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#2834 - Tuesday, June 5, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nondual Highlights

One: Essential Writings on Nonduality:    

A long issue. Well, one article is long. We begin with a sparkling essay from Vicki Woodyard.  

Then we consider Mount Shasta as a guru, just like Arunachala was considered a guru by Ramana Maharshi. The Mount Shasta piece is long but beautifully written.  

Then there is an announcement for a course in nondual Judaism being held by Jay Michaelson in August.  

Finally, we have saved the best for last: the winner of Wilson Award for excellence in indexing, 2007.    

Folding the Mind  

Vicki Woodyard  

Fold your mind up and put it in your pocket. You may have to use a
number of creases to get the job done efficiently. Just work with it
and see how easily the mind can be moved from one place to another. I
usually fold mine four times, but I tend to be obsessive about such

Got it? Once your mind is in your pocket, you are free to make another
observation. Your mind doesn't care where it is located; it can still
get to you. It can still see that you are having a bad hair day and it
will tell you from your pocket.

Oh, it's no good moving it to another place. I have tried that. I have
put mine in the freezer just to shut it up. It spoke to me in frosty
terms, saying that I needed to lose three pounds, all in my waist.

I am open to hearing your ideas about places to put your mind. If you
have ever had your mind in the gutter, you are probably aware that
isn't a good place for it to be. It comes into contact with sewage and
rubbish. Yuck.

Once I put my mind on hold, just like "thought-waiting." It managed to
back things up until I couldn't decipher a word that it was saying, so
I had to feel things instead. Big mistake. Have you ever felt a
thought of being unloved? It isn't pleasant at all.

I have tried starving my mind, but anorexia of the mind is utterly
deadening. It grows thinner than thin and taunts you with the
knowledge that it can die, but not in a good way.

There is only thing to do with the mind and I am right on the brink of
telling you....but you already know. It has something to do with
fashion...think "see-through." I wear mine with comfortable slacks and
a pair of sneakers.

Some people think that the things I write are silly. That is because I
keep my mind in the funny papers as much as I can. Sometimes I even
put it on the TV so it can look at me and I can look at it. Better
than cable and much cheaper.

This essay was written from my back pocket and was constructed
entirely of lead-free ideas and can be recycled, deconstructed and
eaten for breakfast as it contains six grams of fiber.

Vicki Woodyard

    At the web page, Michael James writes:

"In verse nineteen of Aksharamanamalai [Ramana Maharshi] explicitly states that [the mountain]Arunachala shines as the form of his Guru; and in the same verse he reveals the function of the real Guru, namely to destroy all our defects, including the root-defect, the ego, to bestow all good qualities upon us and to rule over us. In many of his other verses Sri Bhagavan has clearly indicated that the role of Arunachala is the role of the Sadguru."

Satsang is the company of truth, whether that company be a person or a place. If we can accept and understand that the mountain Aurunachala is Sadguru, can we accept that other mountains may serve in that way?   In the article below, Mount Shasta is described as a Guru and information is given about it. If you were going to visit Ramana Maharshi, Adyashanti or Nisargadatta, you would want to know something about them (you don't have to, but you may want to), experiences people have had in their presence, where they are located, what time to meet with them, perhaps how to regard them, and other points of information.   In the article below, details about Mount Shasta are given. You may find some of the details important to you, and others may not be imporant. Similarly, if you were going to visit Adyashanti, some details about him may be important to you, and others would have no significance to you, although they may be interesting.   The following is from the Compassion13Hz_Earth2012 list:  

June 2007 - The Magic of Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta - Multidimensional Portal
By: Tyberonn

Northern California is the perfect road trip, and this one began for
me on a bright sunny day. I love to drive. Always have. I can really
relax behind the wheel, enjoying scenery, far away from the office
grind. Time to think, and that's why I came.

The road from Sacramento to Mount Shasta passes miles and miles of
fertile farm fields and fruit groves. I had rented the kind of car
that was perfect for rolling past flat stretches of highway and
convoys of groaning harvest trucks. I eased the windows down, and
breathed the fresh cool air. A light rain had fallen earlier, and made
the air pungent with the distinctive musty aroma of wet soil.

Time flowed by seamlessly as I tuned the radio to classic rock..the
Almond Brothers, "Eat A Peach". Good idea. I pulled over to a roadside
fruit stand and bought fruit so juicy you needed to eat them outdoors.
I didn't. Soon my pants and car were stained with fragrant juice. The
sweet bouquet of peaches & plums filled the car as I continued north
across the winding blue Sacramento River, a crossing I would make five
times before I finally left the river behind, at the foothills of the
Cascade Mountains. Life was good.

Past the River, the terrain rolled into succinct golden domes of
yellow-grassed hills back-dropped by a jagged spine of steel gray

Finally the first indication I was getting near my destination. I felt
the energy shift as I drove over Lake Shasta's long arched bridge.
Then the amazing Castle Craig's.and suddenly, voila..Mount Shasta !
Amazing Mount Shasta.


