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Highlights #311

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Dan, no impediments (fragment);

Anything can function as a door
to "now" - a tree speaks
eloquently, waves talk to
me all the time. The truth
comes to me invisibly, I read
it without needing my eyes,
I hear it without using my ears.


cee, dear one(s);

dear one(s)

why spend so much time looking to nonexistent "others",
when the truth is right where you stand?

directly experience the brilliant truth of who you really are
by looking deep inside yourself

do not waste time!

look, look, look, in -not out

whatever is not truth cannot withstand your bright look
you (i) alone exist!

keep looking until there is nothing to see
and no one to see nothing

joy! cee


Gloria; Terezin, Songs of Children

Might we just once listen to the children....

The poems may be read all together at the webpage Jerry has generously provided.


This collection of nine poems written by children while interned at Terezin
Concentration Camp were selected as the lyrics for a cantata composed by Robert
Convery in memory of all children who perished in the Holocaust. It was first
performed in NYC, April of 1991.


On a purple, sun-shot evening
Under wide-flowering chestnut trees
Upon the threshold full of dust
Yesterday, today, the days are all like these.

Trees flower forth in beauty,
Lovely too their very wood all gnarled and old
That I am half afraid to peer
Into their crowns of green and gold.

The sun has made a veil of gold
So lovely that my body aches.
Above, the heavens shriek with blue
Convinced I've smiled by some mistake.
The world's abloom and seems to smile.
I want to fly but where, how high?
If in barbed wire, things can bloom
Why couldn't I? I will not die!

Anonymous 1944


He doesn't know the world at all
Who stays in his nest and doesn't go out.
He doesn't know what birds know best
Nor what I want to sing about,
That the world is full of loveliness.

When dewdrops sparkle in the grass
And earth's aflood with morning light,
A blackbird sings upon a bush
To greet the dawning after night.
Then I know how fine it is to live.

Hey, try to open up your heart
To beauty; go to the woods someday
And weave a wreath of memory there.
Then if the tears obscure your way
You'll know how wonderful it is
To be alive.

Anonymous 1941


Kristi and Mark;

What I posted below is put in, perhaps, insultingly simple terms. But, I
offer it anyway.(It's a piece I wrote for the local newspaper....on the
reservation.) Love, Kristi

Mark wrote:

So first we are taught fear by those who love us and want us to survive
then, we become the fear because we imitate those we love and that is
who they think they are
then we practice being who we think we are because we want to excel
then we get unhappy because practicing fear makes fear big and powerful
and fear isn't really all that pleasant
then we fear we will never be happy again
then we start looking for a solution and bargaining with fear and...
then we... no, I'm confused again, chasing my tail, grasping at
straws... no recipe. forget everything I just said

*************** Why do children hound other children in the
schoolyard, seeking out the vulnerable place in a child who is somehow
seen as different, and striking with unerring accuracy at the tender place?
Is it because children are cruel? That's what
some people tell me; that's just the way kids are and have always been. Then
I watch how adults are and I wonder
who started it. Adults say mean things about other people all the time.
Usually grown ups think they have a good
reason when they are mean; yelling at their kids, bad mouthing other people,
criticizing other families or cultures.
Usually grown ups think they are right and that's why it's ok to say the
things they say. Well, kids think they are right
too when they pick on other kids. Are they?

Some people say it's in the nature of our species to target the weak and
vulnerable or those who we see as different.
Are we no different than a pack of dogs who drive out the sick and infirm in
a process of culling that leaves the pack
stronger in the end? Is this what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany? Is
this what happened to Native Americans
when the Europeans arrived on this continent? Did those horrible, hateful
events result from normal human
inclinations? If our answer is yes, we'd better be prepared to admit that
each of us has the same inclinations. I think, if
we are honest, we can see that each of us is capable of hating and lashing
out at other people we think have harmed
us in some way. The question is: is hate normal? Another good question is:
what is hate?

Hate is just another form of fear. When something threatens us, makes us
feel angry, or ripped off, or makes us feel
like we are going to lose something that is precious to us, we hate it; we
fear it. We often fear the new or unusual.
We fear the unfamiliar; we fear what's different from us. Is this instinct?
Or, are these learned responses, suckled in
the mother's milk of culture's unexamined beliefs and values? Are hate and
fear taught in a thousand different ways
every day, in ways so subtle we never see the message, only the result?

