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Highlights #280

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Michael Read:

*A realized person? As in, what is

To become realized one must meet the
following ten requirements:

1. Ten years study of zen buddhism
2. Five years study of Tibetan buddhism
3. A deep understanding of Thomas
4. Able to channel akashic records
5. Able to manifest miracles
6. Transport self to alternate dimensions at will
7. Quote vast passages of Ken Wilbur from memory
8. Studied under no less than five living Perfect Masters
9. Have 10 past lifes as priests and or priestesses
10. See no difference between self and a pile of shit


Peace - St. Michael the demented - who figures that a 10% score
qualifies, as long as it is the right 10% ;-)

Greg Goode:
> 32 characteristics of Enlightened Ones.

Jerry Katz:
32 characteristics of saloners

> ... Here is
> a list of 32 characteristics of Enlightened Ones. I've posted it in the
> past. Each characteristic is something that has been stated, claimed, or
> laid down by a teacher or school or aspirant as a criterion or
> characteristic of enlightenment.
> It's a concept of course! And I don't know of any other concept in the
> entire spiritual endeavor that has a wider variety of opinion surrounding it!
> ===========================================================
> 32 Characteristics of Enlightened Ones
> ===========================================================
> The abbreviation "EO" is used for Enlightened One, and
> if a pronoun is needed, the feminine is used.

> It is a wonderfully inconsistent and incomplete list!
> ===========================================================
> 1. There's nothing the EO *shouldn't* do - everything
> she does is spontaneous and Right.

Everything the Saloner does is spontaneous and suspect.

> 2. The EO never has sex.

The Saloner never gets sex.

> 3. The EO never gets angry.

The Saloner never gets angry when he gets sex.

> 4. The EO never leaves the place where Enlightenment occurred.

The Saloner never leaves the place where nuts are served
with the beer.

> 5. The EO had free will, but lost it.

The Saloner had a coupon for cents off on Kraft dinner but
lost it.

> 6. The EO has no emotional responses.

The Saloner gets emotional over a thumb tack.

> 7. The EO has no more mind/body consciousness.

The Saloner has no more cable television.

> 8. The EO has a mind, but it is non-reactive.

The Saloner has mind, but he is busy showing he has no mind.

> 9. The EO has no more mind.

The Saloner has no more rind.

> 10. The EO knows she's an EO.

The Saloner knows she's a Leo.

> 11. The EO has no consciousness of being an EO.

The Saloner has no consciousness of having been out Saturday

> 12. The EO actually is actually not an O at all.

The Saloner doesn't understand this.

> 13. The EO knows that the ego is carried in the blood,
> not the brain.

The Saloner is getting bored with this.

> 14. The EO is in constant knowledge of the Beloved.

The EO is in constant knowledge of the Saloner.

> 15. The EO is in constant contact with ascended masters.

The Saloner is in constant contact with his attorney.

> 16. The EO, being Consciousness Itself, has the siddhi powers
> to manifest anything she wants in this world. Only her
> restraint and good taste keep her from exercising this
> power in a crass and show-offish way.

The Saloner has no such restraint or good taste.

> 17. The EO must have been born in India to a Brahman family.

The Saloner must have been born in New Jersey to a
dysfunctional family.

> 18. The EO has transcended each and every one of the 172 levels
> of consciousness.

So has the Saloner.

> 19. The EO constantly sees a blue pearl at their forehead level,
> during waking, dreaming, and deep sleep.

The Saloner constantly sees a pearl onion at forehead level.

> 20. The EO doesn't need to work for a living.

The Saloner doesn't need to work for more than $6 an hour
for a living.

> 21. EO's are always teachers.

Saloners eat teachers for breakfast.

> 22. EO's never need to apologize.

Saloners always apologize for sending posts that are meant
to be private.

> 23. One is not an EO unless everyone agrees.

One is not a Saloner until everyone disagrees with them.

> 24. The EO doesn't like heavy metal, rap, or country-western
> music, because these come from the lower chakras, whereas
> classical music comes directly from the Self, not filtered
> and distorted through the lower chakras.

The Saloner is into country line dancing because it comes
from the Dolly Parton chakra.

> 25. The EO is God.

The Saloner is a thread on God.

> 26. The EO can't be recognized except by another EO.

The Saloner can't be recognized in a scan by Jerry.

> 27. The EO can tell you what happens during deep sleep.

The Saloner can tell you happens during deep sleep if his
pajamas are wet and sticky in the morning.

> 28. The EO doesn't spend very much time in the Internet.

oh shut up

> 29. The EO is happy all the time.

The Saloner is sappy all the time.

> 30. The EO is outside of time; other people are still in time.

The Saloner is outside because he forgot his keys at the
place where nuts are served with beer.

