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#2927 - Thursday, September 13, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz 

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:) hi all, tonight is the hebrew new
year, and as it happens, the beginning
of ramadan (both hebrew and muslim are
lunar calendars, so the gregorian dates
vary each year).
i wish all shana tova (heb.lit. "good
year"), and ramadan mubarak.

may all beings everywhere, illusory or
not, be joyful and free from suffering!




The Biggest-Battle Imaginable:
The Gita's Bloodbath at

After five decades of addictive seeking and searching I finally read the Bhagavad Gita, about seven years ago. When I read the beginning of the Bhagavad Gita tears of joy told me that my seeking and searching was finally over. These tears of joy made the Bhagavad Gita by far the most significant piece of literature in the history of mankind.

The movie Fight Club would years later very clearly and obviously explain to me why the Bhagavad Gita was the most significant piece of scripture, literature and poetry in the history of mankind.

But for seven years there was something that simply did not make sense in the Epic story of the Gita. The Bhagavad Gita was ALL ABOUT an EPIC Bloodbath between relatives, friends and teachers, intellectuals and theologians slaughtering each other. And for seven years this Epic slaughter did not make sense.

The more I tried to understand this Bloodbath the more convinced I became that all the experts and intellectuals who twist words and torture text to understand the Gita -- all these intellectuals and pundits of theology and Advaita -- all they are doing is moving their intellectual shit from one heap to another JUST so they can AVOID the Epic bloodbath at Kurukshetra – that is so fundamental to the Gita that without this Epic-bloodbath the Gita is no better than verbal-garbage, bullshit.

The Gita appears to be the foundation of "love" for many Christians and most devout Hindus and Buddhists: but the Battle of Kurukshetra cannot make any sense to them – EVEN IF THE BATTLE IS "INSIDE" and so they have to literally ignore this very-very OUTSIDE battle. This is because Buddhism and Hinduism is based on an unconditional love: an unconditional love that most orthodox Christians, Muslims and especially Jews will NEVER EVER understand because it is so universal that it not only includes animals but even insects.

Devout Hindus and Buddhists not only appear to love all humans but also ALL animals and ALL insects so much so that for them to kill or even injure an insect would be evil, and to kill or injure another human would be simply beyond belief... and YET the Bhagavad Gita -- the mother and father of all scriptures and the foundation of Buddhism and Hinduism -- is all about not just a bloodbath but an Epic-bloodbath of not insects nor animals, and not about the bloodbath of enemies but a bloodbath of relatives, friends, teachers and theologians... and it is not an ordinary bloodbath but a bloodbath of ruthless and reckless abandon of relatives, friends, teachers and theologians, AND THEN SOME: the Pupil, Devote/Seeker has no choice but to fight this Epic bloodbath; AND then a lot-lot more: winning and losing makes NO difference. This "winning and losing makes no difference" tells us everything there is not know about the Biggest-Battle of the Bhagavad Gita.

It would take a prophetic divorce to explain why the bloodbath at Kurukshetra of relatives, friends, teachers and theologians HAD TO BE not only FOUGHT, but fought OUTSIDE with this ruthless and reckless abandon... a fight in which winning and losing, even living or dying, simply cannot matter.

The prophet for this divorce was one of the most saintly men I have met: my father-in-law Bernard. The poetic heartfelt stories he wrote about his wife, Charlotte, after she died, would be also prophetic for the exact same love I have for his daughter, Mary.

The Epic and futile fight to keep a marriage appearing real.

My marriage was a good marriage by all standards.
The standard I used to measure the wellness of my marriage over the decades has always been my wife's, Mary's, father and mother, Bernard and Charlotte.
Over the decades I thought that my marriage was as good as -- if not better than -- the marriage of Mary's parents.

I have no doubt that I have as much, if not more, love and respect and admiration for Mary as Mary's father, Bernard, had for his wife Charlotte.

Over the decades I realized that often Mary was like her mother who often did not appear happy. I thought Charlotte's unhappiness had to do with her medications and their hangovers, and afternoon drinking and its hangover. Charlotte, like Mary and Bernard, also had significant problems with insomnia that can only compound all the difficulties and pains of life with sleeping pills and their limitless numbers and types of hangovers.

Over the decades I observed that Mary was often unhappy but I knew that there was nothing I could do to make her happy. Unlike her mother, Mary did not drink or take medications which are mostly worse than drugs. And yet I could not make her happy. Indeed, often the more I tried to make her happy the more it seemed to upset her. So much so that when I tried to help her do work or chores she mostly rejected me, sometimes as if I had an infection or a cancer. So I learned to live with her unhappiness just like I figured Bernard learned to live with Charlotte's unhappiness.

