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#2947 - Friday, October 5, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz 

The Nondual Highlights -

One: Essential Writings on Nonduality.
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Spirituality Without God, by Moller de la Rouviere

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Moller de la Rouviere has been a long-time contributor to the online nonduality communities. He expresses a humanistic nonduality. He writes about his book in the current American Chronicle. An excerpt follows:

SPIRITUAL HUMANISM - Humanism beyond religion, rationality and science.

Once we are willing to question every aspect of our conditioned knowledge which dictates to us what it means to be human, we may become receptive to a new vision for humanity, founded in realism, not idealism. We have lived long enough with incomplete models instructing us how we should live and what human life is all about. These have become stagnant pools of toxic, outmoded information which controls much of our lives. What is required now is for us to re-examine many aspects of our functioning to discover the inherent potential within our nature to deliver us from our misguided, unsuccessful ways of conducting our affairs. Such an enquiry alone can reveal to us a life of openness and freedom from self-imposed dilemma.

Spiritual Humanism affords us with all the instruments with which to observe the mechanisms of our dysfunction and bondage, as well as giving us clear guidelines for how to allow for true healing to take place from deep within our being. One of the pivotal proposals that Spiritual Humanism brings to the quest for well-being and integral living, is that we need to allow ourselves the space and freedom to discover for ourselves the truth or falsehood about how to conduct our human affairs. No doubt we may learn a tremendous amount from those who have gone before us, but ultimately each of us has to travel their own path of inner investigation and self-exploration.

Spiritual Humanism affords us with many practical and realistic ways for investigating ourselves; methods of practice by which to deconstruct conditioning and allowing us to have penetrating insights into our own everyday functioning to help us break free from all forms of mental, emotional and physical preconditions about life and living. It also gives us clear guidelines on how to achieve human development informed by true intelligence, love and deep humane values through self-observation, self-knowledge and self-transcendence.

It holds only one fundamental view of human life and that is that it lacks absolutely nothing for the complete fulfillment of its natural demand for well-being, emotional equanimity, intelligent living, and the expression of love and relational integrity.

But to come to such clarity, and to have the courage to enquire into life for ourselves and to find our own measure as human beings, we need to develop a healthy skepticism toward every aspect of what we socially regard as necessary and valuable.

We are caught in a never-ending cycle of confusion, misapprehension, alienation and unrelatedness. To develop sensitivity toward these, and to see for ourselves how these limit and control the free expression of our being, we need to develop the art of self-observation and a fearless spirit of enquiry.

The book: SPIRITUALITY WITHOUT GOD describes a complete path away from the agony of self-contracted, confused and alienated living to experiencing the freedom of our natural condition which is the fountainhead of happiness, order, true intelligence and emotional well-being.

We cannot maintain our complete dedication to all the paradigms of confusion which we generally use as guidelines for living, while at the same time attempt to gain insight into where and in which ways these have failed us.

An inner attitudinal shift with regard to our absolute belief in these has to take place. We need to start our enquiry with an open mind - a mind ready for exploration, risk taking and self-investigation where nothing is too holy, too definite, too obvious, too true or too pure to be investigated.

Only in such a mind may flower a new understanding as it makes itself available to insight and a deeper grasp of reality. This is the valuable starting point for a radically new investigation into human life which Spiritual Humanism explores and describes. The true enquiring mind leaves nothing unturned.

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Spirituality Without God, by Moller de la Rouviere

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