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#3002 - Friday, November 30, 2007 - Editor: Jerry Katz

Nonduality Highlights - 

Read the book inspired by the Highlights, ONE: Essential Writings on Nonduality:    

The Nonduality Highlights goes places no one else goes. I would like to suggest reading (at least part of) the following aloud as if it is a rap lyric.  

The author is RE {de SynchroniCity}, and it is from    

  So much
                                             ENDS       UP -
                                                                               a  Rain  -

                                                                                                            a   flower      BE
e -


                                                                                                                                                      CHILD -

                                                                 My nickname is Rennie and I am dreaming about  Plucking music.

                                                                      I can't sing, but hopefully you  will let our own voices rise and thank the spirit that rides

                                                                                                                          high above our film strips, 
                                                                                                                                                high above our film scripts 
                                                               ok, yep, and  high above the clouds and skies that       Wave:     Waives   
:Eternal  Light.

                                                                         Prayer:  Eternal Light, your promiss to remember  every iota and be just at
                                                                                                                         your awakennings and judgements.

                                                                                                            In   The Land of Teleology  

                                                                                                      An  Acorn Seed becomes an Oak Tree,         
                                                                                                             and a  seed  to a flower be

Secret of a Golden Flower:   Blossoming Self

(S)ELF   and    (s)ELF

  Sweet FLOWERs,
                                o Violets, 
                                     SING from our hearts ...

Areas of Discipline

Music of the spheres   echoed    in reply.

NooS is a THINking PLANiT

  Glittering nousnaut
                         wirkende kraft spiraled through
                                        the noospheres.

                                                                                                Tao   de   Physic
                    Yin Yang                funnel formation

                                                                       "We heard music ..."              A   Fun  Cello      
                                                                                                            Socrates   Plato   Aristotle   
de    Fila Sophia

                                                                                                                          Demiurge  Della  NooS ET Nous

                                                                                                        PLOTinUS  Nous.

                                      "CU  to  CC,  over ..."                            "CC to UC, over ..."
                                                                                                                               " ' AKASHA'
           ' ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE' "

"MINKowSKIAN  MOEBIUS,    over,..."

                                                                                                        Jung-Pauli  quaterno 

                                                                                                      Conservation of Energy

                                                                        Constent Connection                                  Non Constant Connection                                    
                                                              Cause and Effect                                               Meaning through Contingency
                                                                                                                                    Acausal  "Synchronicity"
                                                                                                    Indestructable  Energy

    East  West


                                                                                           "  'Watt'      ' India'     'Annam'    'Shakespheres'

                                                                                                              " 'MAN'DELLA' "       "'AF'RICA' "


                                                                     O Sweet Violet


                                                                         "AllAH ... "     "YE HOVAHh ..."

"EmMANuEL ..."  

                                                                         "MUSLIM ..."       "ISLAMABAD ..."     

                                Awoke  like a mighty roaring lion
                                                      and with the reasoning of a man who had some wine ...

                                                                        As the mountains moved in  reply and sang:

"EVE       REST"  

                                             "ECCO   ECHO
                                               HERE    HEAR!"

                                                      " 'BETH'   'STAR'  ' STABLE'   'JESUS'  'CHRIST'   'CROSS'   'STAKE' !"
                                                                                          Wise  Geists        "REV 8:4 "
                                                                                                  "Frank  Sense"


                                    "Just in the nick of time, goaded by a RAM in a THICK ET."

                                                                          " 'TRUMP'ets'   'B' 'laire',  'Or' 'well',  'Oar' 'wail' "

                                                                                              Buddha sits patiently pleased

                                                                                                            Ma Tao  non-moving

                                                                                            JOB         Jobe

                                                                         God created  Evil for the Day of Evil,      " Eve   rest  ... "

                                                                         "OMAN   OMEN  AMman  YEmen"

                                                                               "Watt     India    Annam     ShakeSpheres."

