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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3092, Saturday, March 1, 2008, Editor: Mark

You are the forest,
you are all the great trees
in the forest.

You are bird and beast
playing in and out
of all the trees.

O lord, white as jasmine,
filling and filled by all,
why don't you
show me your face?

- Akka Mahadevi, English version by A. K. Ramanujan. posted to SufiMystic

oh, friend of bright prospects,
close your eyes
open your heart
and see.
i am nowhere absent.

and your self, too,
is me.

- Yosy Flug, posted to SufiMystic

i am connection
the map is being redrawn

i am every tree
every particle i see

and when all the lines are drawn
i will be full
and gone

- Ben Wolfe, posted to SufiMystic

The best approach to being real is to learn to be where we are, because where we are is what is already happening.

Whatever we are experiencing at any time is part of True Nature, part of our presence, part of our consciousness, part of our awareness.

True Nature is unable to resist anything. It is not in our True Nature to separate something out and fight it off. It is not designed to do that.

True Nature manifests its freedom by being inherently spacious and light. It is a spaciousness that feels weightless and functions as an invitation for things to arise and to be themselves and in that way to reveal themselves fully and completely.

We don't need to go along with the tendency to resist our experience. We can learn to be spacious by being aware of the resistance, being present with the resistance, feeling what it is like, and being curious about it.

If we are able to allow our experience - to embrace it, hold it, and feel it fully, rather than rejecting it or trying to change it - we give it the space to be itself. Then it will naturally unfold because that is the nature of our True Nature.

As our experience illuminates itself and reveals what it is about, it will at some point reveal our True Nature, because each experience we have is somehow related to our True Nature.

By understanding and seeing the truth in our experience and following the thread of that truth, we are following the path to our True Nature.

- A.H. Almaas The Unfolding Now, posted to The_Now2

I invite you to notice that really right now, anything could happen. That we really do sit at the edge of this wildness, this Presence, and outside of the tidbit of conditioning that we received, is completely unpredictable wild power. We set up all these agreements about how we'll be so that we don't scare each other. So what if we just didn't agree?

- Jeannie Zandi

Buddhas and Patriarchs appeared on earth to teach the doctrine of prajna. Prajna means wisdom in Chinese. Wisdom is the Buddha-nature that we originally possess. It is also called Self-Mind or Self-Nature. This essence is originally undefiled, so it is called 'clear and pure.' It is originally without darkness, so it is called 'bright.' It is originally vast and all inclusive, so it is called 'void and empty.' It is originally without delusion, so it is called 'the one truth.' It is originally immutable, so it is called 'tathata.' It is originally illuminating everywhere, so it is called 'perfect enlightenment.' It is originally calm and extinct, so it is called 'nirvana.'

- Han-shan

and how can we see IT? feel IT? know IT? Let go, relax,
and let IT shine. There is nothing to "do," nowhere to go,
nothing to change or make better, no one to act one way
or the other toward... all action takes us away from
recognizing IT... pull out the plastic lounge chair,
sit back,
have an iced tea and bask in the sun of who you truly are...
there is really nothing else to do...
for you are already there
where you have for so long
longed to be.


- dg, posted to DailyDharma

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