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#2954 - Thursday-Friday, October 11-12, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz 

The Nondual Highlights



In this issue several writings appearing in the Nonduality Salon or in my mail box over the last few weeks. Lots of gifted people we hang out with.




Quotes from Marko....

The truth is something which everybody agree with.

Everybody agree on no idea, so that must be the truth.

~ ~ ~


Motive is the treasure owner.


~ ~ ~


You can write about your true nature with a rubber only.


~ ~ ~


Language is a drug and the Divine Self is the only junkie. He likes it.


~ ~ ~


The human body is made of scientific language.

God is made of religious language.

Reality is made of "advaita language".

~ ~ ~


When wisdom destroys all ignorance it becomes ignorance itself.


~ ~ ~


Language only can create and destroy the illusion of duality.







From grief so deep

Came a joy equally profound

I never could have dreamed

In the wildest of them all

That this would be possible


I am alive in the world

It courses through me

And I through it

We are one and the same

Straining at the shackles

That threaten to tie us down

Or worse yet, define us


A role, once taken

Isn’t easily changed

I am like the river

That flows in directions

Only it knows


I believed I’d lost my mother

Yet find her everywhere

Vast and expansive

She has joined the current

Of the great all


She beats in my breast

She whispers in my ears

She flows in my veins

In sadness, I cry her tears


Once I believed I would join her

But now it seems

She has joined me

Together forever right here

In eternity.



Cassie Zievers





Everybody's enlightened
but most folks don't know it
but knowing it
is what enlightenment





Everybody wants enlightenment to be the profound thing they have experienced.

Welcome, profoundly experienced people.  :-)

Is enlightenment Debbie's healing-and-make-a-buck-off-that?  Is it Anna's bliss?  Is it Jerry's I am, I am, I am?  Is it Jeff and Eric's suddenness and subsequent teaching?  Is it yosy's BOOM and the sage who doesn't speak?  Is it ts's here we are, just this?  Is it Bill's lack of center? Is it bryn's story and simultaneous lack thereof?  Is it Richard Bucke's compilation of bolt-of-lightning experiences in Cosmic Consciousness?  Is it the varied experiences of union I read of on the Christian Mystics Yahoo group?  Or Bernadette Roberts' experience?  (By the way, which one?)  Does it have to fit the Wanderling's list?   Is it Thich Nhat Hanh's gradual awakening?  (Gradual if memory serves me correctly, anyway there are others, including just now, Millennium Twain's.)

What if, as in my case, the sudden profound sense of being welcomed was there in spades, and one other item on the Wanderling's page, including one not found on his page, but four of his other items unquestionably came in an experience 19 years later?  And one of his items not at all.  Then again, my blog co-author had two experiences, with a different mix of items each time than I had. 

So, shall we classify experiences of oneness as different from enlightenment?  And hey, why hasn't anyone mentioned possible differences between awakening and liberation?  <grin>

Jacob Boehme's experience was identical to my first one, and his is classified as the minority "type" by William T. Stace, who broke "mysticism experiences" down into introverted and extroverted.

And then there's the drug issue.  Stace also recounts a hallucinogen-induced experience identical to my first one, yet I've never taken an illegal drug.  Then we have the guy who had never heard of all this stuff, and simply went out for a cigarette.  And the woman who subsequently came down with a brain tumor.

Some would say the experience must include, either during or after, Ramana and K's samadhi, U.G.'s bodily death, or anybody's kundalini.  What if, as in my case, over a period of a few months, samadhi becomes (unsought) something more and more rapidly approaching constant, and then goes poof in a sudden, unexpected experience of nothingness, from which it looks like it will never return, along, apparently, with everything else?

Although my "adventures" in this regard are not at all similar to Millennium Twain's, I think I'd almost have to agree with him on this point:  "would have to say that there are as many
enlightenments as there are individuals ... "

And in addition, there's no such thing.  And now you're wondering from which "side" I said that.  :-)

By the way, if you disagree with anything I've written:

I'm right and you're utterly mistaken.  <grin>


P.S.  It's a privilege to know all of you through the internet.



