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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3065, Sunday, February 3, 2007, Editor: Mark

Turn your attention away from the dream right now. Just for right now, you don't need it. Let the thoughts and worries of the dream character continue as they will, but just step back for a moment and watch it happen, watch the dream character involved in its dream.

And while the dream character is going about its business, turn your attention to the one thing right now that is shining and clear, peaceful and unassuming, steady and solid: the consciousness with which the dream character is being observed.

Just rest here, in the unchanging consciousness which reflects but is not changed by what it reflects. This is reality. Nothing else is.

Rest your attention here. Get to know it. Let the reality of consciousness be known to you, as you. Nothing needs to be done here. No thought affects it, and so thought is not needed. No action affects it, and so action is not needed.

It's not possible to do anything with this consciousness because this consciousness is everything already. Pay attention to it for a moment right now and it is easily noticed that consciousness is complete. And since consciousness is complete, you are complete. The only thing that ever makes you feel like you are not complete, not whole, and that you need to "return" somewhere to find wholeness, is that you have put your attention into the dream life, and forgotten that wholeness is all that you really are.

So observe the dream character as it desires enlightenment, and as it desires love, reassurance, respect. Watch the dream character as its life plays out. It is not who you are. You are this consciousness, which has no mortality, no vulnerability, and no limits. Beyond all imagination, the nothingness within which resides the seed of all existence, the shining creation of infinite universes - this is you.

Put your attention here, and allow your sense of this to grow. If you are looking for Wholeness, here it is. If you are looking for True Love, here it is, in the One Unlimited Self that is Reality. No other love is possible. And this Love is already here, as You. It's only a matter of attention.

- Annette Nibley

Separate yourself from your Body/Mind and rest as Pure Awareness. Don't try to stop your mind. Don't try and do anything. It is all the trying and searching and sweating yourself into a frenzy that makes you unhappy. Let go of all of it. Rest in Pure Awareness, right now, in this moment, and confusion is gone, sorrow is gone, bondage is gone, fear is gone, limitation is gone. Yes, the mind may say something. Thoughts may arise. But you are not the thoughts. You are not the feelings. You are Pure Awareness. You are free from all concepts.

Are you looking for spiritual experiences? You are not the experiences. Experiences are phenomena. Phenomena come and go, but you are always the witness to all experiences and all phenomena. Do you want to see God. The experience of seeing God may come and go but you are always the witness to all experiences and phenomena. That Witness state, that Absolute Pure Consciousness is itself non-different from whatever you might conceive of as God. Do not underestimate this. Do not evaluate it at all. Give up all evaluation, all judgement, all intellectualizing and reside in the peace of who you are.

Are you seeking Awakening? As long as you are seeking you will never find. You cannot be a seeker and a finder at the same time. You must give up your seeking. You must give up your striving. You must give up all that which is the very nature of your mind and intellect. What is prior to that. It is only Pure Consciousness without an object. It cannot be known or grasped for it is the Knower, the Knowing. Let go of all concepts and simply rest in that.

Who you think you are is concepts. It is your personal mythology in which you are the Hero/ine. But that is a story based on a supposed individual that doesn't exist, like a reflection in the mirror. It is an appearance only. A case of mistaken identity. Don't be fooled any longer. It is like watching a movie and thinking that you are the main star. But it is just light on a screen that gives an appearance of people and personalities. Recognize the projector, which is the pure light of consciousness itself. Only then can you be content and free from all of your desires and anxieties (which are also only an illusion).

- Aja Acharya

We are made of these beautiful holy impulses and then the mind jumps in with its commentary. Do we have to believe it? What it says... Do we have to believe it?

When you are willing to speak what's there, to show what's there, you bless it, and you allow us to bless it. And blessing what is allows what wants to come through us to come through. Because what we've been taught through conditioning is to put a lid on everything, to curse things, to keep them under wraps. What if we let what is knocking come in?

- Jeannie Zandi

Take a look at the room that you sit in. Just notice how there is an automatic registering of all that you see in the instant that you see it. The instant registering happens even before you gave names to what you saw. It is effortless to see the objects in the room- the walls, floor and ceiling. It is automatic, immediate and natural to actually see. No one needed to teach us how to see. No one can take away the actuality and effortlessness of this seeing. The living activity of seeing does not need to be maintained, mastered, developed or figured out. It simply is. It lives us without 'us' being there. We don't need to plan how to see the wall in front of us, nor do we need to understand what we see for the activity of seeing to take place. Our seeing is a given. It is constant and untouched by thoughts or ideas about it.

Similarly to the effortlessness of seeing, is the recognition that we Are. This recognition is as ordinary, common and inescapable as seeing the wall, is. Who we are is so obvious that we overlook it, or take it for granted. Registering the objects in the room is such an unavoidable and constant reality that we miss the essence behind it. We mistakenly think that the labels and definitions of the objects that we see are what they are (including our own image in the mirror).

In our ignorance, instead of recognising the immediate invisible pure-intelligence that enables us to register images, we focus on what the images (objects) mean to us and on the self-image (subject) of the one we believe sees them. When we identify with self-image we say, "It can't be that the truth of what I am is so simple and self-evident." Thinking that it is too simple we look outward and reach for a high that seems to come with extra-ordinary phenomena.

Instead of attending to the fact of our being we hold on to the act of seeking and hoping that it will reward us with the promised happy future. We think we can have mind-flavored based experiences to know a no-thing. Yet, a thing (which is what the mind is) as Sailor Bob says, cannot know a no-thing. So, given what we discovered here, lets take another look around the room that we sit in and watch how the seeing is all that is happening. There are no separate things that are seen, and no separate person that sees them. There is simply the actual, effortless seeing that lives all by itself, free of duality, free of conditions. We are that one immediate seeing. We are the things that we see, and we are the Oneness that is living as the seen and the unseen.

- Brian Lake & Naama Livni

A man who moves with the earth will necessarily experience days and nights. He who stays with the sun will know no darkness. My world is not yours. As I see it, you all are on a stage performing. There is no reality about your comings and goings. And your problems are so unreal.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

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