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#2873 - Monday, July 16, 2007 - Editor: Gloria Lee  

Nondual Highlights    

Some reports on how the media (mainstream or not) presents spirituality are in this issue. If you are still wondering what's all the fuss about "The Secret", I ran across a link where you can view the entire movie.  

  It's not about getting way from our imperfect selves toward some
perfect selves; this is about just simply allowing all to be as it is
until all battles fall away and we're just left shining, no more
perfect than we ever were in this me, and yet this perfection shines
through us. All these improvement projects to perfect this
tacked-together piece of doo-doo we call the personality that we think
we need. If we get that a little bit better looking then we'll attract
bliss. No, it's about it just crumbling down out of disrepair. And
then what's left is just this emptiness, and out of the emptiness
shines the Beloved.

- Jeannie Zandi

      Dearest Friends,  

John from Cincinnati ~  

If you haven't had a chance to see this new series on HBO, then check out these clips. It's one of the most vibrant and innovative tv series on television today. It explores image, ego, spirit, and what that means to human beings, individually and collectively. It'll blow your mind. Nonduality and the larger spiritual viewpoints being offered to the public at large, the folks at HBO are breaking ground on the inevitable, revealing what's already being offered through the internet, and bringing the profound teachings we may take for granted, to the mainstream viewing audience. Love and forgiveness are main themes of this show. Compassion and understanding are there, too, and in abundance, side by side with the darker, very real, psychologically-damaged side of humans and their relationships with one another. The human psyche and the human heart are revealed ... and then they are healed. It's a must-see tv program. Here are some youtube clips about it, after the Angela of Foligno quote ~  

"God presents himself in the inmost depths of my soul. I understand not only that he is present, but also how he is present in every creature and in everything that has being, in a devil and a good angel, in heaven and hell, in good deeds and in adultery or homicide, in all things, finally, which exist or have some degree of being, whether beautiful or ugly. I also understand that he is no less present in a devil than a good angel. Therefore, while I am in this truth, I take no less delight in seeing or understanding his presence in a devil or in an act of adultery than I do in a good angel or in a good deed."  

~ Angela of Foligno    

John from Cincinnati    

Making of John from Cincinnati  

A wonderful interview about the making and ideas involved in "John from Cincinnati"    Bilocation, levitation, revelation, contemplation, emancipation, liberation .... take a walk with John from Cincinnati every Sunday night on HBO, 'cause who knows, all of those manifestations and explorations just might be unfolding before you, just for the mere 'becauseness' of it.    

From Bernadette Roberts:  

The Path to No-Self, What is Self and The Experience of No-Self states:

"My view of what some authors call the "unitive stage" is that it begins with the Dark Night of the Spirit, or the onset of the transformational process - when the larva enters the cocoon, so to speak. Up to this point, we are actively reforming ourselves, doing what we can to bring about an abiding union with the divine. But at a certain point, when we have done all we can, the divine steps in and takes over. The transforming process is a divine undoing and redoing that culminates in what is called the state of "transforming union" or "mystical marriage", considered to be the definitive state for the Christian contemplative. In experience, the onset of this process is the descent of the cloud of unknowing, which, because his former light had gone out and left him in darkness, the contemplative initially interprets as the divine gone into hiding. In modern terms, the descent of the cloud is actually the falling away of the ego-center, which leaves us looking into a dark hole, a void or empty space in ourselves. Without the veil of the ego-center, we do not recognize the divine; it is not as we thought it should be. Seeing the divine, eye to eye is a reality that shatters our expectations of light and bliss. From here on we must feel our way in the dark, and the special eye that allows us to see in the dark opens up at this time."


"See God, Kai."

~ John from Cincinnati 


Loving You,



Ed.note: Episode summaries and surfing. HBO: John From Cincinnati

The homepage of the official website for HBO's John From Cincinnati.   

The Narrow Path ...  

Note: The above film contains images which may be disturbing to some viewers.      

        LoveAlways,   Mazie

    "The Secret"   Full movie may be viewed here. (No endorsement intended nor implied.)      And more videos... 

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