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#2881 - Tuesday, July 24, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz   

The Nondual Highlights -  

One: Essential Writings on Nonduality:    

    Four announcements and one blog entry entitled Integral Theory v. Non-dual Theory.    

    Dear Jerry,

I remember reading the website of a young guy who had realised; it had a series of articles, poetic, and lot of love in them. Unfortunately he passed away early. Since then, his website seems to have gone defunct; unfortunately i can't get it thru net archives as i dont remember his name or site's name.
only clues: he was in his late twenties or early thirties when he died; he had settled down in canada, in the woods, and doing some humble work for a living; in fact he spoke of living on 6000 dollars a year!
as i remember, after his death, his website seemed to have been hijacked by some people who never mentioned his name, claimed to have jointly owned it.
his name ended in 'son'...peterson. harrison..
maybe charles was first name..
would you have a clue? he seemed so full of love
[name withheld]   editor's note: I can't think of who this person is, but it sounds familiar. If anyone can help, either respond to this email or respond on the Nonduality Salon forum.    


Hi Jerry, I've visited your site many times, and I was hoping to share with you a bit of what I do as a means to give back.

          Thanks you for this moment.


Editor's note: This is a beautiful site. Saybian is a writer, photographer, director of music videos, artist, designer. Samples of all these talents are presented on the website.

"There is nothing out there, that is not coming from within."

"Saybian.Tv Inc. Spiritual Visual Inspiration, Devotional Nonduality in service of Gloria in Excelsis Deo! Self Realization radiated into the consciousness of mankind."


David Spero writes:  

Zeitgeist: the Movie  

Well worth watching the entire movie, nearly 2 hours long & free! This is a great film, don't miss it!        


The first East Coast Radiant Mind course: the effortless way to nondual presence
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In response to strong demand for an East Coast course we are please to announce that
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If you are interested in participating in this course we strongly recommended that you
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Peter Fenner for the Radiant Mind team.

Integral Theory vs. Non-Dual Reality

Posted on Jul 17th, 2007 by David Sun : Philosophical Counseling David Sun

I know I'm going to say something very controversial to the Zaadz community majority but the integral theory has nothing to do with ultimate realization.

Wei Wu Wei puts it beautifully:

Of the many earnest, and how earnest, people we may observe reading, attending lectures, studying and practicing disciplines, devoting their energies to the attainment of a liberation which is by definition unattainable, how many are not striving via the ego-concept which is itself the only barrier between what they think they are and that which they wish to become but always have been and always will be? - Why Lazarus Laughed, by Wei Wu Wei

One cannot strive for what one already is.

Advaita understanding states there are no objects, people, ideas, conversations, healings, techniques, meditations, practices, holographic imprints or what have you that will bring you 'closer' to an illusory awakening.  These may be useful in transforming the person and I'm not knocking them because they may have personal benefit but little to do with understanding reality.  

You may ask,”Well ,who am I to speak as the authority over the brilliance of someone like Ken Wilbur, Andrew Cohen and others who support and have created integral theory?”   I speak the truth when I say Ken doesn't get the ultimate understanding.  Brilliant mind and very interesting but no direct perception.  I'm not speaking from a place of conjecture or intellectualization, this impersonal wisdom or love or whatever you want to call it is what I am and what it is.   It has nothing to do with a person getting to some state of experience.  That  state of experience which we seek is eternal and ever-present.  Awareness is, was and always will be.  There is no getting there because it already is.  I don't own it,  there is no 'it' to obtain because, again, it is not an object that we can grasp.   And, by the way, who would integrate it?   There are no people in this non-dual reality because of their impermanence.

Lastly, I will make a disclaimer.  It's not to say you and I don't possess a body, mind and soul that acts, thinks, feels and realizes.  We live as an energy and a body until this transforms into something else.  In other words there is embodiment in the meantime and it's always a good idea to make use of our time on Earth to become a better person on all levels.  That is integration.  One is not integrating awareness (which is already there) but integrating a multidimensional perspective along with living the way of compassion in our human existence on this planet now.

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