                                                                                                    Uzno     Watt     Amin

                                                                                                        Andropev Stalin"

                                                                    " U2  Able  Powers",   "Uzno"   "007"   "Seoul"   "Corea",
                                                                                  "Declaration of Independence"    "Will Rogers ..."

                                                         " Janus  Locke   Keyes"                "Gaia   LoveLocke"


Glittering  nousnaut
                                wirkende kraft   funnel - Land:

                                                                                                Mutually    Assurred   Peace  !

                                                             Case   of the Centipedes
                                        I won't move until  I figure out which leg to move first.

                                                    A  case if Onomatopoeia

                                                                         Buzzing   Mosquito
                                                               glides  down    royal   spiral,   lands;
                                                                               words: (ex:tinkle, buzz.)

NooS is a THINking PLANiT.  Earth  is a thinking planet.


We stared out of the window at the Bildung.     But blinded by the humongity, we were unable to view the entire structure.  

However, we caught glimpses from another view that demonstrated the whole.  


Our audience stared down to 

                                                          Uncertain sound of  trumpet warning.

                                               "A PRIORI       PRINCIPALITUS  ARCHETYPAL    PRIMA ORDA   BERESHITH!"


                                               "ECHO   ECCO
                                                HEAR    HERE"

                          "A PRIORI !"   shouted the glob, trying to sell noospaper, as if he existed.

The Thought Police were investigating traffic between the CU and CC.     The ARK TYPES had left
Collective Unconscious Lateral Traces.

We studied even the tiniest display of an interference pattern.  The ARK TYPES were so good
at blending in with each other that some of these Traces were enharmonic.    The same note could have more than one key attached to many dimensions.

That made it more likely that there is "Music in the Spheres."  That made it important to us.     We loved to hear "Music of the Spheres".

                                                                                                   Espana Cani               

                                                                                                                                           "ArGENT    Menem"
                                                                                                                                                                                    Espana Cani
                                                                                  U.S.  Presidential March

                                                                                     " ' White House Speakes Wright',  'Nunn'  'Tower'  'Sununnu' ".


                                                                                               " Hart  SWAGgART    Baker  Dole  Bakker   FalWELL   FarWell ... "


                                      "Corazonne Aquino                                
                                                              Marcos"         (interpretation of noospeak:  "Heart not here to frame")

                                                                 Gliecharts, zeitgeists, Hardy Spirits                  noospheres

Hardy Spirits were a good lot to associate with the Kinship Connection.  Coming from the Dynasts,  Thomas Hardy Spirits of Time, Histories,
Pities and Ironies sung together in a choir.    When one spirit would start to sing, the other would continue in unison where the other had
left off.    It is a pretty good system.  

Tarzan like swaying from one dimension to SynchroniCity, capitol of coincidences, to another dimension and so on.

Routinely, the commo from the Planet Earth was recorded into the 'coincidence journals.

'CINc US'?   'COM  INCH' "

                                                                  " 'Ja PAN' ...tap tap tap     'Pearl'  tap 'Harbor' tap tap tap  'ToKyo'   
                                                                                 'NAGaSaki ...' ,  tap  HIROSHIMA.' "


Noosnauts and Thought Police monitored the traffic.      We found some of the noosnaut journals.  Many were destroyed,
as there was too much and on the need to know basis.     I,  Rennie, was just trying to figure out how to get a hold of it
get it into the right hands.


                                                                                "   VATiCAN UNNUNCIATE   PUNTA
                                                                                           NOreigas  PANaMANIA
                                                                                                 Endara PANaMANIA
                                                                                                     PanaMA   Panama"

                                                                                           "Aqua Calientes"            "El  Salvadore"?
                                                                                                         India    Godavari Lucknow


                                                                                        "US?   TRU MAN!"

                                                                             GERMANY   BONN   COLOGNE

                                                                         WINSTON  CHURCHILL    ENGLAND.

                                                                                THATCHER  MAJOR  BLAIR.

