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Highlights #287

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VERB all Communication - consider THE

there is no confirmation, just
ambiguity many interesting

Do "we" feel desires as we just
continue to let go of
everything regarding the possible
motives of the other in
this (rare) scenario... one is wise to
NOT make any
consensual reality. You know what I

Ask yourself if you are missing
anything by being
excluded and you are certainly getting it…there is no
mixing of levels. Hint: To think 'this is the
equivalent of' and then to act, is to mix metaphor with
reality, and to be pretending that metaphor can become
reality. This is an example of the verbotten 'mixing of
levels' (as metaphor queen I can verify this absolutely)

'Doing' is automatic on the level that you describe, and
thus it is not really considered 'doing' but instead,
'just reacting'. (where are the semantics police when you
need them?)

If a person has a motive for 'doing', that 'doing' will
either be accomplished via legitimate OR illegitimate
means. The temptation to move and do, must be resisted,
if the means of doing and the outcome of doing, are

'Doing' is possible, but as you know or suspect, one must
really be 'in the clear' to be able to do, without
creating a world of hurt for oneself in the process
designed to produce a series of 'shocks' which will cause
the sleeper to at least stir, if not snap awake long
enough to say... "stop bothering me, and leave me

Post-enlightenment practice can be summarized with one
word: " Brahmacarya" which has to be in thought, word and
deed. A clear "first recognition" will make it like
child's play.

Know thyself … Back to the ocean... the content seems
so real that one isn't sure if its a dream or not.

As "we all know", "you" can't just say to "somebody",
take note of what is happening,

Each question leads to an answer, leads to another
question. Each assertion leads to a different assertion,
leads to a question,

Night roars
With mysterious engines
Visitors with messages

Hope to see you there sometime... it does flood the
whole being and there's no more trying to dam it up... no
more destructive surge.

Power VS Force equation

Come into the equation …summed this up correctly? The
basic concept is this:

_1 Power is 'all that there is' and the highest power is

_2 Power and force 'are the same thing but in different
phase', like
water and ice. This is not really an accurate analysis,
but one must
be aware that power and force interchange in predictable

_3 Force is the moving form of power.

_4 The use of force is the expenditure (giving away) of

_5 Abiding in power is to limit the use of force.

_6 The application of force is the transferring of that
much power
to the person who the force is applied to. This can be
seen in the
application of martial arts, such as Aikido and Judo. The
force of
the attacker is taken and used as power by the defender.
A skilled
martial artist who uses this principle is not only
invulnerable' to attack, but also will never be attacked.

Essentially, this seems to be an immutable law of the
Universe. It is also consistent with the Tao Teh Ching
and Taoism.

If one understands this principle, many doors can open.

Using this principle, it is possible to transfer power,
force expended by one, is received as
power by another.

What is visible here, is that the use of force is tightly
by the Living Universe. It works out to be a learning
experience, and
those entities who do not learn, perish, and thus take
their genes
out of the pool. This inevitable event is leading to a
awareness of the Power VS Force equation, as the living
members of
our species have less tendency to misuse power, due to
the deaths of
those who have misused it in the past.

To abide is to be aware of the potential of power and
force, and the balance which results from
the correctly implemented application of this awareness.

Power-Exchange is what is happening in cooperative human
ventures, in
which each individual benefits by the participation of
each other
individual. We can each feed each-other, we can each
share and become stronger and wiser. Everyone
can learn to walk in balance. The fatal bugaboo is the
socially encultured habit of resentment.

I, as consumer, demand a false face

start to feel the beginninglessness of the thread, and
its endlessness as well

This afternoon I walked along a clifftop on the edge of
the sea in the fog and a strong
onshore wind. Gulls soared into sight, almost near enough
to touch then were almost
immediately gone in the fog. I could see the constant
small shape adjustments they
made to their wings in the turbulent air. The fog blew
over the cliff edge in strands
and swirls and chunks. Back from the edge the spruce and
fir trees were fragrant and
dripping and buds of this year's new growth were just
starting to swell on every
branchtip. Everything was permeated by the sound of the
surf and the wind in the
trees. It was all live energy at play.

There is only absorption in All That Is.

The Who is too limiting a container for Love.

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