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#2960 - Thursday, October 18, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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Few have realized that if a computer is able to beat humans in chess, 
it might be possible for a computer to compile texts with 'nondual' 
in the subject line. A computer might state the seemingly obvious 
that no practice is needed whereas some humans might know the really 
obvious: that in the course of events it is possible to forget to eat 
healthy food, to breathe properly and to have some daily exercise. 
When an MD or a therapist has to teach what is forgotten unknowingly, 
the same goes for something even more obvious that has been forgotten 
as well. Some call the substitution of 'bad' habits for 'good' habits 
a practice ;-) 



From: <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: [WithKnowledgeComesResponsibility] Zimbabwe Medicine Man
Mandaza Touring U.S. This Fall - Indiana, Sedona, Mt. Shas
Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 1:37 AM
Those of us in a small, suburban town of Cleveland, Ohio had the
privilege of sitting around a bonfire tonight (October 15, 2007) and visiting
with one of the most beautiful spirits on the planet, Mandaza, a medicine man from 
Zimbabwe, a man whose vision, like our own, is healing and peace for our 
planet. He also recognizes all cultures and all people as his family. 


He is currently travelling in the United States. Starting tomorrow
(Oct 16), he will be in Indianapolis, Indiana, then onto Ashland, Oregon, Mt.
Shasta, California, Sedona, Arizona, Napa, California, and Laguna Beach,
Please see details of these travels at the following link.
This is a not to be missed experience if you are fortunate enough to live
near any of the areas to which he is travelling.
A website is being created for him; however, the only thing up and running
at the moment is the "schedule". Should you wish to bring Mandaza to your
area on his return to the U.S. in 2008 or to whatever area you are in the 
world, please contact the designated person at the link and she will be able to 
assist your request.
Thank you for sharing this with others who might be interested.

Submitted in the spirit of peace and joy,
Sharon 444
*Sharon Pacione*
[email protected]


Dear Loved Ones,
I am sharing a wondrous evening with you, though, somehow you must
have been t/here. In Presence, in the One Spirit, there is no time and
space. Smiles.

Mandaza Medicine Man

I picked the drum with the painted moon and stars,
the dragonfly, 
long time friends,
when I wore moccasins on my trail of tears,
but today
I am a shadow of a jaguar woman,
in the taught skin of the drum,
and the rhythm picks my bones
and the rhythm hides my eyes,
Mandaza speaks of dreaming
of ancestors, of aloneness
of a community of spirits alive
in the emptiness surrounding this
dark autumn night,
in the faraway land
of Strongsville, Ohio,
where the Clan of the Wounded
Healer gather
there, in that Zimbabwe bonfire,
give life in the ashes of Light,
give thanks for all who have come before us,
who guide us with stories of how it was
we became dreamers.


from Krishna's blog:
What success means In a CNBC interview with Warren Buffet, here is 
an interesting piece of conversation. This in my opinion, is the 
essence of Buffet's thinking about life, success & happiness. Read 
CNBC: "What is Warren Buffet's secret of success?" 
Warren Buffet: "I say that when people get to my age, and they have 
the people who love them that they want to have love them...they're 
successful, whether they have got $1000 in the bank or a Billion 
Dollars in the bank." 
CNBC: "Well you're talking to the CNBC audience Mr. Buffet. Let's 
talk about financial success, professional success" 
Warren Buffet: "Well, I would say success is really doing what you 
love and doing it well....…It's simple as that." 



... Maitreya and the Messiah were journeying
through the Kalahari game preserve, when,
suddenly, they were both shaken "to their very
electrons" by the apparition of a large Elephant
(Ganesha) who crashed thru the dense brush
under the Sycamore and Boabab trees to stop
immediately in front of them, bristling.
... the GRID resounded
... this Net reverberated
... Maitreyah's hands shot against her racing
chest, as she cried out "Christ! It's an
... the GrandMothers paused in their prayers.
... Sun Wu Kong (Monkey), bolting up from
Ganesha's back, hair raising on end, shrieked
"Elephant!" It's a Christ!"
... in the Sky Palace above, Kuan Yin laughed
while turning to Sakyamuni and saying "Pass
the bowl of Peaches."
... Coyote howled
... Dolphin eeecked
... Whale belched
... GrandMother Sun (NuWa) grinned even
wider still, her Crow's feet stretching from
horizon to horizon ...
... and Amanogawa's Song touched each and
every one of them, us!

(you were on the sofa, strumming "oobladee"
on your guitar.
I was chuckling, this pen & pad in hand,
attempting a legible transcript of it all ...)

--composed by Shift Twain

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