                                                                                   TRUMP et        BLAIRE

                                                                 GATES  CODI  WEBSTER  TENET  SESSIONS 


                                                 FOSTER  ELDER  KOOP                     ME DIA   RATHER   GOODENEV

                                          MULRONEY    RONI    DOLE        WATT     WEBSTER    SPEAKES   WRIGHT     

The Babbling in Tongues  are  collective contents from the planet earth.   The "synchronicity" associated with
historical facts, or any rules of poetics may be a private language.   On the other hand,  'subjectivity' through
an interpreted  filter  can be viewed "objectively".

If the "collective contents" can be expressed mathematically, that would mean that each "possibility" can be expressed
mathematically.   Ferdinand Gonseth, Professor of Higher Mathematics in "Time and Method" says "Synchronicity, a
heretofore unpublished methodology can be implemented right under our ..."

If there is even a theoretic possibility that so called synchronistic radiation hit the fan then what can be measured
even exponentially.

The "concept" of synchronicity involves a multiplication of 'equivalences', or 'meaning', in the psychologic sense.

Not only does "synchronicity" occur under our noses, but it is above our heads.

                                   "Jabberwacky, psycho lingua glossa, SiCilly..."

"Guadalahada,   Guadalahada !"

"Coocko  COO  COO ROO ...  PAL o MA  ....   Coocko   COO   COUP RULE ... PAL o MA..."

For example, the phrase,  "OMAN     SIKH    JUNG   PUNJABS!"

As an 'inside joke'  Is it too much 'inside'  and subjective so that with the Einstein's theory of equivalence,
it becomes irrelevant.  The 'bond of meaning',  the 'joke's' combination probably presumes that the 'collision' will elucitate an "Ahh" and
"Aha" if one  is familiar with circles that associate "Jung"  with  "Dr Carl Gustav Jung", the famous
Swiss Psycho-Analyst.     

'Comedic' phrasing of separate persons, places and things as if they were, for better or worse, wordsworth
in a Sentence structure for Orators.    Merrily working with the concept of a 'collective unconsious' that
we all share, but   keeping  its distance,  we can view from afar.  What we routinely think of as 'separate'
can be  "hanging together" in quantum state.   'Past', 'Present' and 'Future' constellated in the
kaleidoscope, a gem of creation.

Do we have any research that might point to some "absolute knowledge"?     Compare the
Modi Operandi JOy of SynchroniCity to the inhabitant reaction on a planet when and if they 'get some' synchronicity. 
Is there a sense that 'something is up there watching?'    

As ephemeral is it gets, how strong was this sense?  

Those wonderful Seasonal "Welcome to a Homecoming  where one finds themselves weeping for joy."

A Freudian Slip or  a Jungian Pun?  That is a question.    In  'Answer to Job' (and his other works)
Jung poses a larger scale view rather than on a human psyche. 

                                      "OMAN   SIKH   JUNG PUNJABS,   PunJOBi  PunJabi."   

For Jung, and others who agree, "Time-Space" simultaneous.     That is,  'PAST', 'PRESENT' and 'FUTURE'
are frozen solid, forever.  Everything in its place, all the time, even when it does not exist, it has a "place".  When
the corrective Light shines upon the eternal MINKowSkian Film, "what is not, still is."

Even if has been "destroyed", the entire MACROCOSM has "everything" it needs to "reconstruct" ex nihilo.

Simply put, any apperceptive embrace*
(*"observation" changes object of view) from a higher more comprehensive intelligence changes our world.
By it's very nature can purge our world.

We might shout,  "Hiraclitean  Fiore!"     Gnash our teeth, pull our own hairs, curse
and deplore our conditions.    We might be judged not worthy.   Lord have Mercy.

We may have been taught not to question the authority of God.  The real God, I believe has a reason
that punishment can be doled out to others who did not commit the sin.     "The rain falls upon
the good and/or the evil", "the spirit of man is the same as the spirit of animal."

