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#2866 - Sunday, July 8, 2007 - Editor: Gloria Lee  

Nondual Highlights  

Jim Dreaver sends word of his new book.    

Dear Friend,

Well, after seven years, the book is done and you can read about it below... then go to the website, to read even more of the book.

I thought I was done with it three years ago, but then I had my personal 'catastophe,' three strokes over a period of five months, which really knocked me on my ass. It took about a year to recover. Meanwhile, because I could not physically do much, I had a lot of time to think and just be. I became a whole lot more relaxed in general, and thus the book took on new life, new energy.

And here it is, the essence of my teaching, as simply and as clearly as I have been able to write it. I would love it if you would support me by buying a copy online, which you can then print out or read on your desktop, perhaps two or three pages a day. Maybe I will sell enough copies that I can then do a printed version, and make it available to bookstores, and on, etc.

I won't guarantee that reading End Your Story, Begin Your Life will fully awaken or enlighten you, but I will guarantee that if you devote yourself to embodying the simple teaching and practice, you definitely will become freer, more awake, and more present.

love and blessings to you... and enjoy the read!


PS... If you save this email, then once you have read the book, you can cut/paste the information below, add a personal note, and email friends and others on your list whom you think would also benefit from reading the book.


"This is the real deal. Such a beautiful teaching. So lucid and clear."

Erich Schiffmann, yoga master, author of

Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness

"Awakened people are not defined by their personal history, or any other story about reality. If they are defined by anything at all, it is the timeless beauty, vibrancy, and creative energy of this moment now. They honor the past, they keep an eye on the future, but they are always right here, fully appreciating and flowing with whatever is happening now."

--From the book

End Your Story Begin Your Life is an inspiring, life-transforming guide to the depth of inner freedom that is also known as awakening, enlightenment, or self-realization. Through his words and his presence on every page, Jim Dreaver invites you to shift from the limited perspective of the ego, of "me, myself, and my story," to experiencing the whole of life from the global perspective that is your true nature.

You have a story, in other words, yet you are not your story. What you are is the spacious, all-seeing awareness, the luminous consciousness, which sees, which creates the stories, and which is reading these words right now.

In this book you will discover the revolutionary practice that allows you to step back with your awareness and gain an immediate sense of release from stress, anxiety, and tension. You will also learn to...

•     Experience a deep sense of peace and well-being that shines on its own, that doesn't depend on circumstances or conditions of any kind.

•     Find your identity in being itself, in the beauty, love, and creative energy that is your real nature.

•     Tap into your true purpose and use the power of thought and intention to accomplish it.

•     Honor your desires, feelings, and emotions without being controlled by them, and without creating any story or drama around them.

•     Learn to welcome problems, challenges, and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning.

•     Live in increasing gratitude for the gifts, blessings, and lessons that come your way.


Jim Dreaver, a native of New Zealand, was on a spiritual quest for twenty years before finally discovering the inner freedom that is his true nature. His gift is being able to deeply connect with people and transmit, through the power of his presence, the authentic taste of that freedom. He lives in Sebastopol, California, and travels widely to share his message.

He is also the author of The Way of Harmony, The Ultimate Cure, and Somatic Technique.

End Your Story, Begin Your Life is available as a 165 page pdf download for $10.95. Click to preview book and order.

Esalen Institute workshop with Jim

During August 26-31, 2007, Jim will be presenting a workshop on the teachings of End Your Story, Begin Your Life at Esalen, located in Big Sur, California. To sign up, call Esalen at 831-667-3005 or visit their website at and type ‘Dreaver' into the search field.

For more information, you can also visit Jim's web site at

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