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#2988 - Friday, November 16, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz


Nondual Highlights -     

Today I'm featuring The Voice of Love, by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle.  

Nisargadatta Maharaj is famous for the instruction, "follow the I Am." In this book, the voice of love, the voice of God, the voice of the holy spirit, is the I Am. If it is your tendency to pursue the I Am in the context of The Course in Miracles, there may be no better works than these.  

I'm very impressed with the quality of the book's design and construction, as well as the writing. The authors also sent a set of three CDs, which is a thirty day program for connecting "to the Truth of who you are." Like the text of the book, the CDs are constructed with care and with exceedingly great patience take the listener from the most beginning stages of nondual pursuit.  

I highly recommend these works for anyone pursuing nonduality in the context of The Course in Miracles.  

--Jerry Katz    




The Voice for Love, by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle. Teaches how to hear the Voice of God described in A Course in Miracles. In the book, DavidPaul and Candace ask the Holy Spirit over 100 questions about hearing this Voice within. They also share their personal experiences of hearing God's Voice and receiving the many gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Doyle's nonprofit organization, The Voice for Love Foundation, also offers a number of prayer related resources, such as an online prayer requests page and a comprehensive serenity prayer page.






This book is going to push your buttons, challenge your beliefs, and cause you to question all that you have come to believe is YOU. It’s going to take you on a ride deep within your Self, not the small self you think you are in the world, but your true Self Who is limitless, eternal, and beyond your wildest imagination. This adventure will be one of letting go, opening your mind, and playing with different ideas and ways of seeing things. At various times, you will be asked to step beyond what you think you know so that you can enter into the awareness of what is unknown, into that which cannot be described but only experienced. This book is not about teaching you new belief systems, nor is it intended to be an all encompassing resource for Truth or answer all of your questions. It is designed to give you the understanding and know-how to connect with and hear your own Inner Wisdom … that you may come to discover what is true for you, what is most loving and kind for you, and what your true purpose and path really are.


In discussing the Voice for Love within each us, a variety of different words and phrases are used throughout the book to talk about this Inner Voice or Presence. Some of these include small still Voice within, Inner Guide or Teacher, Higher Self, true Self, Holy Spirit, your Right-Mind, Voice for Love and Peace, and God’s Voice.


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what we call this Presence within us, but it does need to be called something in order to talk about It. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with a specific term or phrase, be open to seeing that word or phrase in a new light. Remember, they are just words. You give them all the meaning they have for you. Do your best to look beyond the words to where the words or concepts are pointing you to … to the personal experience they are trying to elicit within you. If you can’t get past a particular word, substitute whatever word works best for you.


Throughout the book, DavidPaul and Candace pose questions to this Inner Teacher to help build a framework for you to access your own Inner Voice. They interweave various exercises to deepen these concepts and ignite this Voice within you, and they include their personal experiences of hearing and using this Voice over the years.


Part One is designed to give you a framework for believing you are capable of accessing your Inner Teacher. Part Two discusses the barriers to hearing your Inner Voice and provides a number of methods for overcoming these barriers. It also includes chapters on meditation and prayer and culminates with a variety of exercises for hearing this Voice within you. Part Three concludes the book with exercises and guidance for using your Inner Wisdom to discover and fulfill your purpose in life.


As you work your way through these concepts and exercises, trust what you feel in your heart, and know you are indeed being guided within … every step of the way.



Your Higher Self

DavidPaul: So if I am One with God, One with all that is, why use the term Holy Spirit instead of Higher Self? The term Holy Spirit makes me think of something other than myself.


 God’s Voice within you is not a word or a term. It is a Presence, a state of Being, a way of thinking that gives you the experience of Who and What you truly are … of what your True Nature is. It does not matter what words you use to describe this aspect of yourself, this quality or state of Being. It is merely to call It something so that you can put your attention on It. You can call It the Holy Spirit, God’s Voice, the Voice of your true Self, the Voice for Love and Peace within you, or any other name you like.

In Truth, this Presence or state of Mind is your Voice, and yet who you think you are in the world is usually much less than what this Voice truly is and what You truly are. You think you are a person walking around in the world—possibly a husband, a partner, a friend, a business associate—and you become identified with these things, with these forms and concepts. It is possible to use the term Highest Self when thinking of this Voice within you, and yet for most people, the term Higher Self would be associated with a wiser aspect of their personality, a part within their heart or mind that is more connected with Truth or with the big picture. For some, the term Higher Self might even be the voice of their own soul, and yet few would believe that they are much greater than the concept of a soul and that their true Voice is much grander than that of their soul. One still perceives them self to be separate, and for many, the highest concept that they can come up with for who they truly are is that of an individualized soul. The Truth is, you are much grander than that. You are, in fact, One with your Creator, One with All That Is, One with this Voice for God within you.

When you come to see your own Voice as the Voice for God or the Voice for Love, then indeed it does not matter what you call this Voice. Call It by any name you choose. Until then, it can be helpful to make the distinction between one’s Higher Self and the Voice of your true Self, the Voice for God, because this distinction assists one in joining with the Self that is beyond what the mind identifies with. It helps them to connect with the deepest part of their real Self, beyond the forms, beyond the concepts, beyond what your mind can imagine … to transcend all of it and experience your true Being. That is what the Holy Spirit is and the Purpose it fulfills. You are Love. You are God. You are One with All That Is. And that is what this Voice for God and Love and Peace will teach you.


The Voice for Love, by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle. 

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