That is what is "the same".   The "spirit of man".   The total collective contents saved into a "spirit of man" which is
the same as "the spirit of animal."    

Ad Majorem Gloriam Patriotic Fanatics marched toward each other shouting from their very bowels and
as loud as the top of their lungs can convey, "Kill the enemy."  

"They were in hell and they wanted to GET OUT OF HELL."

Yet, part of the noosnaut mission is to  protect a given world from the power of DUE

"Representatives of  DUE  will  pop
into scenes 'just in the nick of time to save a person, place or thing'.  But these persons, places or things might only "

'visualize' the 'objects' used to get 'the point across' and even moreso become the most  perfect position to thwart a catastrophe.

the speaker continued: "provide you with enough help, so that you get enough to help yourself."

There was a sign up above, it read 'Repent or go to Hell.'

"Get off you lazy bones and move around, get off your lazy bones and move around, if you can.   Then sway your shoulders back
and forth."   

Rap, Rap   Rap    "I've got class,  I cut the grass,  ...   I've got class, I cut the grass...".

Somehow one of the numbers popped into the planet earth and then dissappeared before it would happen on earth.

We figured out that the noosnauts were mythological figures.  Nonetheless they were literary characters that helped us comprehend
NooS and SynchroniCity.

                                                            "God plays position with the universe."

Two of the dancing ponies,  "Randomness" and "SynchroniCity" had shown off their clean wings as they passed
over the top of our heads.    

We zeroed in on the visual:

"The universe is a creation".    "The universe can be created and are created even from nothing!" 
We heard from the large screen that encircled the walls, ceiling and floor.

Insert:      Eternal Moebius Strip.      Closer up shows   that "time-space" duration is all wrapped up in this moebius.

It is part of the MINKowSkian coordinate system that in a simplistic sense,

"the universe looks like a film strip."

" And
HOLLYwood makes it look like frames in  film scripts" 

We zoomed in an attitudinal dimension so  that we could see their
'past', 'present' and 'future' simultaneously without changing the frames.   The strip was frozen
in its tracks.  'Past', 'Present' and 'Future' were now 'geographical' coordinates. 

Peel by peel, the onion skins had been in their place, even if it did not appear to be so.  

The planet earth had been found.    

We called upon the (k)new trinos who were good enough to get around through the planet earth.   Even the
noosnauts that had been in SynchroniCity proudly shrugged the shoulder upward so that the light could
shine on their patches. 

A planet earth vehicle zoomed sounding a "Street Fool Tune".  
There is another side of the DUE.   The DUE has a natural born ingredient:  Dualism.  

As opposed to MONisms,  the DUE excels in keeping a dual nature. 
This comes in handy, for example, when two bad names on earth are
driving from different directions into the same intersection at
the same time.    If the bad names are even worse, like portraying their demise,
a collision occurs as an 'equivalence', and that would fullfill the demorgue, or rather demiurge della noos et nous into a real physical event
that equaled the mathematics of the 'ju de nams' if the power had gotten into the wrong hands. 

or gleichartigeit between the internal thought processes and the external physical world.   There would be an accident
and therby fullfill a soulless ironic autonomy.    In these cases, non-duality need not actualize.

Because SynchroniCity, visited earth,  a decision was made through the (W)Holy Macro that, because of the awesome the power of the DUE,
and the beauty of NON-DUALITY there will be a compromise between the DUE and NON-DUALity.

The DUE must not completely take over the world(s) that it has embraced.    There needed to be "escape" routes set up
in case the autonomous system of that shell were unmanageable and out of control. 

We liked the DUE because it worked with NONDUALITY in such a way to protect us from their 'observation post'.   
They figured out that they could view us like a "subject" rather than look at us as an "object".      So they managed to
get inside of us. 

The Sykes were the tiniest possible and originated from the most powerful energetic MACRO CAUSEM.   But not always
did the formality of cause and effect end up in favourable results. 
"Watt India Annam  Shakespheres..."