Mount Shasta exudes and energy quite unlike any other 'sacred site' I
have visited, and I didn't expect that, not really, not at first. I
have come to describe the sense of it as 'zipped space' a sort of
dimensional shrinking of space into condensed pockets of concentric
overlay. That would explain the higher dimensional ET occurrences
there, as well as the etheric cities neatly pocketed within the zip.

I drove onward thru Shasta City on Interstate 5 to Weed, and exited
for Stewart Mineral Springs. Stewart Mineral Springs is the perfect
place to stay when in the energy of Shasta. A sacred site in its own
rite, I had stayed there on three previous trips, while attending the
Lightworker Espavo Conferences from 2001 thru 2003. What is both
unique and glorious about the place, is of course is the natural
mineral spring baths & spa. Not just the white silica springs used for
the thermal baths, but also the red, iron rich spring the bubbles up
alongside the white one. To my knowledge, Glastonbury, England is the
only other area in the world to have both a white ( male) and red (
female) spring, side by side. It is an amazing place of rejuvenation,
complete with a huge wood burning sauna, and a crystalline creek to
jump into afterward. Amazing, and so healthy and invigorating.

In fact, the entire Shasta area is embellished with 'mini' sacred
sites that seem to circulate around the massif crown of the volcano.
Castle Craigs, Glass (obsidian) Mountain, Medicine Lake, Klamath
Falls, Dunsmuir's Hedge Falls, Shasta Springs, Crystal Cave, Black
Butte, Mossbrae Falls, McCloud Falls, and of course, Stewart Mineral
Springs are just some of them. Each has a unique energy that
contributes to and balances Shasta. No wonder people are drawn to this
land of myth and legend. The myths & legends are fascinating.

And perhaps, where there's smoke, there's fire.or at least magma!

Certainly volcanoes have been revered as places of spirit for
millennia. Beyond the indigenous peoples, certain sects of Buddhism
and Hinduism also consider volcanoes as living deities.

The Medoc and Shasta indians consider Shasta to be the home of
Creator-God. Over one hundred spiritual sects and groups have been
attracted to the Shasta area in the past two centuries. The legends of
deities and presence on and within Mount Shasta include the Ascended
Masters, the Lemurian Telos City, the Hopi Lizard People, an extra
terrestrial base from Sirius B, Saint Germain, and White Eagle. Groups
based & people drawn to the area include the Radiant School of Light,
Astara, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Pepper Lewis, the California Zen
Buddhist Abbey, Sri Sri Parvoo, A.S.S.K., the Essenes, Edgar Lucian
Larkin, the Saint Germain Foundation ("IAM"), the Azariah group, and
the White Eagle Lodge. Many well-known authors, artist, channels and
metaphysicians are drawn to Shasta.

Mount Shasta:

Mount Shasta is a dormant volcano in the southern extremity of the
northwestern Cascade Mountain range, or the northern reaches of the
Sierra Nevada Mountains (depending on geological sources) in northern
California. It rises majestically to over 14, 400 feet, and as such is
the largest volcanic peak in the lower 48 states. Mount Shasta is a
stratovolcano and has the largest base ( over 500 cubic km) of any
volcano in the continental USA. It last erupted 200 years ago, and
still produces on average, 5 small earthquakes per year, for the past
25 years.

Revered by Native Americans as a deity, Shasta is unquestionably a
very mystical and powerful place of spirit. According to Kryon,
Shasta, not Sedona, is the most potent vortex in the United States. I
have spent considerable time in the energy of both, and while I am
deeply drawn to the magnificent ancient energy of Sedona, Shasta is a
more powerfully centered energy, and exudes an extremely robust,
sovereign magnetic field.

September 2001 - Up to Panther Meadows:

The first time I drove up the winding road to the holy mountain's
Panther Meadows, was five years earlier (with a dear sister, Lesa
Michel) in route to an Espavo conference channel with Steve Rother. It
was September of 2001, 4 days after the infamous 9-11.

Shasta's magnificent energy increased tangibly as we drove higher. The
energy felt like home, and was expressed in the resplendent
countenance of nature. The towering spruce and pines that lined the
serpentine road were exquisite projections of everything a tree can
be, fully pulsating in symmetrical allure; embellished with iridescent
lime green moss on the trunks. As I drank in the energy, I was moved
to tears. To say the experience of being with 70+ Lightworkers on the
mountain was magical, is an understatement.

The area of Panther Meadows is a concentric overlay of all twelve
dimensions; a subjacent earth-drawn stasis of the Crystalline grid
into a perfect inward portal. It is exquisitely and uniquely balanced,
utterly and wholly woven into an eclectic tapestry of time-space
sequence, a pristine dimensional plicature.

Its complexion evolves into a majestic rock garden as the tree line is
ascended. Magnificent monolithic boulders of granite and quartz are
strewn about in igneous forests of towering vibrant stone of every
shape. The living stones sing in the voice of the mountain, emitting a
symphonic chorus of metamorphic rapture.

Is it any wonder to the adept seeker, that author Guy W. Ballard,
entered a dimensional fold along these very slopes, and encountered
the "Ascended Master" Saint Germain. Ballard paused one day at a
mountain spring in 1930,along Shasta's slopes, and felt a mesmerizing
'electrical' current pass through his body.and was suddenly in the
presence of Saint Germain. This experience, of course led to his
founding of the IAM movement and the Saint Germain foundation, still
headquartered in Shasta City. Saint Germaine, as I was to discover, is
the among the guardian energies of Shasta.


