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#2931 - Monday, September 17, 2007 - Editor: Gloria Lee

Nondual Highlights      

Enlightening beings are like lotus flowers,
With roots of kindness, stems of peace,
Petals of wisdom,
Fragrance of conduct.

Enlightening beings turn the wheel of teaching
Just like what the buddhas turn;
Conduct is its hub, concentration the spokes;
Knowledge is their adornment, wisdom is their sword.

- The Flower Ornament Scripture, trans. by Thomas Cleary

  Thanks to Joe Riley for sharing so many outstanding poems over the years.  
This is the fifth anniversary of Panhala so I thought I would repost the Official Mascot Poem.    

Having Come This Far

I've been through what my through was to be
I did what I could and couldn't
I was never sure how I would get there

I nourished an ardor for thresholds
for stepping stones and for ladders
I discovered detour and ditch

I swam in the high tides of greed
I built sandcastles to house my dreams
I survived the sunburns of love

No longer do I hunt for targets
I've climbed all the summits I need to
and I've eaten my share of lotus

Now I give praise and thanks
for what could not be avoided
and for every foolhardy choice

I cherish my wounds and their cures
and the sweet enervations of bliss
My book is an open life

I wave goodbye to the absolutes
and send my regards to infinity
I'd rather be blithe than correct

Until something transcendent turns up
I splash in my poetry puddle
and try to keep God amused.

~ James Broughton ~
      (Packing Up For Paradise: New and Selected Poems 1946-1996)
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You notice how much more frequently the great teachers usually stay in the background. They don't even want to be known. They don't even care to be known. They send out others to do it.

- Anthony Damiani 2/22/84
  posted to Wisdom-l  

  Photographs by Ragna.   

    "Life is, by nature, constant flow and interaction of numberless elements. Nothing ever stays the same, even from one moment to the next. Everything is on its way to becoming something else, and therefore, nothing can be held onto. If you see this clearly, if you consider and examine this deeply and fully, then letting go is the only thing left to do. How can you hold on? What is there to hold onto?  

So the art of spiritual surrender is really the art of not knowing. Then it doesn't make any difference at all whether you are walking down the street or eating lunch or responding to your email or making love or sitting alone on your couch. This is the first and last time you will ever be doing this. If you truly understand that, it changes everything."  

- Scott Morrison   From personal archive, source unknown. posted to DailyDharma  

    The hallmark of the enlightenment process is in being "here" and not "there." Indeed, the focal point of continuity is in being here at all times. The famous message of Ram Dass to "Be here now" is what results when one is adept in this practice. It is laborious in that it requires great perseverance -- we are up against lifelong patterns -- but it is a major enlightenment practice because it can break through our basic conditioning. The secret of success in continuity practice is to eliminate any sense of failure. From the moment we begin, we are successful. The only measure of success is this moment, right now. Are we here? If we are here, our practice is perfect. The fact that we have just returned from out yonder, or that we might take off again in a few seconds, is not relevant. Without this practice, we would always be spaced out. We would rarely experience being here. Thus, each moment we are able to break the pattern, we have succeeded.  

- David A. Cooper, Silence, Simplicity and Solitude  

Mangalam. . . . . .

May there be tranquility on earth, on water, in fire, in the wind,
in the sky, in the sun, on the moon, on our planet, in all living
beings, in the body, in the mind and in the spirit. May that
tranquility be everywhere and in everyone.

"CHANTS" Ravi Shankar. Produced by George Harrison.

posted by Tom

  Alan Larus 

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