So it was necessary to be even tinier than the (k)new trinos.   These (k)new trinos had a peculiar characteristic and that
was a tendency to move slightly backward in time (as individuals).    It was the job of the kinship connection, especially here.
Noosnauts and the thought police continued to  monitor traffic between the CU to CC and back to UC.

But we were staring only at part of the BILDUNG.   We could not see the entire structure.   We had been escorted into
a Platonic looking cave.   The sign above the entrance read "PLATONIC MONAD2".   

This Wirkende Kraft had windows looking out.  We had been made aware that there are "windows looking in" but
MONAD2 was especially equipped.  This meant that for reasons we won't go into here, the windows to look in
were shut.  

 A monad looks like an eyeball.   Good eyeballs are shut when they sleep to protect themselves.

Only until the thought police marched into UC, did we finally become aware that

           it was
                                       NooS, a THINking PLANiT .

                                                                    " US?" ,   "ME?"



                                                                    "IRAQ!"  "IRan!" 

Gleicharts, zeitgeists, and Hardy Spirits swirled through the noospheres and pointed down from the clouds to the planet earth.

The planet earth echoed in an uncertain tone, an ironic reply:     'Sha flees Irani', according to news accounts.  

                                                                                'SHA',  King  Ran  from Iran

                                                                                 "W"estern  "E"astern 
                                                                                       Tao of Physics

                                                                                      "SU       FE"             

Ark Types constellated across the CC and UC.   SynchroniCity, implemented by the PLANiT NooS,
probed our mental and physical whereabouts with an uncanny attention to detail in order to "get point(s) across'.

There were, of course, rules of the game, topologies, parameters, typologies and so on.   These were kept in
noosnaut journals.   Close Analogies and  Metaphors were nourishment for the Sykes and even the
SY KOids. 
Like  kaleidascope halls of mirrors, did each frame, each iota reflect a beam so that the Close Analogy and
Metaphor would bounce off the Syke along with the beams' constellated traces.   The Syke would either 'get it'
or 'whatever.'

Poetics offer an imaginary filter where the mythologic world finds a language that we can comprehend.

The noosnaut missions were geared toward surveilling the the THINking PLANiT, NooS.

NooS  appeared to be a  'cosmic character'.       How does NooS Speaks in Tongue?  

" Is this NOOSPEAK?"

NooS had entered the physical and psychic realm simultaneously.  
PLANiT NooS implemented an offspring, synchroniCity.  

SynchroniCity, capitol  of coincidences,  in The State of Sy Koid.  SY KOid is the autonomous nervous system of the THINking PLANiT NooS.

Earth is a thinking planet.  Rennie started on the planet earth at 20th century NooS on 1-2-48 .  

Street Name: Sangamon, meaning "blood of man".   Grammar School:  Sacred Heart    (School burnt down mid century)

A de ja vu'd  loudspeaker from ME DIA announced:  

                                                    "WATT      INDIA      ANNAM       SHAKESPHERES!".

"in {H}Our SOuLar Sis, ..."            
Part of lyrics to the poetics sang from  noosnaut wirkende kraft, echoing in reply.

                                         And Rennie made some attempts to interpret the sonnet, 'NooS'.   He was interested in the origination of "noospeak".

NooS is a THINking PLANiT. 

POETICS  : A Sonnet
Lines and Meanings:    Known & Intended by  Author
An explanation of why it was included in the sonnet of NooS.