The year 2005 was a major transitional journey for me. My 26-year
marriage had ended, and because of it, I had dedicated months to deep
soul searching and life review. I lost weight, and felt great despair,
and I searched vigorously, purposely. I had released a lot of pain and
regret, as I sought to redefine my life and my direction. Although I
had been in metaphysics for almost 30 years, I understood the change
in my life had not been ambiguous, but despite being a great catalyst,
it hurt. I had been blessed with many soul-friends and helpers through
the shift, but ultimately, the path of understanding is solitary. That
was a big part of why I was here in Shasta.

Lucid Dreaming

It has taken me almost a year to write of this experience, and as I do
so now, I feel both the relevance and highly personal nature of it. It
is an example of the dichotomy of spiritual revelation that perhaps
other seekers experience, while living in two worlds, and trying to
balance them. I remain somewhat reluctant to share the entirety of
this experience, and I do so with the caveat, that this vision was, on
one level, a dream horizon played out in a very real setting. It was a
waking, symbolic dream. But I can no longer acquiesce to the pragmatic
side of my nature that dismissed the fantastic experience as only a
dream, because I was able to consciously navigate within it, and learn
from it, and on that level it is personally valid. These dimensions
exist, but they cannot be fully realized without experiencing them
oneself. It was the disciplines of the Native American traditions,
practiced for seven consecutive years in vision quests, prayer fast
and earthdance that had formed a prerequisite springboard enabling
this experience.

Tyb's Journal - July 2005:

It is almost sunset and although it is early July, the air is cold.
Beds of alabaster snow still block the road to upper Panther Meadows.
I am with Israel, master soul, and my spiritual mother of many lives.
We park the car at Bunny Flats, and fumble through the backpacks in
the trunk to find parkas and ponchos.

We pause to feel the energy and watch the crimson magenta of the
sunset morph into burning orange and peach. It's too beautiful to
watch on foot. We find a smooth boulder and sit in silent reverence as
the sun dips below the western horizon.

Once white clouds are now sky borne silhouettes, deep blue, etched in
silver. Venus, the evening star emerges brightly above the fading
montage of the spectacular sunset. Other stars are beginning to wake,
slightly pulsing, sprinkled across the dark velvet canopy above.

We stir simultaneously from the hypnotic spell of the twilight. It is
now dark, and the energy has shifted. Crickets and tree frogs twir and
croak in modulated percussion, starlings sing from distance, a snow
owl coos from the trees. In the music of night, we silently rise, and
walk by starlight up the rocky path into the meadow above.

Shasta at night is teeming with devics. I saw flashing peripheral
movements from the corner of my vision, as I focused on walking the
rising footpath. It was really dark now, moonlessly dark! The wind
shifted to the east and had an icy edge as it flowed down in waves
from Shasta's snow covered peak.

We carefully chose our footing as laterite pebbles crunched beneath
our hiking shoes. After a brisk 30-minute walk, we parted from the
trail, and walked into an opening in the meadows of Bunny Flats. The
stars above were now fully exposed, and afforded a subtle silver light
on the valley floor as we treaded over rises and falls. We found a dry
crevice and walked through it until we came to long felled tree trunk.
We laid our backpacks down, and sat a few feet apart in silence, to
begin our merkaba mediations and shamanic journey. We offered prayer
songs and offerings in the Native American modality, honoring the
directions, the earth, sky and creator. We honored the energy of
Shasta, of all beings, and asked permissions to be here in grace and
humility. Israel and I spoke for a few moments, then silently, began
our journey.

I lay flat on the still warm earth, and stared in amazement at the
incredible starry universe above for what seemed a timeless eternity.
Meteorites occasionally streaked across the sky.

My Vision on Shasta:

The night was getting colder, as I lay on the ground and stared upward
at the amazing starscape. After a time, I closed my eyes, and to my
delight, I could still see the stars. I felt like I was flying among
them, my telltale signal of being in lucid state. Timelessness
pervaded, and minutes seemed like hours within that sensation.
Suddenly I sensed a powerful presence. I was overwhelmed with emotion
as a cloud of beautiful energy, purple and gold enveloped me. It was
beautiful beyond words, and I felt I was in the presence of an Angelic

I wept in deep yearning as the energy embraced me. The tears were
cleansing, and trapped emotions leapt for expression and release. I
felt so at home, so at one with the energy. This loving presence &
embrace, and its resulting emotional purge lasted about 45 minutes (as
close as I could interpret time from that state). As it ebbed, I
slowly sat up & came back into my body , in revelry and amazement,
still emotional. I glanced about in the darkness in silence. I soon
heard a distinct voice instructing me to visualize my merkaba, and to
see it spin, and to tell Israel to do the same. I did, and we began
the visualization.