Since I quite work -- to get out of the MD cesspool of drugs and mutilations we call "Medicine" -- my wife's unhappiness only got worse. If I thought that getting a job would make her happy I would have gotten a job just to make Mary happy. But I was certain that a job would make no difference because when I was working it did not make her happy, only me unhappy.

So using Mary's parent's marriage as a barometer: I had a good if not better marriage than they did; especially when I take into consideration my two wonderful and loving children that of all of my wife's family and my family ONLY Bernard and my brother Paul could match in love and pure spirituality.

I am very very content and grateful to be where I am today. I still feel like the luckiest person in the universe ... mostly because all my life miracles always appear to turn the worst things into the best things. And Physics alone dictates that this divorce cannot be any different. My love and admiration for Mary cannot change.. somehow I feel that she will be happier without me than with me, I certainly hope so... she does not need me to make her unhappy.

I had a good marriage that my son and daughter made wonderful, far far beyond my widest dreams. So much so that only an Epic battle, a verbal-bloodbath of Epic proportions, between siblings could make the difference between my failed marriage and the very successful death-does-depart marriage of Mary's parents.

The only difference between Bernard's marriage and mine:

Bernard did NOT have two arrogant and intellectually pit-bull EGOs, a brother and sister,
to go behind his back with a fundamental and flagrant insane self-righteous and pit-bull conviction to convince Charlotte to leave Bernard because he had to be responsible for all her
unhappiness, suffering and insomnia.

This verbal-battle of Epic proportions I had NO-CHOICE but FIGHT with my brother and sister to keep my marriage appearing "real" became so ruthless and desperate that it echoed the fight Arjuna had NO-choice but to fight in the Bhagavad Gita – the Battle or bloodbath of friends, family and teachers at Kurukshetra.

I lost the battle, lost my marriage, but just like Krishna says: it makes no difference. It makes no difference if this battle is won or lost.

ONLY when I compared this utterly ruthless and NO-choice verbal-battle between siblings to the Epic and no-choice battle in the Bhagavad Gita did Krishna's words explode into a Universe-shattering significance.

Suddenly, literally everything about this EPIC battle at Kurukshetra all fell into place. Because it was the Biggest-Battle imaginable because it was literally the battle of SELF-realization.

This Biggest-Battle of SELF-Realization is what the Bhagavad Gita is all about. The most putrid bullshit the devil needs to masquerade as god is for academic and religious and scientific EGOs to convince us that the biggest-battle of universe-vanishing proportions of the Gita – the Battle at Kurukshetra – is not outside but "inside."

To the Pupil, Student, "the Seeker of the SELF-Realization," the word EVIL has nothing to do with crime, or atrocities nor perversions.

To the seeker of SELF-Realization EVIL has to be Everything and Anything, and Anyone, especially gods, that try to make the Universe appear "real" when it has to be the fiction or hallucination of SELF.

So for the Seeker to be SELF-Realized he has to fight the BIGGEST-BATTLE imaginable and literally slaughter all this EVIL that has to include every EGO that personifies this EVIL that tries to make the Universe appear "real," -- thus, just like Krishna tells us: this Biggest-Battle is all about slaughtering all the religious and academic and scientific EGOS who must fight and die just to keep their EGO alive by making their Universe appearing "real"... the Biggest-Battle is the Biggest because it includes not only all EGOs but also the personification of this EVIL, the devils and demons that have to masquerade as God just to keep their Universe appearing "real" when it has to be the SELF's fiction, thoughts, hallucination.

That this EPIC Battle is "inside" is the most flagrant and utter bullshit EGOS have to keep shoveling from one heap onto another because "inside" is the SELF that no more can fight or be fought than a dream can destroy itself.

So this biggest-battle has to not only to be fought "outside" but it literally has to destroy the illusion that there is an outside and this IS/leads-to SELF-Realization – the Biggest-Battle in which winning or losing makes no difference .. because in the Fiction of SELF, which we call "reality," in this fiction, Nothing, there is nothing to win or lose.

There is no battle that can be greater than this EPIC Biggest-Battle of universe-shattering proportions, the Gita's Kurukshetra, and there is only one battle that can be Equal to this EPIC battle: a battle in which the Universe is annihilated. The annihilation of the universe would equal the EPIC biggest-battle of the Gita because it would also lead to the same SELF-Realization.