Title:   20th Century NooS

1.   A
mman.  SoViet NAM   RUshUS   jawg   ME 
2.   Seoul. Grace Ghem Gharb.  Rome  Sha  King   Fromm   Iran?
3.    K
adaffy, YAsirAiruflat  Watt Sea.
4.   Amin PAL'stEIN  CAMbods   Speakes,  Waite!  I  S  Tan -
5.   Bull  IQraqOW   POLE   BOOT  Ar GENTina
6.   Anchorage.   Sirius   Wen   Sharon   Cast rolw ...
7.   Lib'yas.    Reagan Cart Ford NIXon Chin a.
8.   LeBan Grenade MarX Skinnerd Frieud Tru do.
9.   AyeTollHowMeanie  BEiRUT   Goldah   Tyre!
10. WhoScene AnWARSawDat  OrWELL,  Oar wail ...
11. Andropev  Stalin  Crewchef,   HUNG'Ry  IRE !
12. Mount CAL'v'ry  MENknockem Begin 
      13.    Armygeddon
Skull Hill ?  {B}elfast   {E}ye   {E}ve ...
De Gaulle   DAMASKUS  YEmen   Tel Aviv ...
1. Amman :  (Possible Blasphemy: Sonnet Starts with "A" rather than "B")
1. AmMan : (Geographic)   (Poetics:  'Place' + 'Person').
                                Declaration that "NooS" is become "Man").
1. SoVietNam :  (as in 'SO' > 'Thus' Logic consequent after declaration.
                                                Thereby>"whithered Name(s)"
1. Viet Nam : (Geographic)
1. Viet Nam : (as in Latin: 'Vietus Namus' whithered names)
1. Nam : ( 'name' as in "Mc Namara" as in a 'leader of a band')
1. Soviet : (Geographic)
1. RushUS jawg ME :  Hemispheres. 
                      (Methaphoric:  'brain hemispheres' and similar to an "I".)