Almost immediately, the purple energy reformed, and then materialized
as Saint Germaine. He smiled, and instantly both Israel and I were
transported inside a massive Hall inside the mountain. We were
surrounded by the Ascended Masters. Some were like giants, some were
reptilian in appearance, some were Indigenous shaman, all exuded an
incredible love. Tyberonn was one of them. I was told to step onto a
small platform, and when I did, a sphere of spinning light was placed
onto my head. When this was done, I was given an immediate
understanding of the changes in my life, and knew their purpose. This
portion of the higher dimensional journey was experienced conjointly
by Israel and I. Israel was helping me to interpret what we were
shown. Her ability to navigate and communicate in that realm were
simply amazing, and far greater than my own. For the next few minutes
we sat in our 3d bodies side by side and with eyes closed, and
verbally communicated what we saw in the dream state, in the Hall of
Ascended Masters, inside the dimensional folds of the holy mountain.

The remainder of the night was very long and very personal. The
visions were varied and complex and dealt primarily with me being
taken into pieces of my life for review, understanding, confronting
and releasing energetic blocks. Much of this was to enable and learn
the intricate aspects of self-love. Love of self, I was told, is
essential to become 'crystalline'. It is more than just a feeling; it
is also a frequency, a key code vibration necessary to achieve the
higher levels of mastery. Love of self enables passion, to love
others. I was shown that it has always been easier for me to give
love, than to receive it. That point stayed with me and seeded much
deeper contemplation.

On the second night in the high meadows my journeys were into a realm
of geometric grids. Saint Germain was my guide, and we entered into a
realm that was like a mosaic of pentagonal tiles, superimposed over
everything. This was a living field and occasionally the tiles would
seem to open, and we passed though the aperture, into another realm of
octagonal geometry, and then a third of 12-sided tiles. Each
progression had a higher frequency. I was told that sacred geometry is
the language of the higher dimensions, and that each dimension, each
grid had a unique expression based on a geometric matrix. I asked
about my theories of grids around the Earth, with 12 dimensions, and
this was confirmed. Saint Germain laughed and said that this was only
the tip of the iceberg. The grids do not spin, but they do breath.
They are aware, but not conscious, as entities. Their geometry is
generally as described, dodecahedron, icosahedron and double penta
dodecahedron, but it is not fixed, the geometry can alter depending on
the dimension from which it is viewed. The grids do shift within their
dimensional access. I was shown parallel realities where different
aspects of my oversoul worked with these energy systems. I interfaced
with three of these aspects.

I was given a another sphere of spinning light to absorb, and told
that there were greater grids that encompassed our Universe, and that
our universe had 356 dimensions. That the geometry of the Universal
grid was geometry of light, a formless geometry, not understood by
humanity at this point in evolution. I was told that many of the power
points and grids on our planet were activated in a variety of complex
manners. That the geometry of high dimensional portals like Mount
Shasta and Hawaii are faceted, in dodecahedral and icosahedral
geometries, and perform a multitude of functions depending upon the
faceted activation, according to solar, lunar, stellar and planetary
angles in synergy with the unique mineralogy (electromagnetic field)
and terraqueous nature of each. The angle in which light is received
influences the effect and genre of energy function at grid points,
powerpoints and portals. Geometric shapes have consciousness, and are
capable of holding & organizing thought, in a similar manner as
crystals. Incredible synergy occurs when crystal fields and specific
angles intersect.

I was shown that Shasta is about alignment of life, while Hawaii for
example is about rebirth, creation. The living Earth does have 12
chakras, but these shift, and do not correspond on a one to one basis
with the 12 major facets of the geodesic grids. Each of the planetary
grids open and effect all of the human chakras, and while we often
assign a planetary sacred site as a heart or root chakra, in truth,
this is not really the case, they each effect all human chakras, but
may in specific timings or angles of activation, have a greater effect
on one human chakra than another.

The third and last night in the high meadows of Shasta was equally
amazing. The lucid dreaming came faster and more fluent. Two past life
personalities of mine presented themselves, one a Native American
shaman, and another my Atlantean self as Tyberonn.

Tyberonn, I was told, is my root oversoul, and he appeared massive, 60
feet or so in height. He was/is an Ascended Master. The shaman seemed
a bridge aspect between my current self and Tyberonn. I melded more
easily within the Native American shaman and felt I was inside sharing
his body as I walked thru the meadows in the darkness. I felt
unworthy, and was told to release that emotion. The shaman spoke of
the importance of impeccability and of applying knowledge to ones
life. Walking the talk, alignment of the higher mind to the daily
aspects of personality, as a frequency aspect of the crystalline
vibration that facilitates integrity of self and thus higher reality

At about 3 am, the visions were complete, and we knew it was time to
leave. Leaving the meadows at night was an interesting journey in
itself. Tired, and spent, it was difficult at first to become fully in
control of our bodies. It was now cloudy and very dark, and quite
cold. We felt stiff and numb. We could not see clearly to walk.
Winding our way through the shrubbery, rocks and trees was cumbersome,
and the direction out was eluding us. It was so dark, I could not see
my hand in front of my face. After stumbling, and nearly falling, I
stopped, and then , to my delight, I suddenly became the Native
American Shaman, Medicine Bear. The change was immediate. I became
energized. He exuded a vibration of serene will and safeness, of well
being. My vision transformed and the dark moonless valley was
illuminated in a strange violet light. The violet light enabled me to
walk fluidly, confidently, with Israel in tow, through the dark rocky
valley, and onto the marked entry trail. In short time we were on the
trailhead. I felt happy and grateful as I transformed back into my own
body, and the violet glow dissipated. We paused at the entrance
trailhead of Bunny Flats, and gazed over the valley, somehow reluctant
to leave. We were deeply grateful for the magic of this experience and
the gifts Shasta had facilitated over the past 3 nights. Much had been
shown, and I had much to consider. We gave thanks, walked to the car,
and drove slowly down the mountain.