To understand the magnitude and significance of this Biggest-Battle at Kurukshetra we have to go back literally thousands of years, long before religions twisted words and tortured text to materialize devils so that they could then masquerade as gods. And it was thousands of years before dictionaries organized the writing that make matter APPEAR real.

At the time the Gita appeared to come to life, thousands of years ago (before science materialized the universe with its numbers and formulas even more than religions could with their twisted-words and tortured-text called scriptures) the Battle at Kurukshetra was the biggest and thus the most Epic battle the SELF-Realized story-tellers could imagine. If the same Story-tellers were around today they would take this Epic battle out into today's Universe to make it as big as the Universe and thus universe-shattering: THAT IS HOW BIG THIS biggest-battle at Kurukshetra has to be: anything less than this universe-shattering battle and the Bhagavad Gita can only compound the twisted-words and tortured text that devils need to masquerade as religion's God.

The Bhagavad Gita is about a Guru, Krishna, and his "Pupil" Arjuna. Back then there were no religions to tell us that a god had to be different to a guru. Today, however, the instant a guru turns into one of today's gods is the instant the Gita becomes no better than some sort of verbal-garbage, bullshit, that EGOs we call experts have to shovel from one heap onto another just to keep their universe appearing "real."

Krishna is the Guru "inside," the SELF, that projects itself into the imaginary outside to tell the Seeker that he has NO-choice but to fight this Biggest-Battle, EPIC battle. The winning or losing this EPIC battle makes no difference. The more ruthless the battle the bigger the bloodbath the better ... and friends, relatives and teachers .. it makes no difference how many friends relative, teachers are slaughtered in this bloodbath ... so much so that this Epic-battle is the personification of destroying everything especially friends, relatives and teachers that have been conditioned to fight for the personification of EVIL, the devil, that masquerades as God -- ALIAS Science -- to make matter appear "real."

Krishna is a Guru who is aware that the material-world, today's universe, is not only an illusion but fiction, thoughts – the exact same thoughts that make up our dreams, the exact same thoughts that make our dreams appear real. Just like atoms and molecules are the building blocks of all "matter," the Universe, so too the thoughts that make up our dreams are the EXACT same thoughts that make life, Universe, appear "real." Thus Physics is just the study of thoughts. 

Krishna is a SELF-Realized Guru because he is Aware that the Universe is just a hallucination of the SELF. That is the one and only meaning of the word: SELF-Realization: the Awareness that the Universe is the fiction, thoughts, the hallucination of SELF.

For the Pupil, Seeker, to realize this Illusion, Maya, Lila, he has to fight to destroy the appearance of matter, the personification of EVIL, Devil, and there is no greater battle than to literally destroy/slaughter the religious, academic and scientific EGOs who are conditioned like Pavlov's dogs to fight and die to keep their EGOs alive by trying to make their Universe/religions/gods appear "real." And it makes no difference in the Biggest-Battle if we fight to make the appearance of matter real or if we fight on the opposite-side that destroys this appearance of matter to be SELF-realized: because the whole battle is just appearance, and so winning or losing cannot matter – because it is all illusion, fiction: a hallucination of SELF.

In this Biggest of Battles education and religious beliefs must be destroyed ruthlessly because education is a myth and the word "conditioning" is the rule – the exact same conditioning a dog needs to salivate to the sound of a bell. In ALL Battles, even the Biggest-Battle,  conditioning and NOT the myths of learning and wisdom determines who fights for the EGOS who try to make matter appear "real," and who fights to destroy these EGOs to be SELF-realized.

This Biggest-of-Battles, the Epic-battle/bloodbath for SELF-Realization, is thus so universe-shatteringly monumental that any concern for friends, family and teachers, society and religions becomes meaningless. It is a slaughter with reckless and ruthless abandon of all the EGOS that personify the word EVIL because they try to make matter appear to matter, and that includes all the Devils who twist-words and torture-text into the scriptures that make them masquerade as God, and it includes all the twisted numbers and formulas academics/science uses to make matter appear even more real than devils need to masquerade as God.

-- Really Reality.

(posted to Nonduality Salon)



The Path to Peace Already Present

Without effort to become, there can be no barrier.
Without a barrier, there is nothing to overcome.

Without that which must be overcome, there is no fear.
Without the fear of loss, there is nothing to be gained.

With nothing to be gained, there is nothing to be learned.
Without that which must be learned, there is no ignorance.

Without having to end ignorance, no effort is required.
Without effort, Peace of heart and mind is already present.

- Guy Finley

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