1. RushUS  jawg : (as in "running", "running rapidly" 
                              de dicta Latin is "cursus" and thus 'pointer' in computer logic.
1. Jawg   : (as in 'jog' to trigger)
1. Jawg : (as in 'Jaw'  'to mouth' that is, to 'articulate')
1-2.  Jawg ME S(e)oul : (as in 'to jog depth of soul')
2. Se
oul (Geographic) + (connotes: "SOUL" as in "Soul CORE")
2. Iran : (Irani,  Ironi, Irony)  + ( Homonym - "I RAN")
2. Rome:    (Equivocal Association:  "Rome" and 'Vatican')
2. Rome Sha King Fromm Iran?:  (Poetic homony -  ju de: 'ROAM' ) +
                                 (Political: "Sha flees, thus "Roam" from Iran"
2. Sha King Fromm iRan? (SHAKING > "Geologic: a tremor or earthquake)  +
                        (Social Political: Contempory) + ( SHOCKING, as in )
2. Sha : - means 'King' :   (or   'Ruh' a breath of life)
2. Fromm :  (Psychologist) (as in hominy "From", thereby historically correct
                 SHA   FLEES From Iran.)  (Dream logic: Irony)
2. Fromm :  (Psychology "why do we dream?" - "To keep mind "Stable", "at rest",
                                      "to solve a problem", "to fullfill a wish or fear" ... )
2. Fromm : (Hominy: "From").
2. ROME SHA KING FROMM IRAN?  :  (Religious: Theocratic "Iran" & "Christianity")
3. KA : (As in "Soul" - Historic shift de dicta: from Ka  to Ghad news articles.)
3. Watt :  (PERSon: Appointed to Head of U.S. Department of Energy
3. Watt :  (Homonym: "What")
3. Watt Sea :  ( Environmental )
3. Watt Sea : (Homonystic: "What Sea")  + ("What see")   
4. CAMbods : (Geography, Cambodia) + (as in 'CAM' for gears,
                                                                      clockwork, machinelike, ... ) +
        ('bods' for 'bodia' a collective 'body') + (as in 'CAMbods' : Body Language)
4. Speakes :  Appointed 'spokesman of White House'
                           (by acting President circa 1984 A.D.)
4. Waite :   HostAge suspense, turns out OK.
5. BOOT : (Country nickname, Italy is also called "The Boot")
5. BOOT :  (Sense: as in 'foot attire')
5. BOOT :  (as in 'computer term' bonds with line 1 "computer logic")
5. BOOT: (with line 11 'Crewschev' for 'Kruschev' banging boot on table >
5. IQraqOW : (Homistic to include Iraq and Krakow)
5. IQRACKOW POLE :  (as in 'Krakow , Poland')
5. IQRACKOW POLE :  (as in "I qrack OW  Pole, like whip and wand")
5. IQrackow POLE BOOT :  (as in 'Qrackow, Poland) +
                                                             ('Pole' for Polish for Pope) +
                                             ('Boot' for 'Italia') , "I tell ya" "I Tally" > "Italy"
5. ArGentina   :   (Geographic)
5. ArGENTina : ( as in 'Ar' or 'our' 'GENT' or 'MEN')  implies 'MENem' which is
                                                   Latin for 'meaning'.  Menem was president of Argentina)
6. Anchorage : (Geographic) + (as in "ANCHOR" ex: "Anchor Age";  as in "ANCHOR"
                                  for sea vessels with line 10 'OAR')
6. Anchorage : (POETIC:  ju de nom: "Ancho Rage!"  for Shakespearean Twist
                              from "rage rage rage do not go gently into that good night". 
6. Cast rolw
:  (Person: Castro) + (Theatric: Cast & role)
6. Cast ro
lw :+ (Political: "Boat refugees")
7. LIB'YAs : (Country: LIBYA) + (Poetic Homonym:  LIB' YA  "Speak you",
         "Speak Freely") + (Poetic "To Liberate")
7. NIXon : (as in "NIX" for "office of president caught in dubious act")
7. NIXON CHIN A :   (as in President NIXON U.S.A.  relations with China
                            - trade and ending Viet Nam war)
7. Cart :  (For "CARTER"  'President' U.S.A. ) thus (Jimmy Carter 'to Jimmy')
7. Cart :  (As in a "cart" to carry, say peanuts, for example)
8. Frieud : (Person: Freud, Swiss PsychoAnalyst) +
                    (English Translation: "Freud means 'pleasure' or 'joy' ")
8. Frieud :  (Literation for Homony:  Fried as in 'miracle cure', connections
                                 with Conan Doyle and dispursements in Western World.)
8. Tru do : (as in 'True' + 'do') + ( 'True' + 'doe' musical note)
                               (as in 'True' + 'dough ' for 'yeast', 'bread', thus 'Eucharist').
9. Leban Grenade :  (as in "Ban the Bomb") ("Dissipate explosive pressure")
9. Leban Grenade : (as in 'Lebanon') + ('intensity' 'explosive')
9. Leban Grenade : (as in 'Lebanon Grenada' or "Quit the Vanity")
9. Aye :  (as in 'Aye' Old English affirmative 'Eh' for Shapespearean poetics)
9. AyeTollHow meanie : (as in phonetic "I told [you] how many" and "I told you how mean"
                                                  and "I TOLL How many")
9. Goldah : (PsuedoName: "Goldah Mierson")
9. Goldah : (Homonistic:  Precious Metal)
10. Tyre : (Geographic) + (Homonistic: Tire as in "Wheel" and/or "Exhausted")
10. Whoscene : (as in 'Who's scene' - Shakespearean 'stage')
10. Whoscene :  (as in 'Which Hussein')
10. Whoscene : (as in 'Hussein')
11. Andropev Stalin :  ju de nom for "stop stalling" + They are
                                                 Russian (device hominstic: rushing)
11. Andropev Stalin :  (Political Climates: War;  Cold War :  Berlin Wall)
11. Crewschev : (Poetic Homony:  "Kruschev"  ju de noms: "CRuSH OFF" and so on)
11. Andropev Stalin Crewschef,  Hung'ry : (as in Political Duty: To feed their Hungry)
11. HUNG'RY : (as in 'Hungary' part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic)
11. HUNG'RY :  (as in 'Hang' {here note: streamlink 11-28-2007, "don't hang up"}
                                              with line 12 Mount Cal'v'ry  for  'Man on Cross'.)
11. HUNG'RY :  (as in "STARVING")
12. Mount Cal'v'ry (as in 'Mount' and call for "Cavalry")
12. Mount Cal'v'ry (as in "Be true to thine self and 'Mount' 'calling' which varies)
12. IsReal :  (Transliterations: common mistakes - Can refer to "Synchronicity:
                                                      An Acausal Connecting Principle."
13. Armygeddon : (as in 'Army') + ('ged' for 'get') + ('don' for 'man')
13. Armygeddon: (as in punning loops with 'Me' and 'my' and phonetic 'meh')
13. Armygeddon Skull Hill  : (as in 'Ash' for "Ashes to ashes")
13. Skull Hill: ('SH' as in "Shush")
13. Skull Hill : (Geographic: "The Hill were 'The Lord' dies")
13. BEE :  "Sting of Death"
13. Belfast  : (as in 'Belfast, Ireland') + (Bell fast - ringing bell, as in 'time is at hand.')
13. Eye : (eternal vigilante eye) + ( Eye within Eye with "Einsof")
13. Eye Eve: (as in 'Ein' sof ,  Logos - lesser light Eye   watching> )
13. Eve :   (as in 'Woman' with line 1 'AMman' becomes "Adamha and Eve")
14. De Gaulle Damaskus YEmen Tel Aviv : (As in 'French') + (French foreign legion)
14. De Gaulle : (as in hominom "the Gall")  
14. De Gaulle : (as in 'stand tall' and persuasive)
14. YEmen (as in 'Desert')  (as in 'thirst', and 'I thirst' with line 12 Mount Cal'v'ry
                                                            and line 13 'Skull Hill' > Golgotha)
14. DAMASKUS  :  (As in "Damaskus") + (DAM + ASK + US) + (DaMASK US)
14. DAMASKUS YEmen : (as in "Flood of questioning the 1st person collective 'US'
                                                              to affirm "YE" )
14. Tel Aviv ...  : (Country and for "Shakespearean: To be or not to be")+ ( "A VIVa")