The Shasta Template

Mount Shasta lingers, in defiance of society's carefully nurtured
notions of what constitutes 'reality' and what is 'fantasy'. My
experience mirrors both. Having worked as a field geologist for most
of my career, I am naturally attracted to Gaia's elements &
mountainous expressions, especially volcanoes. And while my 'day job'
keeps me quite grounded (and pressured), in many ways it has expedited
my expansion thru metaphysical journeys and allowed me to
circum-navigate the globe and visit many many sacred sites.

One pragmatic researcher writes: "Proponents of alternative realities
are not scientists and shouldn't try to be--they are artists and
mythmakers for a constantly changing culture, and should be respected
for their abilities as poets, shamans, and mythmakers. Scientists tell
us what the universe is like, and teach us about nature. Mythmakers
tell us how we react to the world, and thus teach us about ourselves.
For example, a discovery that the brains biochemistry might cause a
certain mental state satisfies no basic emotional need in the average
person. But proposing that humans can psychically 'see' people and
places across long distances inspires many of us on the deepest level.
Practically all alternative reality theories and beliefs-- psychic
powers, reincarnation, visitors from other worlds or dimensions,
Masters who monitor historical events--appeal to basic urges most of
us have, frighten us deliciously, or inspire us deeply. Most have
precedents in archaic myth and folk belief. But most times, a cup of
coffee is just a cup of coffee."

Maybe, as the Buddhist teach, the middle road is best. Allow for all
realities, but live in balance. Grounding is essential in metaphysics.
Keeping one's feet on solid ground while reaching for the sky seems to
fit the bill.

Perhaps Shasta is a portal to higher dimensions. Perhaps it is defined
by the spiritual sense of a presence when nothing in 3d is seen, a
gust of wind ruffling ones hair, when there is no wind.

What I've concluded is that Shasta (like many sacred sites and power
points) provided the template for a valid experience of multi
dimensionality, held juxtaposed in spatial timelessness. An undeniable
sense of well being, and enhanced imagination were more easily
accessed within its field.

Spirituality requires understanding and developing, not simply
acquiring the academic knowledge of metaphysical theories of
spirituality, but also the experiential process.

My key has been enacting the discipline and ceremonial rituals of the
indigenous traditions, including fasting, vision quests, shamanic
journey and earthdance ceremonial rituals. These filled my
understanding with experiential it. And allowed me to
truly know that such experience is real & is valid.

In theory there shud be no different between meditating in your living
room, than from a mountaintop.yet for this writer, on Shasta, there
was a catalystic movement, an undeniable facility, which made it a
whole lot easier to expand consciousness.

Is it the altitude, the minerals, the granite, the basalt (which is
50% silica), the rarified air, the tectonic stresses, the expectation
or magnetics? Or is it all and none of the above.

It would be dismissive to say that what happens at Shasta, is the
result of industrial slabs of anticipation served on the experiential
plates of all to eager mystics. But whatever the message, for this
writer, the engaging paradox didn't run out of allegory, just logic
and time.

One philosopher writes: "Shoot for the moon with the effectual arrows
of desire, for a mans reach must exceed his grasp, or whats a heaven
for? "

Perhaps, we are as small as the cages we construct for ourselves, or
as infinite as the cosmos, depending on the parameter of our belief.
But for those seekers that have opened, and been to Shasta and other
like sites, I am preaching to the choir. It is real, but then again,
it's only a dream .a navigable dream.

Metatron Channel:

"Greetings beloved! Now, Mt Shasta anchors a very complex
multi-dimensional over- fold, and does so through its very conscious
geometric grid, complex frequencies & unique electromagnetic field.
These allow light portals from many higher dimensions to coexist
within the Earth dimensions precisely in the massif of Mount Shasta.
Among those are the ones from Sirius B, the Pleades, Arcturius as well
as many others, and we repeat, many others. That is correct. Mount
Shasta is quite prolific in the higher dimensional communities that
are accessible to seekers, you see.

Now, Mount Shasta, as all with all infinity points upon the planet,
has a geometric projection, that defines, to a degree its nature and
purpose. The overlay of Mount Shasta is an octahedron, the double
pyramid: "As Above, so Below". This is the geometric crystallization
found in many of your diamonds. Understanding this, can assist you in
the expereince you seek at Shasta.