> 31. The EO has no preferences.

The Saloner can't figure out how to configure his

> 32. There is a fragrance of patchouli that emanates from the EO.

There is fragrance of nuts and beer that emanates from a

back to the saloon,

Dan Berkow:

You speak of me as
one who can be born and die.
I have no outside,
I have never been born.

You speak of me as something
to be realized.
I am no something; I am
not the subject or object
of a realization.

Your search for me in the realm
of birth and death is testimony
only to endless folly.

Seeing, thinking, touching
always the seen, thought, touched.
I will never be known this way.

Time is being wasted.
Even one centimeter of time is more precious
than all these books of wisdom.
Waste not time in vanity,
as vanity leads endlessly astray.
As you point to others' vanity,
you are hopelessly mired in your own.

Senses cannot touch me,
thought cannot think me.
Speak with hollow words
your assertions about me.
Why vex oneself about this?
There is sufficient strife
in this world as it is.

Listening for me with an
outer ear, how will I be heard?
Endless proclamations cause all kinds of germs
to fly through the air.
The wise blow their nose before having to sneeze.

For those who seek me,
I am an endless puzzle.
One who is still,
has never left.


John Kidd:

hark.....hark cried the woman of the wild......
as into the air she tossed her child.......
the snow, the snow, the beutiful snwo...
oh how i like to play in the mud
jack...........the old hippy

Gene and xan:

A core wound is a memory in chronic and extreme
contraction. It is the impetus for automatic and
self-protective behavior. By slowing down to look into
this hard knot of reactivity with an assisting therapist,
it can be seen for what it is, and the
static energy pattern can begin to move. Freedom is
reached through this seeing and through compassion
for oneself.


Hi Xan...

Yes, well done. "Chronic and extreme contraction" is an excellent description.

I intended to illustrate the consequences of the repressed
information being compressed, IE, the effects of 'high-speed
playback'. The unwelcome yet attention-getting 'shock' of this
experience is indeed felt to be a blow or assault, and those in the
vicinity or those in memory at the moment are usually given
responsibility for this jarring experience.

When our internal landscape is planted with these buried landmines,
the experience of living with oneself is often unpleasant. It is
common for one to blame others for their own explosions; "Don't make
me go there!".

In this scenario, 'spirituality' is often enacted as 'tiptoeing'; and
those who stride boldly, are thus characterized as arrogant and
foolish. As Marcia correctly pointed out, it is contact with our own
buried and unwanted knowledge, which can be our fuel for expansion,
if we let it be so.

Sudden experience of contact with unwanted information can result in
disorientation; reaction is to cling to the familiar. It is ironic
that what is used as the 'life-preserver' results in sinking even
deeper. Those who fail to keep their heads above water, become one
with the sea upon which they have much preferred to sail. Those who
drown in this way, have first-hand experience of 'it all being self'.

Thanks Xan,

==Gene Poole==


My take on it is that God fragmented Himself and we are all fragments
of God. I believe that we collectively make up God the Son or Christ.
I believe that God and we will not be whole again until with free will
we choose to give up our individual identifies. This is conjecture for
I am not enlightened and do not know. I believe that identity with
awareness or enlightenment is the first step. One must know basic math
before calculus can be mastered.

Gloria Lee:

While you are conjecturing, try on this way of looking at out interconnectedness
with God and one another. Rather than "give up" our identities.. just as in
every true human union of heart and spirit.. this does not enslave, obliterate,
or neutralize the individuals it brings together, if anything it
super-personalizes them!! More freedom, more space to become who I am, intimate
knowing..a true welcoming and treasuring of you as you. This is the gift of
union in our best human relationships, why not with God as well? The paradox of
how union differentiates is more to be experienced, not explained.

Yeah, yeah.. I know the ego fears this obliteration, let's get past that..I am
talking after that, who you really are.
That Oneness.

Love Glo


I think of thought as specific to the mental center. The
emotional center feels and the body senses. Awareness
in all three centers is being awake.


~ Then there is thinking mind, feeling mind and sensory mind.
There are also more subtle energy levels of mind in which
one awakens.

However, to me awareness in awareness itself - no mind - is being awake.


Old Hag:


Hard to attach a label to what remains, eh? Sorta like trying to paste a
label on #1,365 in a school of guppies, just when you think you got one,
it slips away! Can't hold on, ya know? Am "i" male/female, nerd/hippy,
diva/gypsy, Buddhist/Hindu, Tara/Sita, Sanders/Chodron, Roberts/Gere,
oh/dg, American/Tibetan, stupido/seer, crickety bag/chicky babe, amrita
nadi/old hag? I AM! hohoho....and so it goes.

And besides i am shy.

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