   OMAN     SIKH     JUNG    PUNJOBS  
                                                                                                                                               PUNJABS   PUNJABI


                                                                                                               Phenom   Penn

"NooS is somewhat more optimistic than NOUS, ..."         "MOLD  AVIA" ...   shrugging 

                                                                                                             Mao   Tse  Tung   


                             "Redoubt,   Redoubt ..."

Adamha Marching across Films+cript
           Adamha bowing his head
                staring at the gift
a time bomb medallion strapped round adamha's neck
             Ticking   Louder    and Louder
Tick Tick Tick
                                                 "RAIN!     Reign  O Clear Pure Rain-bow ...

                                                              (K)new Clear Future!
                                                                                no nuclear war....

                                  Tick  ...
         (K)New Clear  Future ....

                                                                          "Trying,      trying"
                         " 'To act'  'as if there were time to diffuse'"   "TIME BOMB MEDALLION STRAPPED ROUND THE NECK."

                                                        "Poetics, not  demiurge, crude inferior savages.   Yes, the spirit of man can be as if the spirit of animal.
                                                                                You sick terrorists!"

                                                 " ISLAMIC INFIDELS are those that kill in the name of ALLAH.  For they are not martyrs, but fools
                                                                                       taught by man to read with their own meaning.  An Islamic Infidel is man's fool."

                                              "It is not ALLAH's meaning that ISLAMIC MUSLIMS shall kill, it is Man's meaning, and Allah is no man."

                                                                                  "Allah is great.  The Torah confirms it."

                                                                                 Marching ...            

                                                             RAIN!   Reign       O      Clear       Pure           Rain-              Bow.
                                                                        (K)new clear Future
                                                         no  nuclear war   (K)New Clear Future!

                                                                       " ' Moldavia'  'CLAY'  ' Demorgue'   'GOD MANit!'  'DE MUIRGE!' "

                                                                                                                 Bereshith, OMEGA.

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