So you see, if you seek to communicate with the infinite nature of
sacred sites. Then it is suggested that you make an effort to
understand the multidimensional, geometric and geological aspects of
them. You must understand and accept that each infinity point is aware
of itself, fully conscious, in your terms. Your indigenous people
always asked permission to enter such places, sang songs of prayer and
made offerings....and Dear Ones, we tell you, it was appropriate. The
Earth will respond. The Spirit of Place will open itself to you. Now
truly, the Living Earth does not necessarily need the offering you
bring in a material sense, but the very spirit of giving you thus
demonstrate is one that opens you and creates the resonance of the
gifts the higher Consciousness of Place, will return to you in kind.
Do you understand ? Make it known why you are here, and what you seek,
and you will indeed feel a tingling of energy rise up your spine, and
a direct connection will occur.

The resulting experiences will open to you in ways that are beyond,
perhaps, what you expect. Trust them. They are perhaps far more valid,
far more revealing, far more valid than you even imagine. Bring forth
your greater awareness to the forefront, quiet the questioning mind.

The channel has spoken of many incredible experiences and visions he
expereinced within the energy of Mount Shasta in his article. We ask
the channel, "Do you doubt your experiences ?" These were indeed,
quite real. We tell you dreams and visions are indeed actual , they
are real, and often the catalystic means for dimensional travel. Do
not doubt them, rather learn to navigate within them.

You see most experiences in such dimensional doorways at Mount Shasta
will occur in one of two ways. Either one passes thru the doorway that
reveals itself into other dimensions, to see and feel what is on the
otherside of the gateway...or one simply waits at the threshold for
manifestations of 'the other side' to appear. The former seems to be a
vision, held in the mental eye, the latter an incredible manifestation
of a Teacher or Master into what you would term the physical world,
albeit for a brief period. In both cases, the initial tendency among
humans is to dismiss the valid reality of what occurs.

Dear Ones, you must allow the expanded paradigm to exist as more than
simply a possibility. You must allow it as a valid expression of multi
dimensional reality. As REAL ! There are far more parts to you, Dear
Human, than you truly realize, and upon the Earth Plane, you are far
far more than the sum total of your parts! Allow yourself to expand is
only a piece of what Shasta gifts to you, Dear Seeker, the other part
is up to you, and that is to accept and believe what has occurred.
When Mount Shasta offers you an expereince that is far removed from
your daily accepted reality, you are simply being shown a piece of the
greater reality. It is understandable that you might initially doubt
it, but you were shown the greater truth because you expanded, through
greater effort than you may realize, to the point where you could
perceive it. What does that tell you ? It tells you that within your
expanded perception lies the field of all probability, of all
possibility, some you inhabit, some you do not. Some of the realities
have never known biological life as you know it, some contain more
advanced life beings, etheric in nature, but not physical, yet human
in heart. There are no regimented rules that will limit the potential
of such travel, other than the blockages you would create for yourself
in non acceptance. In truth many of these realities are closer to your
true home than is your physical expereince upon the Earth. That is why
the removal of fear is an essential graduation to the higher
dimensional reality validity of what one experiences in this very real
system of growth potential.

Now, we will add, that often is the case where when humans first step
into this wider reality, that they temporarily or permanently, can
lose their 'grounding' on the Earth Plane. To remain grounded, the
human must learn to manage the integrity of the Human EMF (
electromagnetic field). One must learn how to open and to close the
awareness centers, the chakras. Was this not the lesson of the
LeMurians ? Having an out of body expereince may not be appropraite
when one is being chased by a tiger, or setting in an office doing
accounting work ! Learn to manage the system, as you are on the Earth
for certain valid purposes of the Earth, and through discernment
utilize your ability for chakric, merkabic travel, when it is
appropraite to do so. Do you understand? Do not become so ungrounded
that you are not capoable of operating within physical dimensions.
there are times when it is appropariet to have both feet solidly on
the ground, even in this Ascending New Age of the Earth.

Now, the channels interpretation of Shasta as condensed, zipped space,
is quite accurate. You see a cubic measure of space in the upper
meadows of Mount Shasta holds upward of 36 dimensional frequencies, at
certain times as many as 44. It is the blend of energies, varied by
celestial alignments and terrestrial magnetics that trigger the
variation. Shasta is far more active in some periods than others for
this reason. Dimensional gates open and narrow accordingly. When one
learns through intent and determination to increase vibrational
frequency into the merkabic realm of crystal resonance, then the
doorway is open, or accessible, in your terms. Do you see? Not
everyone who visits Panther Meadows will access these portals and
doorways, but all those who are capable of increasing their vibratory
rate to that of the crystalline frequency, will indeed. It has always
been such in infinity points, stargates, if you will.

Now, the channel asks of the origin and significance of the energy
body of Mount Shasta. We confirm that he, Mount Shasta, is Lemurian,
but also Atlantean. And although the volcano itself is somewhat
dormant at this time, in terms of what you consider volcanic activity,
in dimensional terms it is very expansive, very active. Currently,
Shasta is in commissioned transition, in the task of balancing energy
harmonics that exists between Atlantis and Lemuria. And for that
reason it is a Lemurian area and yet an Atlantean, masculine volcano,
twinned with parity to the femine.

