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Nondual Highlights: Issue #2923, Saturday, September 8, 2007

Zen practice is the practice of honoring and making friends with all of ourselves, all of life, including our suffering. A famous saying in Zen is:

"To separate what we like from what we dislike is the disease of mind."

~ Sosan

This teaches that we do not reject one part of ourselves or our experience. We do not say this experience is good and that one is bad, I hate this and love that. I will seek this and turn away from that. This very way of life itself is the illness. It causes us to split both from ourselves and our lives.

- Brenda Shoshanna, from Zen Miracles: The Whole World is Medicine, posted to The_Now2

There is only one thing to be saved and released from - negative
patterns of the mind; and only one freedom - spirit.

- Xan, posted to Sufi_Mystic

Everyone has only one real mission in life: to awaken from the delusion that they're separate from everything else.

In fact, this persistent delusion is the root cause of most of your emotional and physical problems.

Your present life's condition at this very moment is your soul's current answer to its #1 question:

"What has to happen right now in order for me to wake up to who I am?"

The answer is always "Whatever is happening right now.

- Chuck Hillig, posted to AlongTheWay

Awareness of the truth of the universe
should not be regarded as an achievement.
To think in terms of achieving it
is to place it outside your own nature.
This is erroneous and misleading.
Your nature, and ...
the integral nature of the universe

Are one and the same:

Indescribable, but eternally present.
Simply open yourself to this.

- Hua Hu Ching - Lao Twu, posted to Mystic_Spirit

Nothing can match or even come near
the miracle of who you truly are.
Let this be the mantra of your life.
A Being of Indescribable wonder
has, again, become a bearer of
the Light on Earth. Let nothing
dissuade you from this truth.

- Emmanuel, channeled through Pat Rodegast

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