Children are not cruel. Have you ever seen an infant, a newborn, strike out?
Somewhere between birth and
toddlerhood something changes. As a child begins to reach out and explore
the world s/he is often greeted with a new
word, a new idea, ....NO! "Don't touch, don't break, don't do that...don't,
don't, don't." The great and holy impulse
to reach out, to be unafraid of the new and unfamiliar, is met by adults as
a threat. It may be a threat to things; things
that might get broken. Or it might be a threat to pride, as in, what will
people think if my child is running up and
down the supermarket aisles?" Or, adults may see a threat to the child, as
in, that plug may electrocute them.
Whatever the reason, there are many, and many of them seem like good
reasons, adults meet a childs fearlessness
with their own fear and begin teaching the subtle message that fear is
important, that it is more important than
explorations, fearlessness and faith in a good world. This may be the first
most subtle message in hate that a child
receives. The child must experience these new sudden restrictions as "when I
am excited about something new, and I
want to learn and reach out, I create anger in those around me; my impulse
to learn is dangerous, my enthusiasm is
wrong, I am a bad person." Along with a stern NO we have taught the child
not to respect their own drive to learn
and to suspect that their own spirit is somehow bad.


...God the seer not the seen?....exploring the no-space, the
no-thought, I think you've said...the silence between the sounds......that
phrase......the universe experiencing itself through (me)...left me reeling,
I literally could not form any I quit trying and just sat
and let it move through me....into a deep, deep peace.....then bits of
thought matter floated around and I had the awareness that nothing I think
about wholeness/healing/rightmindedness/realization/pick your word....has
any bearing on what It was a delightful space in time.....I have
thought this before, but intellectually, this came from a different
place/feeling/thought/nowhere/pick your word.......I sometimes wonder what
the world would look like if we suddenly discovered a fourth primary
color.....and today notions wandered through about a Self or sense of self
or way of being I have never prompted feelings of hopefulness
and patience and the inevitability of discovery...and it's not in my hands.

Love, Kristi

Dan, lacking an explanation;

If I tell you as I see/am, then what is there
I need to understand or explain? I just
speak from the truth of who I am.
Being is undivided. How can one
have more of it than another? It isn't a possession.
A person doesn't have being, being doesn't even
have itself. That's why it can be called nothing.
The responsible one is being itself. Evaluating
who has more ability to respond has nothing to do
with being itself, as is. To evaluate, you have to
construct a position apart from what is being evaluated.

Now, what happened to "I and the Abba are one,"
"to know as I am known"? Knowing as I am known,
my false position is ended - then where am I to
evaluate who has more being or less being? Where is
there to be found any being? There is only this
unknown knowing, without subject or object...


Jan, Gene and Dan, I and we;

"The dictum "Self is the Seer" points to that - being aware of
every possible identification and seeing how elementary
sense-stimulation activates an entire chain, leading to
interpretation and action. "Common experience" only has a
meaning when taking the multiplicity of individuals for real.

***What is called "common experience" really is a partial and
temporary loss of the feeling of separation :)"***


This 'we' which you point to, is it a comfortable and forgetful
assumption, loss of 'I' in an aquarium of 'we', the 'we' itself an
assumption, the basis for 'groupthink', tribalism, and

How comforting to find oneself among others who agree and welcome;
the feelings are preferable to those of separation.

How tempting to overthrow one's own integrity, for the purpose of
maintaining those feelings; how easy to give up one's nature
'enquiry', to have 'found home and peace' among like-minded folk.

And how natural it seems to defend against any blip the causes a
flicker of doubt of the validity of that 'we'.

Thanks, Jan

==Gene Poole==

This "we" is the repository of
shared "externalized" projections.
The "I" that seeks comfort is
itself a collection of
"internalized" projections.
The give and take of "I" and "we"
is a constant tension of
joining and separating.

With no projection there is
no "I" nor a "we".
The "feeling of separation"
is an interpretation.
Interpretation occurs because it
*can* occur, because memory
and thought *can* function as
interpretation through evaluation
and comparison (although
they don't *have* to)
There is always an instant of
It is present.
To never leave this instant
is to never interpret.
One doesn't need to know
that interpretation is bad,
one needs to know that
there is nothing one needs to
know. This is known
by never departing from
what is. Once interpretation
leads to believed separation,
endless knowledge seems needed.

With no interpretation, there
is no feeling of separation,
no "internalization" of projections
as "I", and no "externalization"
of projections as "we".

-- D. --

neemyth and xan;

Here comes again, the 'I' KNOW what 'Love' is crap!
*You* are telling someone else to give up what you never could,
What a freeking hypocrite. For fucks sake either put up
or shut the fuck up.

~ Yep. You insist that no one can know permanently
what you have known at moments.
Lo and behold! Here's that unadmitted hostility
I was talking about. All out in the open.
Put up what...? I am putting up my moment
to moment letting go of whatever stuff appears.
I am putting up my certainty of silent awareness
for the purpose of letting you know that the possibility
of your awakening is real.
Should I lie about this and pretend it is not happening
for me in some sort of nondual political correctness?



Marcia, beagles;

Well, Roger will follow his nose totally and I will never see him
again if I let him off his leash. Is there a part of myself which I
must keep tethered? Rhetorical question.


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