Do you understand? It is significant for both Atlantis & LeMuria. You
see Mount Shasta transfers energetic excesses from one to the other,
seeking equilibrium within integral dimension. That is what creates
such dynamic charge in this area. It is why one becomes dimensionally
enabled & energized upon that mountain, you see?

Now while the lands of LeMuria and Atlantis co existed for over
800,000 years, in your terms of time measurement, their civilizations
co existed only some 50,000 years. One projected heart the other mind.
One was excessively male one excessively female, in a manner of
speaking. Can you see why these must be brought into BALANCED
alignment for the Ascension? Do you understand that in a very valid
sense, all time on your planet co exists in multi dimension? So we
tell you that Mount Shasta is in a special role to blend these, to
attune these in multi dimensionality, and accordingly Shasta is very
specifically in harmonic oscillation with your islands of Hawaii, and
Mount Fuji in the Pacific areas, and with the Santorini in the
Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic, the former hold
aspects of LeMuria, the latter of Atlantis. Do you understand why it
is volcanoes, specific ones, that are capable of such commissioned
undertaking on your planet? We tell you it is because of the
dimensional expansion capabilities of their electromagnetic fields.

Now it is not every volcano that is so endowed, we will say that this
varies according to their placement, geo magnetics and consciousness
embellishment. There must of course, first be the correct frequencial
potential of sufficient raw energy there, and it must be of a specific
blend. Now, as the channel has an affinity for gems, we use this
analogy: one can find a rough diamond that appears to be a mere carbon
deposit, but if it is burnished, and proves to contain clarity and
symmetry, it can be polished and faceted into a gem of luminous beauty
that refracts light and energy in wondrous ways. As such do volcanoes
and other sourced power points evolve into the awareness of
dimensionally expanded sacred sites. But the energy potential was
there first.

Now indeed when what you might refer to as a great historic event
occurs in a field or valley or mountain, and multitudes of people are
thereafter drawn there to visit the location of the great event, the
energy they amass can also polish the location to a higher frequency,
and a sacred site of sorts will evolve by amplification.

But it is not just the raw telluric energy, not just the geometry, it
must also be embellished with the sacred. And that is so
misunderstood. Your mainstream physists, mathematicians and scientist
currently have many concepts, many systems of thought, of belief, of
paradigm that are being applied to physics as simply a complex
mathematical challenge, but they omit the sacred. The two must be
coupled for human kind to truly understand the nature of the living
Earth and consciousness of the Cosmos.

Now, many have expereinced the inner dimensional, etheric city located
within Mount Shasta that is referred to as Telos. Dear Ones, we tell
you it is indeed real. It is inhabited by an advanced cycle of those
you term LeMurians, the blue skinned, ones who have obtained full
consciousness. Some of your explorers and writers have expereinced
this inner world and referred to it as Agartha. These beings
originally escaped into the inner hollow chasms of your planet some
25,000 years ago, in your measurement. Indeed, these beings of
LeMurian descent are far more highly evolved in spirit than you are at
this time. There bodies are, as I have said, less dense, but are
indeed physical. Their skin has taken on the hue of green and in some
cases a green blue, because the water they drink is highly mineral in
content, containing oxidized copper and other metals in a higher
concentration. These beings are peaceful, knowing no religion other
than the love of source, and an understanding of what is termed great
tranquility. They are quite aware of you, but have no desire to
intermingle with the masses of humanity. Why you may ask? Because of
several reasons, the most prevalent is that they are aware of your
violent nature, your fear and your lack of mass spiritual development.
They are aware of your physical diseases that would infect them, and
are quite unable to sustain your solar rays. Let us say they have
evolved into beings that have set a unique course, and are close to
completing their sojourn. There bodies are sustained by a crystalline
magnetic force, and of a light source that is emitted from your
planetary core. Their mental capacities have allowed them to harness
these force fields and adapts them to their physical and spiritual
sustenance. Their mental capacities have adapted to emit an internal
light into the external, and as such the chasms they create are as
bountiful in beauty and light, etheric light, as the most beautiful of
your mountain valleys on the exterior.

In dimensional terms the Agarthan city of Telos has its existence in
both the physical and etherical realm. In physical it exists just
above the level of the third, and measures some 20 miles in length, 3
to five miles in width, with a ceiling of approximately 2 miles. Thus
it has been expereinced by many of your adepts in human biology,
through the mechanism we will refer to as 'lucid dreaming'. We will
add that such expereince is by invitation only.

There has indeed been contact between the inhabitants of the inner
world and your governments, but not an intermingling. There have been
messages of the need for the human race on the surface to be aware of
the coming changes. Those of the inner world are primarily on a set
course, a different cycle, and one that is close to completion.

Now above the dimension of four exist the light city above Mount
Shasta. Within this realm are many of those you refer to as the
Ascended Masters and certain of the benevolent extra terrestrial
beings, such as the Pleadeans and those of Sirius B. Now would it
surprise you to know that many of you have co existing lives within
all of these realms? Would it surprise and overwhelm you to know that
many of you are extensions of omnipotent consciousnesses that you call
the Ascended Masters. Your biology in its dual nature separates you
from this knowledge until you learn to operate the 'back brain' or
subconscious nature of your being. Has this not been the way taught by
your Buddhist and other adepts for millennia, to quiet the conscious
mind and thus find your true nature? Those of you that have chosen to
evolve with the planet in human biology have done so on an exercise of
choice, to fully grow and master the expereince of Planet Earth. You
are much closer to do so than you truly realize. And when you pass
into higher dimension, you understand that a physical existence upon
the Earth is just a heartbeat of time from the higher realm.

