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Issue #2791 - Tuesday, April 17, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz   

One: Essential Writings on Nonduality  

The Nondual Highlights -    

In this issue a short piece by Vicki Woodyard on life's floorless room; some river nonduality by a city camper; and very cool links about all around trainer and coach Matt Thornton from nondual linkster Jess Wells.    

Saturday Night  

Vicki Woodyard  

Writing about spiritual things is an economy in itself. To rid oneself
of false gods before they make it onto the printed page is quite an
art. As Emily Dickinson advises, tell truth slant and you may have a
better chance. Take your messages from the universe and leave out a
few periods, comets and solar ellipses. Run in and out of a meteor
shower giggling like a five-year-old. Celebrate solstice with a cool
drink from the fountain of youth.

The mystery remains intact, so why try and water it down with common
sense and insistences? If God wanted us to be politically correct
about Him, would He have appeared as a burning bush. C'mon, people.
Let the dogs out and celebrate the God of all Inconsistencies. It is
no fun to be confined to an altar or a stone tablet. I'd rather be an
art gum eraser.

I tend to write without thinking, so my apologies to anyone reading
this who might take me with a grain of seriousness. I am seriously
weird, that's all. I have read one too many Rumi poems to be corralled
into a concordance of quotations. Op cit makes me op sick. Yeah, I
went to college and muddled through term papers about obscure subjects
that begged to be footnoted. I got straight A's and a life-time supply
of good references. And then it hit the fan. Everything I had learned
proved to be worthless in the face of God's crooked handwriting on the
wall of my life.

He scrawled things that only I could read. "Follow me through the
death of your daughter; the death of your husband, solitude,
loneliness and anxiety. This is just the beginning. Follow me through
AARP, a house to maintain and the sudden knowledge that you are
through with ordinary life. You are a mystic and I expect you to
behave as such. Now take off your Easy Spirits for you are on holy
ground. And so I did. Just long enough to bat out this peculiar essay
on a Saturday night. Beats a bath.

Vicki Woodyard      

from CityCamping list...  

Re: Greetings from the Baja Sonora..   

Sorry to hear of your misfortunes. It will all work out somehow. I
know that sounds lame, but sometimes all we can do is nothing. Doing
nothing makes me feel helpless sometimes and some may argue that we
should at least try to do something, but sometimes I like to sit
quietly down by the Ohio River and let the thoughts go where ever.
Something I borrowed from Alcoholics Anonymos: " If it gets
bothersome, we throw ourselves even more into helping others. "
People in A.A. are really awesome! Here they are, broke, no place to
live, people mad at em and there they are, sitting with some drunk
guy telling him he may be wotrh saving!!Awesome!! No, I dont go to
A.A., I just like there concept! No leaders, no dues or fees, self
supporting through our contributions,etc.... Same as with the Rainbow
Family. I met Ben at the Huntington City Mission a few years back. I
think he may  be a Camp "A" guy but it's all good! He was talking
about drum circles and all kind of weird stuff. I had forgoten all
about the Rainbows and was trying to live the domestic life again. I
was unhappy, discontented, and angry at who knows what! Now, I have
little to nothing. I am happeir then I have ever been! I keep on
trudging the happy road to destiny even if it dosent look like I am
getting any where! I try to look outside myself and my minor
irratations (daily life!). Good things are happening to me and you
that we may not even see because we are looking in the wrong
direction. If no one has told you today they love you, well I do!! Be
Blessed!! Peace!!

Jess Wells  

Hi Jerry,  

Matt Thornton, the fellow who runs this gym is very keen on applying nondual perspectives to martial arts and general fitness training. Apparently he is also an accomplished coach and world traveler, seems like a real interesting dude.. It’s cool to know these kind of folks are out there!                          (interesting article)  

peace, jess

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