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#2858 - Friday, June 29, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz
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Longtime contributor to nonduality communities, Yosy, sent the following to Nonduality Salon a couple days ago:  

you and i were never born.
i and you will never die.
"you and i"
is just a dream
in eternal

and the one is truly


The following is an article about Yosy, sent to me by ts. I print it mainly for the photo. (If you can't see the photo, please visit the link given below. You should see it!) Yosy has had medical setbacks very recently, but we hope he is on the way to renewed strength. Few speak as simply and strongly as Yosy, and in that way healing comes, through simple knowledge that harnesses intelligence for the body.

September 26, 2005

Interview with an old hippy!

September 26th 2005



Today, I had the chance to speak with one of those individuals who have inspired and lead change- Yosy Flug. Yosy immediately won everyone over by sharing some delicious local pastry with us. Hmmmm mmmm. All crew were very appreciative.

Yosy is described by folk in the area as a 'local hero'. Hero, for some of his past diving exploits, in '76 he completed the deepest dive in the world at the time and he was one of the first local divers at Sharem-El-Sheik. Unfortunately in 91 Yosy was paralysed in a diving accident and one of the hardest things he ever did was getting his toes to wiggle - a feat that took two weeks of sheer concentration. Yosy is up and about on his feet these day, although not as sprightly as he used to be and less able to dive.

This is not the only reason Yosy is considered a local hero.


In the early 90s there were government plans to sell off Jaffo port - to change a charming ancient port that has survived from the bible, survived Napoleon, a Turkish and a British occupation into a sterile commercialized zone. For Yosy, Jaffo port is special as somewhere that Arabs and Jews alike sit together as equals, something he attributes to fishermen and sailors all being equal against the elements at sea. Not to be beaten Yosy worked to pull together a local movement with Environmental and other organisations to demonstrate against the plans.

And boy, did they succeed.

A decision was taken to preserve and renovate the port. In addition legislation was changed for all to ensure that citizens are made aware of plans in advance.

The fight goes on to make the municipality rather than the government responsible for the port and to bring back some of the life to the area, as many residents and restaurants left when the earlier plans were announced.

Yosy acknowledges that bringing about change take years and needs all people to work together. Yosy has a vision of all the different organizations working together to bring about real holistic change. He thinks that people in Israel (and the rest of the world) need to work together to support the weak and the poor to make a healthier environment and at the same time the environment has to be protected as it is the poor and the week that suffer when we exploit our environment.

And how does he think this will happen? There are already signs of movement. With the hurricanes Katrina and Rita people have started to wake up to the dangers and urgency of climate change and again it is the poor that are suffering. Yosy strongly supports the work of Greenpeace activists in taking a stand to wake people to the realities that we are causing in exploiting our environment.

Donna Mattfield


    Mace Mealer writes:    

On a day when spring was giving way to summer, and all the students
had been sitting under some pine trees listening to lectures for a
long time, they said, "Sun Wukong, in what life did you earn your
present destiny? The other day our teacher whispered to you how to do
the transformations to avoid the Three Disasters. Can you do them all
yet?"  "It's true, brothers," said Sun Wukong with a grin, "I can do
them all. In the first place, it's because our master taught me; and
in the second place, it's because I practised them hard day and
night." "This would be a good time for you to give us a
demonstration."  At this suggestion Sun Wukong braced his spirit to
show off his skill. "What's it to be, brothers? Tell me what you'd
like me to turn myself into." "Turn into a pine tree," they all said.
Sun Wukong clenched his fist, said the magic words, shook himself,
and changed into a pine tree. It was truly

Green and misty throughout the four seasons,
Raising its upright beauty to the clouds.
Not in the least like a demon monkey,
Every inch a tree that withstands frost and snow.

  From  Journey To The West


Hello Jerry


I have just released my new book The Mind of Consciousness. It has been written in a textbook format, providing the readers with an experiential understanding of the non-duality-duality conundrum. However, it is written is a language that does not use that definition. The book uses the terminology of restriction and non-restriction, which is easier to work with as I have discovered readers or listeners can easily relate to that terminology, as they can apply it directly to their lives.


As you are aware, it can be a trying process to experiential know the mythical string tying duality to non-duality is indeed both real and non-real simultaneously. Walking upon that mythical string, knowing it both exists and is an illusion; neither defending nor attacking either can be tightrope act without a rope. Hence, the book develops new experiential terminology to overcome the difficulties of that conundrum. It begins by outlining all the variables for the greatest developmental struggle of them all, understanding how the non-biological primary ‘I am’ reality (non-moving consciousness) interfaces and functions with the biological created secondary ‘I am this or that’ reality (creating the moving mind). The interplay between non-biological consciousness and the biologically created mind constructs the stage for our greatest challenges, dilemmas and dramas. That interfacing reveals the hidden design within personal existence as the interplay forges the evolution of individual consciousness, literally forcing individuals to participate within that journeyless-journey whether or not they know they are participating or want to participate in that adventure. 


To achieve an experiential understanding of what moves (mind) to what does not move (consciousness) the first four chapters evolve an intellectual foundation, using reproducible logic, with the remaining chapters defining practical processes to experience that foundation. The combination unveils practical and experiential procedures allowing the reader to define his or her existence in relation to the source of their existence. The result of that action reveals the intent of this book, and that is to provide a direct pathway for each to experience a personal connection to however one envisages the source of creation, and is achieved without beliefs or constructs of any kind. This is ‘touching’ what cannot be physically ‘touched’, which is learning how your primary ‘I am’ reality can directly experience the ‘I AM’ of creation. Walking upon that pathway is a personal choice that no one anywhere can force another to do. You either do or do not. There is no in-between.


Having great intellectual knowledge is obviously beneficial to life. Gaining a personal connection to the source of life is the life of that life and intellectual knowledge, no matter how profound, will never reach the core of existence with the use of incorrect tools. Knowing what tools to use is an elemental aspect of the book.


One of the many reasons for writing this book arose by observing how our present civilization is gradually polarizing itself, establishing isolated exclusivity, containing the potential to destroy in the guise of preserving. The book The Mind of Consciousness was in part written to combat this rise of barricaded isolation, as isolated exclusivity – in all its forms – will undoubtedly have a deleterious if not destructive effect upon a potential progressive civilization. From an individual perspective, this gradual and insidious separation appears impossible to halt, even though most can witness the potential negative results of that self-created isolation. The content of the book is an individual attempt to prevent those negative events from occurring.

Ray Morose


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