonseparation. So is it Nondual Christianity or not? If the anthology on Nondual Christianity is ever put together, we'll have to define terms!








Gospel of One; Letters of Aul


by Clifford J. Mikkelson


From the back cover of the book:


The oneness of all life is a concept that comes from some religious and scientific theories. To some people it is only a theory; to others, it is the truth. This book takes the viewpoint that all life comes from one source whom we call God -- the eternal, infinite consciousness of the universe.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part consists of various quotes about the oneness of all life, taken from sources world-wide, ancient and new. The second, and more controversial part, consists of the letters of St. Paul, re-written from the viewpoint of the oneness of all life. It is a compelling message, direct and straight-foward. Read it and find out for yourself.

It is not just an intellectual exercise. This book is meant to help people solve the problems of the world by inspiring people to see that everyone and everything else is truly connected to their own well-being. We are all part of the oneness of God. This book will reinforce your own beliefs about the oneness of life and inspire you to live the life of oneness, or perhaps help you to consider the possibilities.





In this issue of the Highlights I'm going to type out some of the quotations from the first part, as described above. Then I am going to type out a chapter from the second part.






My self is God, nor is any other self known to me except God. --Catherine of Genoa.


Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear. --Bhagavad Gita, 18:66


In stage seven two impossible things must converge. The person has to be reduced to the merest point, a speck of indentity closing the last miniscule gap between himself and God. At the same time, just when separation is healed, the tiny point has to expand to infinity. The mystics describe this as "the One becomes All." To put it into scientific terms, when you cross into the quantum zone, space-time collapses into itself. The tiniest things in existence merge with the greatest; point and infinity are equal. --Deepak Chopra


He is hidden yet obvious everywhere. He is bodiless yet embodied in everything. There is nothing which he is not. He has no name because all names are his name. He is the unity in all things, so we must know him by all names and call everything "God." --Hermes Trimegistus


You never identify your self with the shadow cast by your body, or with its reflection, or with the body you see in a dream or in your imagination. Therefore you should not identify yourself with this living body, either. --Swami Shankara





Before I present a selected chapter, here is material written by the author in the Introduction:


In regards to all names and places in the letters of Paul, I have dropped the first letter. Thus Paul becomes Aul, a play on words to indicate that "All of us" are part of the oneness of life. And then to be consistent and to show that these letters are different from the originals, I call them "Omans," "Orinthians," "Alatians," and so on.


The letters of Aul in no way deny the living presence of Jesus, or Krishna, or Buddha, or anyone else. Jesus is and can be a personal friend, teacher, counselor, savior to anyone. His real words come to us personally. His words and actions as recorded in the Bible are only a small fraction of his life, and not all of his words and actions have been recorded accurately.


Chapter 10


This is a personal issue that I want to address. I've heard through rumor mill that I've been evasive and easy-going and even slack when I'm with you, but harsh and critical when I'm a safe distance away writing letters. I guess some people mistake my mild manners for being a pushover, but don't think for a moment that I won't stand up for the truth. I give people slack and don't force my views on anyone, but in a general letter I need to make my views clear and bold.


I know the world is very competitive. So many people still think they need to cut other people down to get to the top. It's a win or lose situation for many. But we don't live that way. We see life from the perspective of oneness. We don't manipulate people or step on them to move up higher, but our views certainly can bring down a materialistic and corrupt culture. Our powerful ability to see through the illusions of life can bring down a culture based on insufficiency, competition, judgment, inequality before God, conditionality, and ignorance. And as we bring it down we are also building up a new culture as people find new hope in unconditional love, cooperation, sufficiency, wisdom, gratitude, and appreciation for all life and the realization that we are all united in God.




I admit I might come on too strongly in my letters, but I don't exaggerate or pull any punches. The world needs this information, but the vested interests in separation criticize us at every opportunity. Once again that is slanderous talk by people who want to discredit me as well as this message of oneness. But such slander won't stand up to my personal presence. Even the pure saints get criticized for something or other. What is the point of all this comparing and grading and competing? It just comes because they are lost in the illusion of separation.


We aren't making outrageous claims for our ego's self. We are working to set you free, just as we have been set free. I don't care about personal criticism of my worthiness. I know God is in me and is worthy. I'm not out to get my personal place in the sun. If God is pleased with my work, then I'm satisfied. I'm not taking any personal credit for your progress up the ladder of wisdom.


~ ~ ~


Gospel of One; Letters of Aul


by Clifford J. Mikkelson


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