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#2793 - Thursday, April 19, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz   

One: Essential Writings on Nonduality  

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In this issue you will find out about Rashani Rae, who is an artist, activist, facilitator of retreats, and Presence based in the Big Island of Hawai'i. You'll meet Rashani, her art, her place of retreat, and a link to Rashani's website where you can find out more. Who wouldn't want to be there, with Rashani?  


"When a woman loves a woman she understands the nature of the first altar."
--Alice Walker


"Existence is a gift from Divine Mercy, from Being itself, which allows all things to exist in their exquisite interplay."
--Kabir Helminski


"Number of nuclear bombs exploded in Japanese territory: 2. Number of nuclear bombs exploded in Western Shoshone tribal territory: 670. Within each of us, in the ground of our being ..."
--Joanna Macy


Rashani Réa, founder of Earthsong Sanctuary, has been an artist and social activist since childhood. She facilitates councils and retreats throughout the world, skillfully integrating Self inquiry, mindfulness practice, deep ecology, shamanism, and creativity.   As part of her personal healing journey, she has recorded 14 audio cassettes and designed more than 300 unique greeting cards in celebration of the diversity of world wisdom. Earthsong has been her home since 1992.  

The Earthsong Sanctuary

Welcome to the Big Island of Hawai'i. With 21 ecosystems, this island is a unique, living wonder. Earthsong is located at the southernmost part of the island in Ka'u.

Earthsong received its name from a Maori elder in the early 90's. Na Mele O Ka Aina means "Our Song of the Earth." Many who visit this land have discovered their true song, whether audible or silent.

Earthsong has been co-created by hundreds of hands and hearts; devoted friends offering their skills, gifts and insight. Landscaping, planting and building have continued since 1984. The vision here is constantly changing as we compost, mulch and harvest the inner and outer gardens.

This three acre chrysalis has held many lives as they journeyed through old stories, unravelling painful beliefs and debilitating symptoms to discover portals of awakening. And others as they grieved, celebrated, remembered a forgotten piece of their essence, learned to chant in Hawaiian, to cultivate presence, or how to milk a goat or build an octagon... Others come to experience walking meditation, waking at dawn to sing in a candle-lit cave, to dance in moonlight, or how wondrous it is to plant a tree, to remove one's defenses and dishonesty, or simply watch a flower open.

Earthsong has been described as a Dharma-Gaia sanctuary, a Dreamtime refuge, and a Taoist retreat. An ongoing process, Earthsong is an example of love made visible through creativity, Spirit, joyous work, and focus. This is a place where labels fall away and the suchness of things becomes apparent as one's authenticity is revealed.

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