Beloved Saint Germain has chosen Mount Shasta as one of his homes of
interface with your planet. His presence is easily accessed upon the
peaks and in the Valley of Upper Panther Meadows and surrounding
slopes. He is indeed an Ascended Master, and one who can be termed as
'modern' in many of his expressions. Modern in that he has had a
variety of lifetimes manifested on your planet within the past
centuries. Some known as such, and others not. The Ascended Masters
are a group dedicated to assisting humankind achieve Mastery on the
Earth, and have anchored light cities in specific points on the Earth
Plane for the dissemination of their energies. Mount Shasta is one
such point. As we have said in the beginning of this communication, it
is the magnetic nature of Mount Shasta that provided the raw template
to enable the dimensional fold for higher dimensional influx into your
terrestrial template.

The channel has asked if it is necessary to physically be in such
infinity points on your planet to access these Masters. We tell you
that it is not. The most potent infinity point you carry within your
heart Dear Ones. But let us say, that access can be more easily
obtained within these points.

So you see, what is made available to you on Mount Shasta, is a
glimpse into the infinity of who you really are. Shasta opens the
dimensions as a peacock opens its fan of blue green feathers, and for
an eternal moments shows you the depth of your true the
time you are ready to see it. And Dear Ones, it takes desire, desire
and work to truly see who you are. You chose to Master the expereince
of Planet Earth, and you are well on your way to doing so. Open you
heart to what it can reveal to you.

We tell you that Mount Shasta is by far the most powerful sacred site,
the most omnipotent vortex-portal complex in North America. Few
locations on your planet have equal capacity of multi dimensional
expansion alloyed in divine synergy. You are Beloved"

.....and so it is

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distributed and shared with acknowledgement of author & copyrights.
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Everything is God, So What?



Jay Michaelson

Registration Info

The Texts and Practices of Nondual Judaism

August 13-19, 2007

If you spend time in the spiritual world today, you've probably heard people say that "everything is God," or that God is Ein Sof, without end — even filling the atoms of your computer screen.

For many of us, this offers a promise of liberation, but, after the thrill wears off, confusion as well.  Was God in the gas chambers too?  And if God is everything, what's the point of doing anything? 

In this unique class, we will explore Jewish texts on Nonduality, from Maimonides' Guide to the Perplexed to the Zohar, Moses Cordovero to the little-known teachings of Rabbi Aaron of Staroselse.  We will compare these teachings with those of Tibetan Buddhism and Advaita.  And we will balance the study with practices of contemplation, inquiry, prayer, meditation, and a nondual approach to the mitzvot to cultivate a boundless awareness, omnipresent, always available, and, in a sense, the most obvious thing in the world — even though it's really hard to say anything about it. 

If you've had some exposure to Kabbalah, Hasidism, or nondual Buddhism, come deepen your understanding, practice, and realization.  Be prepared for surprise: enlightenment is not what you think — and neither is God.

This is an Afternoon Class

During the Masters of Contemporary Kabbalah Week August 13-19, 2007


Jay Michaelson is a teacher of Kabbalah, spirituality and Embodied Judaism, an adjunct professor at City College, and has taught at the Skirball Center, Yale University, the Burning Man festival, Makor, and many other institutions. He holds an M.A. in Religious Studies from Hebrew University, holds a J.D. from Yale and B.A. from Columbia. A finalist for the 2003 Koret Young Writer on Jewish Themes Award, Jay's recent work includes God in Your Body: Kabbalah, Mindfulness, and Embodied Spiritual Practice, as well as numerous articles in the Forward, the Jerusalem Post, and Zeek, which he edits.



In some of my book reviews and elsewhere I have mentioned the need for good indexes for the genre of nondual spirituality. Shambhala Publications insists on excellent indexes for their books. For the second printing of One: Essential Writings on Nonduality, I have written what I think is a fine and useful index. It may be read at I do think there is a relationship between a quality index and how seriously a book (and a publishing house) is taken.

If you want to see a great index, read the winner of the H. W. Wilson Award for excellence in indexing, 2007. (Yeah, they even give awards to indexes.)

Recipients of the H. W. Wilson Award

2007 Do Mi Stauber for her index to The Self-Possessed: Deity and Spirit Possession in South Asian Literature and Civilization, by Frederick M. Smith, published by Columbia University Press in 2006. Based on years of intensive research, Frederick Smith analyzes Indic literature from all time periods and over a hundred ethnographies, identifying several forms of possession. Kay Banning, speaking for the 2007 Wilson Award Committee, commented that Do Mi Stauber’s index to Frederick Smith’s complex work has a strong conceptual base, with well-developed headings and a solid network of cross references. The thoughtfully phrased subheadings have a narrative flow, appropriate for the run-in style of the index. (from

The index is inside the book located here:

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