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#2807 - Sunday, May 6, 2007 - Editor: Gloria Lee  

One: Essential Writings on Nonduality    

Nondual Highlights  

Today we are going tubing for some fantastic music and videos, so hang on. Or keep this one for when you have some time, truly all are very worthwhile. (In case you are new to this, you can make the video full screen by clicking on the small square in bottom right hand corner of video.)  

  You are truth from foot to brow. Now what else would you like to know? -- Rumi, from 365 Nirvana, Here and Now by Josh Baran

  With some realization comes imperceptibly, but somehow they need convincing.  They have changed, but they do not notice it.  Such non-spectacular cases are often the most reliable.
-- Nisargadatta
  Mark Scorelle posted to Wisdom-l

    Since the seed does not contain anything other than the seed, even the flowers and the fruits are of the same nature as the seed: the substance of the seed is the substance of subsequent effects, too. Even so, the homogenous mass of cosmic consciousness does not give rise to anything other than what it is in essence. When this truth is realized, duality ceases.

-- Yoga Vasishtha

From "Teachings of the Hindu Mystics," 2001 by Andrew Harvey


by Bob O'Hearn

  The Choral Symphony, including "Ode to Joy," was Ludwig van Beethoven's ninth and final symphony. When it premiered in Vienna on this date in 1824, Beethoven himself co-conducted the orchestra and chorus. He was already deaf by this time, and witnesses to the event reported that Beethoven — apparently several measures behind the performance — continued conducting the piece even after it was completed, not stopping until a singer turned him around so he could see the audience on its feet, thunderously applauding.

Quote: "Everything will pass and the world will perish, but the Ninth Symphony will remain."
Mikhail Bakunin  
Beethoven - Ode An Die Freude / Ode to Joy #2
08:11  Just Listen version on YouTube


  The understanding that everything is illusive is not the final
one. It is an essential stage but only a stage. Ultimately you will
understand that the form and separateness of a thing are illusory, but
the thing-in-itself is not. That out of which these forms appear is
not different from them, hence Reality is one and the same in all
things. This is the paradox of life and a sharp mind is needed to
perceive it. However, to bring beginners out of their earthly
attachments, we have to teach first the illusoriness of the world, and
then raise them to a higher level of understanding and show that the
world is not apart from the Real. That Thou Art unifies everything in
essence. But this final realization cannot be got by stilling the
mind, only by awakening it into full vigour again after yogic peace
has been attained and then letting its activity cease of its own
accord when thought merges voluntarily into insight. When that is
done, you know the limitations of both yoga and enquiry as successive
stages. Whoever realizes this truth does not divorce from matter--as
most yogis do--but realizes non-difference from it. Hence we call this
highest path the "yoga of nonduality." But to reach it one has to pass
through the "yoga of philosophical knowledge."

--Paul Brunton

    — Notebooks Category 25: World-Mind in Individual Mind > Chapter 2: Enlightenment Which Stays > # 116

Mark Scorelle posted to Wisdom-l

  Aum Shanti 
  Ben Hassine on GardenMystics  

Shortcut to Nirvana  

I loved it too, Aum Shanti - Did you happen to see the movie - Shortcut to Nirvana - Aum Shanti had the feeling of that movie - here is a link below. When I read online about Shortcut to Nirvana, I wanted to see it so I emailed the director if he knew if he was coming to MN. It turned out that about 6 months later he would be there. He had no one in particular to hook up with in MN so we planned to meet. I brought my very good sadhana buddy ( for her birthday) and my sangham of about 7 of us and we met with him after the movie for dinner. The director is Italian and spoke for about 15 minutes before the move began which competed with the movie - he was such a complete delight, with his accent, telling how he payed for the movie with $60,000 of credit cards, a story of going for the gusto. His arms and hands doing as much as his mouth.

Here's the link to the trailer:  
  by Susan Lucey on GardenMystics

by Ben Hassine on Garden Mystics  

New Milarepa Movie    

Milarepa depicts the humble beginnings of the man who was to become Tibet's greatest saint.

A true story based on centuries-old oral traditions, a youthful Milarepa is propelled into a world of sorrow and betrayal after his father's sudden death. Destitute and hopeless,he sets out to learn black magic - and exact revenge on his enemies - encountering magicians, demons, an enigmatic teacher and unexpected mystical power along the way. But it is in confrontation with the consequences of his anger that he learns the most.

Photographed in the stunning Lahaul-Spiti region of Northern India, Milarepa offers a provocative parallel to the cycle of violence and retribution we see consuming today's world.

see trailer here:  

by Susan Lucey on GardenMystics

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