James Joyce Recycled

i do not know 
if james is your choyce
and if your duality is non- or indivi- or just gra-
well, anyway here's a poem.
Read it with that "i welcome whatever comes next"
attitude those eastern guys sometimes have:

Dual of Ayessha
if there is not a dual a duel to die to day
(thereby, he said,
reflecting from his own individual person life unlivable, trans-

accidentated through the slow fires of consciousness into a divi-
dual chaos, perilous, potent, common to allflesh, human only,
Ohibow, if I was Blonderboss I'd gooandfrighthisdualman
in a dreariodreama setting, glowing and very vidual
this "poem" was assembled by grepping "Finnegans Wake" by James
Joyce for the term "dual", then dropping all items with "individual"
and "gradual" and cutting the remaining 5 entries left from
alltogether 628 Pages.
I dreamed that Joyce was a gra-dual-non-dual-in-di-vi-dual
although he said that you know what reality is best, when you
step into dogshit on the pavement....



Terence Stamp has finished recording an unabridged reading of Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse and I thought this recording might be of interest to ndhighlights readers.  It's a beautiful production, fluent and heartfelt.

Silksoundbooks is a new venture producing high quality recordings of classic books by noted actors for download in mp3 format for ipods and computers.

More info here:
and here:



Jeff Belyea riffs on I-I...

We big bop along in life,
glance in the mirror, dance to the music - move,
feel and see ourselves as "I".
And one day, while interior listening to THE
Big Bopper, it hits us. The "I" I thought I was
is a fabrication foistered upon me by the social
order. We realize that our God became,
"What will other people think".
But The Big Bopper puts a new wiggle in
our walk, giggle in our talk. A sudden rush
of wisdom tells us beyond doubt that we
are not merely the egoistic emotionally
manipulated weakling we secretly
fear...we are absolutely FREE and
perfect just as we are! We have
"stepped into perfection".(Hebrew 6 for
the Christina theist.)
Now we got a new attitude:
Fuck everyone else's opinion (felt with love,
of course). I Am That I am.. that I thought was "God".
Jesus put it, "My Father and I will make our abode
within your heart." This new move-in comes
with a side order of absolute "cleansing" -
a sense of having become a brand (no spanking)
new person. Guilt free. Conscience free. Start
over, 0000000 on our odometer of life.
This is bliss. You mentioned that
you like to hang out with enlightened
people (even though you consider
enlightenment "bullshit") because
of their sense of humor. The sense of
humor spills out of the joy this
realization or remembering brings.
While it may be no more than a recall
of who we were way back, untainted -
the recall makes us feel brand new -
reborn, enlightened,
get the point.
And so, the I that we thought was us
is now seen as a "secondary" way of
being (Buddha called it "illusory maya")
and the primary the "I-I".
I-I hope this helps.



A great article by Steven Antinoff titled "Spiritual Atheism" appeared in American Poetry Review last year.  I think many of you would enjoy it, but because of where it was published, you may not have seen it.  So here's the link: .  It's Part 2 of a set, but you don't need to go back and read Part 1 – that's summarized at the beginning.

Mr. Antinoff writes about "the quest" and the simultaneous evasion of the quest. And the inherent impossibility of the quest. (". . . if the barrier is the one seeking to ram through the barrier, then one is blocked at the first move.") The article is amazingly honest. It's also 39 pages, so if you're not able to read it now, you might bookmark it for those long winter evenings.




The internet is good at spreading information, but more knowledge is
not what is needed.

That being said, I have a blog and a podcast.  How and what I write and
speak online is quite different than one-on-one in person or in small
groups in person.

What is put online is more vague so that more understand what I am
saying.  Too many times I have answered a question on a public forum
and the answer was geared for the specific person - only to have others
say what I said was wrong or not quite right.  It would be wrong for
another, but right for the person I addressed.

Only having a personal teacher would you get a personal instruction. 
Each person is at a different point and has different tendancies
(different illusions and delusions).  A true teacher will point the way
for the specific student (which may not be nondual in nature if someone
is not ready for it).

A true teacher can never become out-moded...the personal touch is
always superior to something geared to the general public or even a
subsection (but a crowd none-the-less).  A true teacher is also
superior to doing it yourself (forging your own way, so to speak).


~ Eric Putkonen
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blog -

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