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#3111 - Thursday, March 20, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz
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If you find the writings on direct experience too focused on practice and the confessions of neo-advaita too stark, you may find that Nigel Watts fills a niche in between. Nigel is a fresh voice using a creative language. Shake up your nonduality library and add Fill Your Hole.   --Jerry Katz    


Fill Your Hole: Self Help - Spirituality / Reorientation - Reality -- A Practical Guide by Nigel Watts  

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Direct Experience

Now this is what happens when we work directly out of awareness, direct because there is no one, not second hand through thought you, and it has to be experienced to understand. But this is magical, start to resonate with things, realise I’m not so separate. Stop holding separation.

Subject - Object

When I give myself up there is no object, all is subject and this ability for it to be experienced. There is no I, am all, I’m only divided enough to experience I am.

It’s like the sun and the clouds, our real nature, this bliss has always been here.

I only have to clear the clouds of this mind, give myself up.


Universal man

There is! no one trying

Direct Experience

With practice, start to experience directly more and more. A while ago I was out riding a bike around the lanes and trying to be there 100% but not out of thought. Given up. Just trying to be with the senses. Most of the time I was still in thought but there were good moments, then it happened.

I just turned a tiny bridge over a stream, and as I pulled up and looked over, there were some ducks standing in the stream. One just sat looking at I at him. Fully present but not out of thought, we fused together.

But this could be anything, all the time. Could have been the feel of the handlebars! It could be your steering wheel.

But the unexpected is a good way of getting it, I have to be given up. When it happens there is so much realisation of being more than body mind, of being of all.


All our blissful times are when we are this moment


Awareness brings us into this moment which is the same opening as nothing. The three are the same.

Nothing but awareness thismoment

And special moments easily get us into experience and are a good place to start to get some realization, and with practice we can become more sensitive and start to live out of reality, experience instead of thought. This is a continuous moment, continuous now.

Everybody Touches It

So, on the quiet, everyone spends their life trying to fill their hole, but you do get hold of something, without knowing, in your hobbies and pursuits, everybody is tasting the same thing! And that’s why you love your particular thing, but that could be anything!

Whether you love to ride horses, play golf,

football, knit, fish, shoot or make love or anything else, you’re all doing the same


Now is thismoment


thing. This enjoyment, why you do it, is because, touch on this moment. Whatever doing is just a vehicle to be here. Nanny is probably sat here doing her knitting in a blissful state, while you go out and play golf or drive fast cars to try to achieve the same thing!

She is having the same lovely experience.

Only to get it. No thought you That’s the point

The trouble is, most of the time people don’t give thought you a rest, keep that thought preoccupation - illusion on the go, all their life. Making as much as they can of that me. As real as they can. As big as they can. As well known as they can and important, and secure, all in an effort to fill their hole, to feel safe, complete. But they never will, because that me isn’t it, but our real nature I touch on this moment is, and has all the qualities I desire. I find I’m really our no self (no I).


This reorientation is part of our evolution


Everyone is out there spending their lives pursuing all kinds of things. When all they really desire is this moment, this is the nectar, what they have tasted and want more of, love to do. "Their thing". Whatever this is, and no moment is any better than any other.

It’s all the best

It feels so good because I get out of thought "just awareness", touch our real nature, our no self.

No matter how rich, may be a king or just an average guy, all anybody has is this moment, it can be any moment and every moment of the day, and thismoment is the treasure, the aim of all your dreams.

All your elaborate, expensive or far away desires are all only in a search for this. It could have been had all along. The kids are playing with it in the back garden!

All we desire is to experience

our real nature


Wake up, wake up


As an adult you do what you like, to experience it, but only really experience when the you have become disappears.

What I like is an illusion. Just a vehicle that gets us out of thought and our real nature is experienced. The body mind is our primary vehicle, just be with this now out of awareness. This bliss of being is all we really desire.

"So I don’t have to do anything. Can be experience all the time, by just being, given up". Enjoy this world, this we are here for, but know we are this bliss we are looking for!

Beauty is of this moment too

This is also why we love beautiful things, because the essence of any beauty is in the subtlety and sensitivity of it, not thought, again touch our real nature. This is the good feeling.

The breakthrough is realising it is this moment you are seeking and always had been, or rather, our real nature.


The only thing in the way is

thought you


Every moment is as good, even doing the washing up, now start being here, every moment of the day. And the more experience and realisation I get, the more I wake up, as our no self (no I).

Some moments are more sensuous than others and draw the I in easier, but with practice I’m every moment. Here are some easy ones I can think of! Only a tool.

Not T.V. or computers because mind is engaged in thought, I’ve got to get out of thought, "awareness, sensitivity".

Romantic interludes and sex


Quiet moments

Moments in nature

The moment of taking action


Sitting in the sun - Sunlight subtleties


Smiling, laughing - touches it



Playing with the kids

Touch and how things feel

Sounds, music

Sitting by the fire

Candle light

Trickling streams

Taste - eating lovely food

Doing the knitting!

Or sport or interest

Use any of these moments for some easy practice, and let go. Now encourage this feeling in every moment.

Remember subtlety and sensitivity are of awareness, our real nature, finding I’m whole. Awareness, be present.

We are it


Life is change, there is nowhere to rest, only as our real nature


Really there is no moment, no now. But no thought you

Reality. Our no self

In another context, this moment is so special, because things may be available now only, I have opportunity and if thinking in the past or future, I will miss it. Now is when things can happen, now this universal consciousness I am is offering all kinds of things.

Now is the opportunity to experience our real nature.

And to say hello, be giving, meet people, find romance.

Be fully present. Now, appreciate now. This moment, this breath, the flowers, all the lovely things, our parents or family.

Nothing will last

Give up hope!

And be found











~ ~ ~


Romance Our Real Nature

Tidy up the living space. We’re starting a new romance. Let’s set the scene and make things nice for now and always. Get your chores done, out with the clutter, all light and airy. Some flowers would be nice and fresh healthy food, make space for our no self now. For some long baths with some oils, and maybe a few candles, or for some music, most importantly just making space for experience, for love, our real nature.

Transcend Sexuality

All desire holds the illusion of that me. And that sexual feeling is really an energy. I’m desire, love. Complete. I still love intimacy but I’m not needy. A partner is a bonus.

This reorientation, it increases our vital force, I feel sexy. Can absorb this power be energised, let this permeate up through the body mind, out into this space I am.

Rest as consciousness

and be found




Make a habit of giving up that agenda


Words are also thoughts



Fill Your Hole: Self Help - Spirituality / Reorientation - Reality -- A Practical Guide
by Nigel Watts

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