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#3119 - Friday, March 28, 2008 - Editor: Jerry Katz
Nonduality Highlights -    

A poem by Shannon Brophy about the ego.
A confession by Charlie Hayes on "this space of being."
Impressions by Doris on the Chinese Christmas card inscription posted in issue 3118.      


My Ego is a Condemned Stucture


It thinks it is the most majestic building in the neighborhood,

Though observers know it is the worst eyesore.

Will you help me tear this thing down?

Will you remind me that emptiness is a beautiful lot in which to grow beingness?

Let wild nature take over

As the space called me is lived.


Call the demolition crew!

I am ready to be annihilated.


Shannon Brophy



Charlie Hayes

What Are You? What Are You NOT?

Are you aware? Is there anything wrong with that awareness? This - Empty Awareness arising as Aliveness - is what You are. This Alive Awareness is not a concept and not an experience. What you are is non-conceptual, always fresh, Presence-Awareness, paradoxically Empty yet Full, Nothing arising as Everything. Look at the mind and all you find is a few thoughts, feelings, and perceptions coming and going in this No Thing of Being-Awareness. Do you find a person in the mind? No. Only this space of being - a pure and empty knowing.

Just This and Nothing Else

YOU are NOT a knower or thinker, NOT an experiencer or a separate entity at all. You are this Unchanging Presence, in which there appears the presence of "being present" in the waking state and the presence of "being absent" in deep sleep. Obviously, in deep sleep the body is "being lived", as the heart beats, cells are born and others die, the lungs are breathed etc. Not as obviously perhaps, the exact same being-lived happens in dreaming and waking states. The afterthought of an I that is a doer breathing or thinking is nothing but a passing fancy. Seeing that a thought of an I is NOT who you are is true Self-Knowledge. That's all there is to "get".


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(From Issue 3118) A Highlights reader writes:
One of my chinese students in China give me a Christmas card at Christmas past.
On one side she had written these words presumably copied from some text.
I just wondered if you had heard these words before or thought they might be of interest/relevance.
(Strange christmas card verse I thought )
"Happiness is accompanied by sorrow and it would turn sunny after rain as well.
If rain remains after rain and sorrow remains after sorrow,
please take these farewells easy and turn to smilingly look for yourself who is never to appear."

Dear Jerry,  

I never heard of these words, but because they moved me, I decided to share my impressions.

Zen Buddhism talks about Awake Mind —unborn, unbiased, neither grasping nor rejecting any”thing”.
This unborn Mind IS Consciousness, our true (you could say primary) Identity. It IS ground of all being
and IS behind EVERYTHING yet
“is never to appear”.

That which appears,  “the two in One” (subject and experienced objects) are
farewells in that they come and go.
Whether happiness follows sorrow, or sorrow follows sorrow,
and whether sunshine follows rain, or rain follows rain, it doesn’t really matter,
it’s all the same... coming from, and returning to the unborn Mind.

In a dialogue between Michael Harner and Jack Kornfield about Buddhism and Shamanism.
Michael asks Jack, What gets reincarnated?
Jack pauses for a moment and then says, No-thing.  

“Form is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form,...not born, not destroyed,”is what Zen Buddhism teaches.

The unborn Mind always IS, whereas subjects and experienced objects (which are empty) come and go.

Jesus is born,  BUT (!) Jesus represents the unborn Mind (Christ-Consciousness),
so Christmas seems a good time to reflect on these words.

To the unborn Mind and all its wondrous manifestations,


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