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#2926 - Wednesday, September 12, 2007 - Editor: Gloria Lee
Nondual Highlights

Q: Wonder how they'd account for that?

Some things are unaccountable --
everything, actually
  - Bob O'Hearn  

  In the light of consciousness all sorts of things happen and one need not give special importance to any. The sight of a flower is as marvelous as the vision of God. Let them be. Why remember them and then make memory into a problem? Be bland about them; do not divide them into high and low, inner and outer, lasting and transient. Go beyond, go back to the source, go to the self that is the same whatever happens. Your weakness is due to your conviction that you were born into the world. In reality the world is ever recreated in you and by you. See everything as emanating from the light which is the source of your own being.   - Nisargadatta

  You personify God's message.
You reflect the King's face.
There is nothing in the universe that you are not
Everything you want, look for it within yourself -
you are that.

- Rumi

posted by Tom

  Alan Larus Photography  

Wild rose and herbs  

Under the wild apple tree     

One of the most common analogies used to describe the Buddha-nature is space itself. This analogy has three aspects. First, just as space is omnipresent and yet is unpolluted by everything it pervades, similarly, Buddha-nature pervades every sentient being without being in any way tainted. Second, just as galaxies and universes arise and pass within space, so do the characteristics of our personalities arise and pass within Buddha-nature. Our sensations arise and pass away; Buddha-nature continues. Third, just as space is never consumed by fire, so this Buddha-nature is never consumed by the "fire" of aging, sickness, or death.
  -B. Alan Wallace, Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up

  Any soul that drank the nectar of your passion was lifted.

From that water of life he is in a state of elation.
Death came, smelled me, and sensed your fragrance instead.
From then on, death lost all hope of me.
~ Rumi  

  "The land of natural perfection is free of buddhas and sentient beings; the ground of natural perfection is free of good and bad; the path of natural perfection has no length; the fruition of natural perfection can neither be avoided nor attained; the body of natural perfection is neither existent nor nonexistent; the speech of natural perfection is neither sacred nor profane; and the mind of natural perfection has no substance nor attribute. The space of natural perfection cannot be consumed nor voided; the status of natural perfection is neither high nor low; the praxis of natural perfection is neither developed nor neglected; the potency of natural perfection is neither fulfilled nor frustrated; the display of natural perfection is neither manifest nor latent; the actuality of natural perfection is neither cultivated nor ignored; and the gnosis of natural perfection is neither visible nor invisible.  

The hidden awareness of natural perfection is everywhere, its parameters beyond indication, its actuality incommunicable; the sovereign view of natural perfection is the here-and-now, naturally present without speech or books, irrespective of conceptual clarity or dullness, but as spontaneous joyful creativity its reality is nothing at all."
- Longchepa, posted to DailyDharma  

~   ~   ~  

Photo montage of the Longchepa verses by Bob O'Hearn     

    This is really a vast topic and nobody understands it completely and I am not pretending to. Nevertheless, I have, without any doubt, been ushered into a state of miraculously enlivened consciousness and feeling, which reverberates in the One Divine Being. Through the uniquely activated bliss that begins to manifest as this Awakened Heart Consciousness, you can actually begin to transform the lives of many people just by your simple human presence.

I don't know how this happens. There will always remain many unanswered questions, even when you have the greatest meditative experiences. Even when you seem to abide effortlessly in a blissful condition that never fluctuates, there are still lots of questions. And I think that's okay. I don't think we need to answer all the questions. I think you need to be present as this unconditional awakening and immense feeling, and begin triggering the lives around you, begin triggering many people through simple human relationships, relationships that are no longer either simple or merely human." 

Quotation taken from the talk, "Reverberations within the Void," a talk,

by David Spero


Mazie, Bob.

I would like you both to know that since I came through this garden
gate, everything I look at is nothing else but me, I've never really,
really seen that before, not really, just glimpses here and there
along the way.      

Thank you, Mazie, thank you, Bob.

I have grown to love you both, and all the fellow gardeners so much.

The absence has made my heart grow nearer, closer, until it has finally
become absorbed into the absence. No absence, no presence.
  - Tom

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