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#3060 - Tuesday, January 29, 2008 - Editor: Jerry

In this issue a plug for One: Essential Writings on Nonduality, notice from Elysha that an enlightened one has emerged from his ashram, an excerpt from Papaji brought to us by Robert, and a poem by David. Finally, notice of the Center For Nondualism, in Florida.  

Thank you for your letters, which we always appreciate.    


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"What can I say .. love the book. It explains everything I "feel" in regards to nonduality but can't quite articulate to family and friends. In my business, (I have sixty staff) I’ve introduced some of the principle and triggered a thirst for more ….. I think your book and especially some audio will lay a solid foundation for my friends. A big thanxx from Australia." -WMT



Dear Jerry

We have experienced some very unusual events at the Elysium Ashram in the last month.

Elysha explains:-


“During December 2007, one of the group entered into the non returning state of Sahaj. Julie, my companion, practiced with such diligence that she shocked me by going further than my own level of seeing and being.


She entered into the state of the natural man, where the mind that completely governs the mindbody with its ugliness, was transcended.


This gave me a greatly needed kick up the pants to get on with the very teaching that I was so used to expounding. With Julie's dissolution of having a mind informancy to operate by, her mindbody is acclimatising to its new way of operating.


She also brought forth an even simpler clarity of recognising the Christ that "you" already are.


My teaching was always a struggle for anyone as it always left too much room for the mind to create a confusion of doubt around. What Julie has brought forth is an anchor of this "you" that the mind cannot do anything about in terms of having you wondering as to whether you are being what is already true of you or not.”


Julie’s self is completely transcended – a state beyond the Oneness or Awakened state, an irreversible no self.


If you feel like checking out Julie’s website, Julie has written a ‘How To’ E-Booklet to assist in having a clear anchor to focus the attention on your true nature. This is highly recommended and is now being brought into the routine of others and is having immediate results.


Julie also shares excerpts from her diary,


Best Wishes,

With Love From  

The Elysium Ashram  

[editor's note: I'll tell you right now that the e-Booklet will cost you $27. It's an e-booklet, not even an e-book. ]    

    Robert contributes:  

On Samsara and the World

by Papaji

in Godman’s Nothing Ever Happened


          I was once driving from Bangalore to our mining camp in the forest.  I stopped by a lake on the way because I needed to put some water in the radiator of my jeep.  As I was walking down to the shoreline I saw an unusual sight: a snake, its rear portion immersed in a hole, had a frog in its mouth.  The front half of the frog was still visible.  It was alive, and it was still trying to catch flies to eat.  It didn’t seem to be struggling; it was just carrying on with its usual business of catching flies and eating them.  The snake was eating the frog and the frog was eating the flies.

          My first thought was, ‘I should rescue this frog because it is still alive,’ but then another thought occurred to me.  ‘This snake also needs to live.  If I deprive it of its food, what will it do?  And what about the flies?  Don’t they also deserve to be saved?  They are also being eaten.  But if I save the flies by waving them away, the frog will get angry with me.’

          I watched this little drama for a few moments before coming to a conclusion:  ‘Leave them alone.  None of this is your business.  Don’t try to interfere in matters that don’t concern you.  If you get involved with the affairs of the world, you always cause trouble to someone.  It’s better to leave the world alone and let it take care of itself.’

          Then another thought came:  ‘This is how samsara works.  Everyone is already in the jaws of death.  No escape is possible, but who struggles?  Who cares?  No one.  Everyone carries on eating as if nothing has happened.’

          There is something inside us that death cannot reach.  Snakes cannot bite it and swallow it.  Once you know who you really are, death can never touch you again.  The body can be eaten up, but once you have the knowledge that you are not the body, how can death affect you?  When you reject your identity with the body and instead identify with what is real and permanent, the body will go on functioning, but its final disappearance will not trouble or affect you.  Discarding an old shirt does not affect who you are because you know you are not the shirt.  Once you stop believing that you are the body, you can let it die with the knowledge that your real nature is not going to be changed in any way.  Don’t become attached to anything that is not permanent—that is the secret of eternal life.  Discard everything that appears and disappears within time and hold on to that which is timeless.



kids are karma

yes they are

everything you and I forget to deal with

we made a pact
to put it off

and strap it
on the backs of our very own children.

I just pray that they are a little better off
and capable of dealing with

what we are unwillingly to deal with ourselves...

(but that's a long shot)

Especially if our kids
turn out to be nothing other than

in a state of denial...

perpetuating flaws
in genetic codes

(and codes even far more subtle)





Hi Jerry,  

Great work you and the others are doing! Wanted to let you know about the Center for NonDualism that a few of us have started in Fort Walton Beach, Florida (Panhandle, far NW). We've had about 100 participants in our first six months, have 80+ on our mailing list, and generally 25-35 people present for our weekly program. This may be of interest to some of your network who lives in this area, or who visit here (Lots of people visit here or Destin, as this is a resort area). The site is at   

Newsletter of activities is at  

We've also made a MySpace at   

Best wishes with your seva....  

Swami J

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