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#2823 - Friday, May 25, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

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photo of book cover of Black Buddha: Changing the Face of American Buddhism  

Why they come, leave, or stay . . .
A must read for all of us:
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"Rangdrol’s Rainbowdharma was created to be a tool of intentional inclusion in American Buddhism."  Pluralism Project at Harvard University, August 2006

"I wish you the best in your mission." Jeff Hitchcock, Executive Director Center for the Study of White American Culture was established to provide a welcoming environment for Buddhist people of color and to promote Buddhist approaches to racial, religious, and economic healing."
Vassar College.

Being a Buddhist woman of color living in Maine, I hunger for information about these issues."
June Thornton-Marsh, LCSW Multicultural Counselor.

I am here for one reason: to wake up.

This leads to a very simple life where one sees more and more clearly
that less is more.

When disaster strikes, the structure blows up or away, but what is
left is space. Not my space but His Space.

Humility is born in these against-our-will testings. The anger and
rage are seen for what they are: useless.

What is left is silent space in which the universe is seen to blossom

The mystery shall never speak but demonstrate in a mysterious way for
those who are waiting and watching.

There is a smile not visible on the physical face.

It is the smile of the bodhisattva.


Vicki Woodyard

Thank you Vicki,

For bringing the Universal Heart (for me personally, the Heart of the
Mother) into this discussion.  I often feel too many who wish to
awaken do not wish to tread near this "heart" for fear of the
pain-of-separation it might evoke.  The smile of the bodhisattva
dissolves that fear, and all other illusions of the mind.  The heart
of awareness beats each time one's own heart beats, and does not judge
if the blood coursing from one's heart nourishes a mind that ignores
the heart.  But if the mind can but for a moment bow to its heart, oh
what a wonder is revealed!


Hi Vicki,  

I wrote this early this morning, just getting out of bed.  I feel echoes of your piece "I am here..." in it:   Perhaps what I fear most right now is that one day I will by lying on my death bed feeling I have wasted my life...full of that regret.  Or perhaps what I fear most is stepping out of the mold of the easy...the expected.   Perhaps I fear where that would take me.  It is no longer about what God expects of me, for I believe if God exists, then God does not expect anything more than the living, breathing moment as it is.  God inhabits the moment.  God is my life, my living, in this moment.  It is I who seem to have if I am separate from if God is not moving my pen across this page.  It makes no sense...and it can't.  God is too big for making sense.  But that does not answer what to do with fear and expectation.  That does not answer how to live...for one must live.  No, is not a matter of "how", is it?  It is occurring...It is happening.  But what blocks longing from meeting its completion?  I make no sense anymore.  What block?  Oh, silly child, what block keeps you from being what you already are?  What is it you are looking for that you do not have?  Youth?  A chance to start over?  A chance to do it right this time?  God is bigger than that, too.  How do you know all of what you are?  How do you know how the story is supposed to turn out?  How do you know all the possibilities with which the Universe plays?  Listen to the river of your longing to be free.  Listen...and know the river exists within...flows within...a bigger context.  Limitation is a story the mind tells itself.  Seeking a way out is a game.  It's set up that way.  It's supposed to be that way.  It's what Life does, when it it's doing that.  So what do you do with your life?  Listen.  Listen to the depths.  The answer exists always within the question...and it is happening.  Pay attention.  You are here as a witness.  So witness.  Observe.  Behold what small portion of the glory of God you are able.  Be grateful.  Don't you enjoy being grateful?  Go with what you enjoy.  Follow your heart.  Don't strain your heart to be what it is not, but let it take the lead.  You will find it enough.  When you feel like you're forgetting, or that you've forgotten...just know that's the way it is sometimes, too.  Perfection is written by an Author greater than your understanding.  Return as the prodigal, wayward humility.  There is nothing wrong with a little humility.  Accept yourself back into the Heart you never left.  


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