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#2915 - Friday, August 31, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz 

The Nondual Highlights  

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  Jerry Katz writes:  

I have been listening to Kip Mazuy's The Calling CDs. Listen to samples at the following links:'s%20Haven.mp3  

They speak for themselves. There are more samples at  

I've been playing them at night when I go to sleep. Normally I don't like listening to anything when I go to bed. So-called relaxation tapes and various sound effects such as ocean waves with birds chirping in the background, I find annoying. True sounds of nature are very nice. Last night I opened the windows wide and fell asleep to the sound of pounding rain. House-shaking November wind is welcome too. So is the shivering of leaves. The silence of snow will (too) soon arrive. These CDs by Kip Mazuy, I find, convey the reality of nature's sounds. Listen to the samples above and see what you think.  

Kip Mazuy writes the following in his website ad:  

While listening to this slow, beautiful music, every cell of your body will be bathed in the vibration of inner peace.

Yet, The Calling Spiritual Awakening CDs incorporate a completely new sound technology.  Over two years and thirty thousand dollars in new equipment  and research, (including 2 trips to remote places in India so you don't have to), 

this never before discovered sound technology enables you to enjoy meditations it might have otherwise taken you decades to attain on your own.

The Calling Spiritual Awakening CDs transfer this enlightened presence directly to you, beginning a process inside you to help clear all of the blocks that keep you from feeling your true nature of bliss.   

In clearing away such blocks, your energy can flow freely, allowing a greater experience of peace and love to flow through you.  It can even help you with physical healing.  

And as your inner life improves, so does your outer life.  

Life simply becomes easier, without all of the dramas and fears that distract your throughout your day.  You will find that naturally you are more loving and content.

This means the ashram and the Guru comes to you - without all of the religious dogmas.  You live your life the way you want to and still you get all of the benefits of enlightened presence to transform your life.

It makes no difference if you meditate, are seeking enlightenment or you simply want some relaxation.  These CDs will deliver to you what no other CDs can: your natural state of unconditional peace. 

So simply by listening to a CD you can feel incredibly peaceful and blissful?


I not only meditate to them, I listen to them while I sleep.  It is like having another 8 hours a meditation.  Can you imagine what that does for you?

I also listen to them when I travel.  I travel overseas every year on flights and layovers that can last over 24 hours or more.  And if you meditate, you know how incredibly draining it can feel to be around so many people.  But by listening to the CDs on my headphones, I remain in a blissful state the whole time.

In fact, many have reported that meditating to these CDs in crowded places seems to make the bliss that much stronger. 

Instantly wash away your stress.

Do you feel drained going to the mall to run errands?  Have a headache at the end of the day?

When you come home, sit down and listen to one of The Calling CDs.  In just a few minutes, all of that stress from town will be washed away and you will feel amazing.

You'll have heaps more energy.

The more you listen to the CDs, the more you can be in a heightened state of awareness.  It is that simple.

I even listen to them when I go to town and run errands.  So although the energy all around me is quite stressful, I remain in a very high state of awareness. 

Great improvement in health and well-being.

When you feel good, your body's own natural ability to heal itself kicks in.  You can actually feel every cell of your body vibrating in health.  And what an amazing feeling that is!

And it's completely safe.

In fact, you can calm the whole family by playing the CDs in your house.  Great for children, great for pets (my dog even meditates now, no fooling!)

Play them for your children before they sleep and watch their happiness grow.

~ ~ ~

To read more and to order Kip Mazuy's The Calling, visit

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