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#2844 - Friday, June 15, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz
The Nondual Highlights -    

    Pleased to announce a new free online book and a new non-commercial website. This book is only 30 pages long and includes photos, tables, and several color figures depicting the teaching in graphic form.    

Self Enquiry: Postulate and Practice   Taught by Bhagvan Shri Ramana Maharshi   And   As Understood by Me:   Biraj Singh Thapa   Read the entire book at  

Excerpt from the Preface:

The Author happened to encounter the electromagnetic radiation of Maharshi’s grace through his teachings in the books by Mr. Brunton and then by Mr. Godman, some three years ago. He was not even a beginner of the “beyond rational thinking”. As he went deeper exploring into the subject matter, he realized that Maharshi was putting into words his own experiences and was just removing the obstacles to point the right direction where others were entangled. Nothing new was Maharshi saying to accept, nothing insecure to the rational mind was he urging to contemplate upon. Only a message he added to the normal living is, to be aware of Eternal, Self evident and Changeless being, which is ever at the background of every conscious act and remains shining alone even in the absence of ordinary consciousness. As this awareness gets self focused all the old rationalization gets uprooted and a new viewpoint of life with entirely new destination shines forth, without any conscious effort.

A mature rational mind with all the mental tendencies directed outwards in the materialistic pursuit resists resolutely for turning inwards. But lucid are his words and inescapable are his arguments for any degree of resistive mind. More is the logical mind, harder would be his hit to the conscience, and deeper would be the effect.

Typing these letters as they are surging up to consciousness from unknown zone, the author is being filled with joy to reflect the understanding and experience, by arranging the seemingly equivalent words. As approaching to end, he feels it still is not what he intended to share. And now he understands how limited the words are, and certainly he needs to have a direct experience of what he is talking about, before sitting down to share with others… 

Having already written the following pages he takes it as an opportunity to expose his ignorance and get it scrutinize under the direct light of knowledge from the illumined ones. Ignorant can never identify the ignorance, so does he need the guidance of the wise one to point out the ignorance and bless with opportunity to rectify the miss understandings and undergo the first hand experience of Reality. Let us hope this article could, at least, serve as the bridge for that.

It may be possible that these pages could transmit some of the teachings of Maharshi to the beginners and grow interest in a rational mind to have further readings, understandings and the direct experience of the ultimate Reality by the personal effort. It may require few revisions to the first time readers of Maharshi’s teachings, to grasp the point being elucidated.



June 2, 2007


Biraj Singh Thapa

Kathmandu, Nepal

[email protected] 


Read the entire book at

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